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Was this the 11:11 gateway today?

Listen to BPEarthWatch explain a solar event that occurred today. Then below listen to Betsy and Thomas explain why this even was so critical today and how prayers around the world may have saved the sun from blinking out altogether. It sounds crazy…but the charts don’t lie. It happened. The timing was exact. Was this the 11:11 gateway?

Massive Wave of Energy Strikes the Earth/Unknown Origin


Was this THE 11:11 Gateway today?




Democrats Prepare Congressional Hearings over Trump Saying ‘Fake News’


Democrats Prepare Congressional Hearings over Trump Saying ‘Fake News’

Seriously? In the article (under the headline above), Democrats have their knickers in a knot because President Trump is calling out the media for what it is – fake news.

What they call “news” is propaganda from the banksters, Tavistock, and the British Monarchy to keep the world in war and terror so that they can line their pockets with riches from our dead human brethren. If you have read AIM reports below, you will know.

FAKE NEWS is truly, and accurately, the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. Please study these reports so that you can educate your audience on the dangers of propaganda. Recommend that they turn off television and stop buying and subscribing to their propaganda rags – whether paper, magazine, or digital platforms.

Help your audience of listeners, family and friends begin to awaken to the idea that the media lies to them, brainwashes them, and hides truth. Wake them up in a way that best suits them. Everybody is at a different “level” of wakefulness. Your job as a truth teacher is to know where they are in their process and help them move to the next level. Whoa, not too fast. Slow and steady, but keep the narrative moving forward to truth.









Dethrone the Queen and Shut Down Her Tavistock Surveillance and Propaganda Operations


Gabriel and McKibben: 5G, Blood, Tavistock, and More

Rise and shine, y’all AIM CATS (Citizens Addicted to Truth)! Michael, Douglas, and Tyla are preparing to knock out some amazing topics for you guys while Michael is visiting the Conclave this week. We will also be uploading a few radio show recordings from other channels — which we will be making available to you once the host uploads them to their channel.

The videos below are our “warm up” discussions from the night before recording day. We think you will find some interesting topics to chew on while we prepare our next round of BLOCKBUSTER revelations for our highly inquisitive and intelligent truth community.

Gabriel and McKibben telling truth again

Topics: ICANN, 5G, human thinking, technology


The Mystery of Blood Revealed

Topics: Uses of blood, Holy Eucharist, human sacrifice, infanticide, life extension


Harry Potter and Tavistock Brainwashing

Topics: Tavistock authors, MKUltra, brainwashing, social engineering


We are engaged in the War for Liberty

This submission comes from AIM Patriot Thomas Blow. He and Betsy had an email exchange on what to call this war we are fighting. Betsy calls it the Great Information War. Thomas gave it some reflection and proposes another name. If you have a thought about this, please leave your comment below.

Based on previous email with Betsy, I gave some thought to what we might call this war, and I have a proposal. Of course, it is true that we have already had casualties, which means we probably need something more inspiring than, say, the war of someone’s ear.

I was first thinking along the lines of Good and Evil, Lightness and Darkness, Truth and Deceit, but a weakness there is the enemy’s habit of co-opting these ideas and virtue signaling. I was thinking also of what it means to be humane, as we are dealing with crimes against humanity, but still there is the problem of co-option.

However there is one idea the enemy cannot even mention without a sneer. They literally cannot stand the idea, they think it belongs to the Deplorables, they see themselves as The Elite, and it is beyond the pale to have to speak the name of this disgusting idea.

That idea is Liberty.

I had to write something about Liberty, to define it in a page, a number of years ago, as follows. Part of this speech came from Pulitzer in his announcement of his fund-raising campaign to build the Statue’s pedestal:

“It takes three things for citizens to enjoy Liberty, which, more than the absence of slavery, is a state in which The People may live their lives as proudly, independently, and fearlessly as possible.  These three things are:

First, Liberty needs a system of government that distributes power among the people, so that none has too much over the other.  You all know the pain-staking effort our founding Fathers made developing this Engine of Freedom for us, and how they shed their blood to secure it.

Second, Liberty requires a People who understand and believe in her. There has been no greater example in our country of this understanding and belief – no, I will call it Love – than when hundreds of thousands of our Brothers arose and, “as He died to make men holy, they died to make men free.”  Ending slavery was Mankind’s greatest single step
toward Liberty.

But third, Liberty needs a Lamp Of Light by which to enlighten the Darkness.  The People need a tool to help them see Truth, so they may effectively and justly direct the Engine of Freedom toward the common good.  I have tried to make this paper, the World, serve that cause; and it is my dream that the explosion of our circulation, powering us into the heights, is a signal that this type of revolutionary journalism has justly found its place in your hearts.

Now, you might ask, Well, it seems as though we have all the blessings a nation shall ever need, shall we not now relax and enjoy them? A reasonable thought. But, an Engine of Freedom needs Energy and Constant Vigilance – and these are needed, not only from those in government, but most importantly, from us all, every Citizen.  The power of the Public Sway must be focused and adept!”

Only in this way will the System not decay, the Lamp not run dim, and the Love not become Empty.

It is in maintaining our cause for Liberty that we need the Statue. The fuel of Abolitionism has run its course! Now, we must embrace The Idea, carry it into our hearts, nurture it, treasure it.  But an idea, by itself, is something one may neither see nor touch, to guide it to our Soul.

Yet here, before us now, we may embrace as our own, a great Statue, beaming with the Spirit of Liberty – a great, indomitable Lady, a Defender of Freedom, brimming with Resolve and Passion.  Here is a vision, an embodiment of an idea as Great as the Greatness of The Idea she represents.

But in order to embrace her, this great gift from all of the People of France to all of the People of America, we need, for our part, to complete the Pedestal.  To do this, I call upon you all now to help. Let us not wait for the Rich any longer!  I ask you all to give something, however little, and to write to us.  I will print your letters and the name of every contributor in our paper.  Let us do this, together.  For in this unity, there is Strength, Honor, and a Legacy for our great nation.”

So you see, the idea of Liberty incorporates the idea of Truth as well as the participation of the Public and a system of divided powers. And it comes with it a powerful icon, a symbol of what is great about The American Idea. The Statue has resolve, but also, in addition to a Torch of Truth, she has the energy of wisdom emanating from her crown.

The idea of Liberty is a powerful Idea, treasured and nurtured by the oppressed, which of course include the many agents of America First who planned this War over several decades.It also includes, I think, the elements of morality that one finds in the Philosophy of Liberty at, basically, government should not do things it would be immoral for us to do as individuals.

So I ask you to consider calling this war, The War for Liberty. This name, I would think, would serve well as the banner. unifying our movement. It distinguishes this war from the War For Independence because until the Constitution came into being there was no system for providing Liberty, in fact, many thought America would have a king.
What we see now is a war to restore Liberty, or even in fact to bring in its golden age.

Theory of Everthing

Time for Justice and Morality

Many thanks to AIM4Truther Alova for these beautiful glass beads. Share them as a package or relish each one individually.

Glass Beads 3What are glass beads, you ask?

They are building blocks in the edifice of Wisdom,

Notes in the grand concerto of Truth,

Sparkling gifts of Love,

Rungs of the ladder of Ascension,

Cultural light motifs of History,

Revelations of the Hierarchy.

Time for justice and morality


A Human Code of Morality


Extraordinary justice requires extraordinary love




Join us on a Grail Quest

This is not a current geopolitical post and video, but one where we examine history and provenance of what is known as the Spear of Antioch. If topics like early Christianity, the Templars, Grail Queens, Holy Blood Relics, and Spear of Destiny interest you, then join us on a Parsifal-like journey through the middle ages..

You can join us at Destiny of the Lance where each week we share our research findings until the day we think the story has been told.

Gabriel & McKibben on a Grail Quest

For those of you not familiar with Douglas’ participation in some of Hollywood’s most memorable films, check out these posts to learn more. Happy travels and hope we meet you on the path.

Make sure to send us glass beads for the game.

Source of the Force:Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration

The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indian Jones

Midi-chlorians and the Force Revealed

Q and A from Indy Fans


More Cicada 3301 Mysteries Revealed

Interconnectedness Cicada 3301

History is not just written by the victors, but is promoted daily and weekly to keep the people from not just waking up, but deciding to reject oppression. We wish to destroy herd mentality. We see the return of privacy as the best chance to better humanity, since creativity itself is best served by the cloak of privacy. In the desert, man has no privacy from the sun, so he dehydrates and dies. If you shop in a market and see fruit that has been split open, it’s spoiled. Privacy is sacred.

These two mysterious sites (below) belong to Cicada 3301. Sevens exposed is a site made for the cryptographic mind. XYZ features the same content, but with some of the famous cicada prophecy thrown in. For those who know little about Cicada and its curious entry into the world stage a scant 6 years ago, the puzzles are mind boggling, and contain some of the most challenging ciphers, music that is considered equal to the great composers of the 18th century (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven) and strange prophecies that have repeatedly come true.

The March 14th puzzle prophecy is featured on the XYZ site and was launched ahead of the April 8th bombing of Syria and Lebanon by IDF fighter plains. Eagles are F15 jets. Cicada 3301 knew a month before hand ! Youtuber Frightknight has covered the puzzles intensely over the past several years. Cicada 3301 has just released a new video that may be tied to their senior member Fox. Stay tuned as we explore more Cicada 3301 mysteries in upcoming posts.


Sevens. Exposed

Truth Communities Thrive on Quality, not Metrics

Dear American Intelligence Media readers and viewers,

A note to those of you who have written and are concerned that our metrics on YouTube are down, we wanted to give you a formal reply and thought it was a good opportunity to explain the foundations upon which we have built our aggregator platforms – the American Intelligence Media and Patriots for Truth.

We don’t care about subscriber or viewer metrics. These only measure quantities, not quality. As you begin to work in the higher dimensions, you will understand that quality (resonance, vibration, tuning, color, community, relationships, passion, creativity, etc.), not quantity, is the preferred “measurement.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will never be able to replicate anything beyond a binary world. AI might be able to sort and process numbers faster than any group of humans, but it will never be able to replicate, for example, the warmth, humor, and sincerity we send you as you unfold your own perception of truth and share it with others in your own unique, qualitative way.

The American Intelligence Media researches and writes for intelligence “white hats” around the world that use our open-source material and citizen intelligence reports. Long ago the Conclave decided to put the research on an open platform – to be easily accessible to anyone in the world. Later, we added a free app for smart phones so that readers who might be censored or monitored could access truth material in a discreet manner – kind of like RadioFreeEurope, but for the whole world.

Along the way, we met people who were creating their own independent media platforms. Many didn’t have time to do deep research so they started taking our intelligence reports and created videos, audios, articles, posts…you name it. This was an unintended consequence of our work, but one that we fully embrace now.

AIM Organizes Cyber Research Teams

Casual listeners and readers drop into our YouTube channel and websites. They may even follow us for awhile. If they resonate with our message, they stay. If they don’t, they leave.

Whoever you are, thank you for dropping by. Take what you need. Stay as long as you like, but know this – we are very clear about who our primary audience is and offer no apologies if we offend you.


Aristotle’s Categories