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Ready for your Great Awakening?

Remember that movie trailer by Complicated by Design we posted a few Cat Reports ago? The creator emailed us to say they were fine-tuning some of the scenes. The revised screen shot is below.

We are just loving this project and hope that by posting updates, one of the talented movie producers who lurk on our sites will see the enormous potential of a series like this. Below the video, Tyla shares a few remarks she sent to the media creator.


“Exactly. You nailed it. When I saw your first version, you had the light bulb swing in and out. It was very fast. I thought to myself, ahhh an insinuation of enlightenment.

What happens is that the prepared astral body imprints itself on the etheric body and sparks the creation process of an organ of supersensible perception. It is much like how the eye was formed in man. First came the light which “molded”  the eye so that light, and eventually clear sight, could be experienced. This may sound odd, but this is well-known in spiritual science.

On the other side of the threshold, thinking, feeling and willing are transformed into the higher organs of perception – Inspiration, Imagination, and Intuition.

Some call this experience ‘enlightenment’. For me, it was as Paul, formerly Saul of Tarsus, described his conversion on the road to Damascus. At the time it happened, I wasn’t particularly “spiritual” so I certainly never expected an experience like this. I was with a group of people who witnessed the experience – back in October 1984 when I was 28. Many years later, in my search to seek truth, I came across anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner. It was through his lectures that I learned about the etheric Christ and the Damascus experience.

Did you know that the Damascus experience was supposed to happen for many, many more people on the earth by now, but the evil ones (use whatever name suits you) have suppressed human evolution for centuries so that only a few of us have had the awakening? Steiner wrote about this in a lecture entitled:

The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric

This film or series is going to awaken people deeply to their spiritual connection to the divine. For over two decades after my divine experience, I spent every day “unpacking” the thought form given to me in the vision. Then in 2010, I set out to find a way to share this information with all of you. Ten years later, now in 2020, Douglas and I are doing amazing work called the Glass Bead Game where we have created a place of consciousness in the internet for truth seekers.

Some people start out with our geopolitical articles and find their way to our spiritual posts. Some find us through Neoanthroposophy and then grow curious about our outlook on world events and discover us at the American Intelligence Media. We are outlining the body of the great Goddess of Wisdom – Sophia. AnthropoSophia.”

Douglas and I write more about our personal experience of the Etheric Christ here:

Anthroposophia Reveals the Second Coming: Perceiving Christ in the Etheric

If you missed the rough draft of the trailer, we posted it below. You might drop in and see how excited people are about this project. Please add your own comment if this material resonates with you. Frankly, we are getting sick and tired of all the blood, violence, and satanic messages in Netflix entertainment. Patriots are looking for richer content like this!

Here is the YT link. Subscribe so that you can see their updates:


Light of Christ in Our Hearts

Tyla and Douglas discuss some spiritual matters in this audio: The Light of Christ is in our Hearts.

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Raw video file:


Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Meditation April 4th/5th 2020

If you would like a prayer suggestion for the meditation of for anytime during the coronavirus hysteria, we found this lovely one to St. Corona. PRAYER TO ST. CORONA IN A TIME OF EPIDEMIC

For those looking to participate with others in the global meditation, you might look around YouTube and find a spiritual practice that resonates with you. We found the one below and at the time of posting it, it had not started. You can join the livestream.

Mass Meditation for Ascension and Shifting to the most Optimal Timeline


Saint Corona Decoded


Cosmology of the Glass Bead Game


Paul Cardall – Sweet Surrender (Peaceful Piano)


Let’s Pray Together | Joyce Meyer


The Second Coming a selection from The Gospel of Sophia, vol 3, Sophia Christos Initiation, by Tyla and Douglas Gabriel.

Rudolf Steiner pointed out that the Mystery of Golgotha was the greatest event in world history. He also said that the Mystery of Christ’s resurrection in the etheric realms is the second most important event in history. Why? Christ must be successful in the etheric realms if we are to ascend from our human condition.

Christ needs every person who knows eternal life in their hearts to help enthrone His nature in their thinking. Imaginations need to kindle living spiritual deeds so that the etheric realm can be filled with the warmth of spiritual thoughts and imbued with the light of wisdom. Each person who develops a living cosmology of Christ, placing Him as the solution to the challenges of the forces of death, can be a gardener who plants the seeds of the Tree of Life so that all may live.

ETERNAL TRUTH: The time is at hand when Sophia and Christ will walk among us and be with us whenever we need them.

We can be sky-dancers and heroines of the Labors of the Sophia who re-enliven a new imagination of the Wisdom of Christ, Sophia Christos. These Imaginations, which are the spiritual nourishment that we give ourselves and the higher beings, come back to us in a resplendent symbiotic way to awaken our supersensible organs of perception. In doing so, they give us the ability to perceive and participate in creating New Jerusalem as a future home of the Christened self.

Rudolf Steiner indicated in his book, The Reappearance of the Christ in the Etheric, that Christ would start to appear to some people around 1933 and beyond in a “new type of spiritual vision.” He also said that many people would start to experience the Etheric Christ in the fashion that Paul did on the road to Damascus. One could say that this is similar to the ascension body that Christ developed before He died. This is a body created out of an etheric substance instead of a physical substance. Christ can utilize the etheric body of the earth to congeal His form wherever and whenever He wishes. The initiate who embodies these ideas and thoughts in spiritual practice and prepares her etheric body so that organs of spiritual perception are developed will be ready to perceive the realm where the Etheric Christ is risen.

The time is at hand when Sophia and Christ will walk among us and be with us whenever we need them.

It has often been imagined that Christ will appear to the whole world in a rapture moment, “seen from East to West, coming on a cloud.” This vision of the Second Coming of Christ is confused with the apocalyptic accounts of Christ manifesting as the “judge of time.” Moments of death and sleep, such as when the aspirant consciously crosses over the threshold, are opportunities for a personal apocalypse to appear. During those revelatory moments, the aspirant will experience Christ as guardian of the threshold between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Steffany Gretzinger – No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus

Christ stands at the threshold between the physical and spiritual worlds as the Lord of Karma, who weighs the merit of the soul. Truly, death is a dreadful apocalypse for the materialistic person who has been destroying his etheric body and not giving and/or receiving spiritual nourishment. A materialistic life creates a terrifying experience of fear, doubt, and hatred as the unredeemed aspects of the soul that cannot cross into the spiritual realm without having the soul burn off its unspiritual dross, a hell realm of sorts.

As Christ is working hard to enliven the etheric realms, the materialistic thinker is pillaging his soul and starving the spiritual world.

This battle for the life of the etheric is another “war in heaven.” Lucifer and Ahriman, pride and fear, have been let loose upon the earth and are trying to steal the wings of every human soul so they cannot rise up to the etheric realm and find nourishment. Balancing the trinity of thinking, feeling, and willing is the prerequisite for conquering the evil forces that would steal life from the human kingdom.

As children, the authors watched a movie called Lost Horizons that stirred their deepest yearning to journey to a place called Shangri-La, a beautiful garden of renewing life that existed high in the Himalayan Mountains. Little did they know that this would be a place they would actually find in their lifetime, and that any initiate who takes up the modern path of initiation can discover. It is not a place in the physical world, but one in the etheric realm of the earth.

It is called Shambhala in the East and New Jerusalem or Eden Redeemed in the West. This realm has been claimed by Sophia Christos as the redeemed part of the etheric already under their control. Every perfected body of a saint, avatar, bodhisattva, or spiritual person is imprinted, and saved for all time in this etheric realm. Once a perfected “vehicle” is imprinted into this realm, it is available to copy itself for the use of any initiate who wishes to embody it. This super-etheric realm also is called by Rudolf Steiner the “Realm of Spiritual Economy” where the spirit employs wise economy by replicating perfected bodies for those in like resonance.

The most profound aspect of the Realm of Spiritual Economy is that even the perfected bodies of Christ Jesus and Maria Sophia are imprinted in the super-etheric realm of Shambhala. St. Augustine, Johannes Tauler, Meister Ekhart, St. Francis, and Rudolf Steiner all used perfected vehicles from this realm. There is no need to create other perfected vehicles because the spirit knows how to utilize multi-dimensional holographic mirroring in the processes of creation and maintenance of the universe. Humans who emulate Christ, Sophia, saints, and great thinkers may use this realm of spiritual economy.

Christ joined His physical karma with the earth as a whole and gave His life to rekindle the waning forces of life. Without His intervention, the earth as a whole would have died. Humanity would have failed to become angelic in its evolution.

ETERNAL TRUTH: Each human soul is an entire world.

Christ’s blood and body went into the earth and descended to its core. At communion, Christians eat the body and drink the blood of Christ in loving remembrance of His selfless deed.

When Christ rose from the dead, He brought the physical life of the earth along with Him.

After ascending to heaven, He is now bringing along the dying etheric realm of the earth and the human body in His continuing ascent.

The battle is engaged, but the victory is not yet won. Each human soul is an entire world. Worlds are being lost to Lucifer, Ahriman, and the Assuric beings who wish to tie thinking and consciousness to material and sense-bound desires of the physical, preventing Christ from enlivening human thoughts with spiritual imaginations. Christ is giving wisdom, love, and the waters of life in the realms of the super etheric; whereas, the demons are dispensing lies, jealousy, and evil that drain life from the etheric body.

Materialistic enslavement to physical pleasures and selfishness darken the spiritual world at night, when the sense-bound thinker sleeps. Instead of shining like a star, the materialist weaves spider webs of desire, gray specters filled with blind vices that bind the soul to earthly matter. Instead of filling their nights with the light and nourishment from the gods, they are confronted with horrors and fears. They fight off demons all night, beings who swallow light as a “living darkness.” The materialist remains bound to the earth and the fiery hells that arise from unconscious desire.

Reading spiritual books and thinking about the hierarchies is a banquet for the gods.

Reflecting and meditating on spiritual content is a fountain of living waters to your guardian angel—one that refreshes and nourishes.

Prayer and spiritual practices are a solemn ritual of communion with the spirit, a dialogue that nurtures both sides. Just as a good conversation about lofty ideas elevates the human spirit, so does it feed the spiritual world.

Just as a wondrous spirit-filled dream keeps impressing living pictures and imaginations upon the soul for long periods of time, the loving deeds of a human light up the etheric world and drive away the darkness. By seeking self-initiation and having the desire to embody the spirit, the aspirant joins in the battle for the etheric realm with every thought, feeling, and deed.

Christ continues His ascent through the physical, etheric, astral, and ego realms of the earth and the human body. Each new realm has a new turning point in time to align it with the macrocosmic evolution of Christ as He brings the earth and humanity along with His development.

Christ redeemed the physical.

Now, He is trying to permanently redeem the etheric realm.

In this war, we are the battleground.

Sides have been chosen.

Whether you know it or not, you have chosen your side.

Self-initiation is to know yourself so that you might know the gods and the world. By taking a step towards your spiritual initiation, you are taking responsibility for your own development. It is the process of being a witness and participant in the new war in heaven, the battle for the etheric realm.

An initiate will choose to save Gaia Sophia, our Mother Earth, for this is the global challenge to consciousness in our age. We need to make significant steps towards creating sustainable lifestyles that put humans first. What we do individually homeopathically affects the super-etheric realm and aids Christ in the battle against materialistic ignorance.

No effort or step forward is insignificant. Through the workings of spiritual economy, one person’s actions change the world.

Every free thought shines as a shaft of nourishing light in the ever-darkening etheric realm.

For this reason, we cannot underestimate the spiritual work of One. One is the mirror of the universal One, no less significant or diminished in its nature.

When we stand in the middle of Twelve and become One with each point of view simultaneously, we create a synthesis of surrounding space and become the One that is the universal One, the Twelve plus One, the synthesis of spatial awareness that is One and the Many, or Thirteen.

Thirteen is the personal One taken to a higher level where space has been conquered through twelve labors and become the One in the middle of Twelve. We can call that One, the Etheric Christ. When we open ourselves to the cosmic formative forces of the surrounding stars, we become multi-dimensional—a singularity of consciousness that contains all, the resurrected and ascended One.

This makes the aspirant more than a global being of Earth; she also becomes a solar being who consciously embodies the movement of the planets, the sun and the starry worlds.

We become One through the life body of the universe.

Our etheric body (life body) is a living copy of the life body of the universe. It is a mirror image of this eternal fountain of youth, the waters of life. It is a magical gift of life that provides the opportunity for consciousness to arise.

Path of the prodigal son


Gabriel, McKibben, and Linnell: Save Human Thinking

Artificial intelligence no match for human imagination and creativity. Join master teacher Douglas Gabriel in a discussion about human thinking vs machine functions. His guests are Michael McKibben, Founder and CEO of Leader Technologies and Andrew Linnell, Founder of MysTech


Learn more about human thinking in this article by Douglas Gabriel.

Manifesto to Save Human Thinking

Humanity is careening over a cliff, riding high on the technology and machines that enslave it, while taking the ability of humans to have human thoughts instead of machine sub-thinking. The apparent unconscious lunge into a cyber-dystopia, where machines have won the battle against humans, is happening to tech-addicted humans. face-with-deviceMany are already lost and have descended into the sub-earthly realm of cold electricity that drives the devices that rule many people’s world. It is too late for those who cannot put down their smart phones, iPads, computers, televisions, and other “time saving” devices for human interaction with others.

The illnesses associated with tech addiction are many but addicts don’t have time to reflect on the costs of tech-use and plunge into any new “innovation” as if their lives depended upon keeping up with the newest, fastest, coolest device available.

The question is: Who is enslaving these willing victims, and can humanity be salvaged before all human thought is replaced by machine sub-thought?  Read more.

COSMIC: THC found on meteorites?

We were very excited about a report that THC was found on meteorite and whether it is true or false is irrelevant to what we have to say about meteorite.

Below we discuss why meteorite, hemp, cannabis, shungite, and buckyballs are so amazing:

Are meteorites smoking weed? THC found on space rocks?


Some of the compound classes detected in the Murchison carbonaceous chondrite. The specific examples are amino acids (L-alanine), carboxylic acids (propionic acid), hydroxyacids (lactic acid), sugar-related compounds (dihydroxyacetone), amines (propylamine), amides (pyroglutamic acid), nitrogen heterocycles (uracil), sulphur heterocycles (benzothiophene), aromatic hydrocarbons (2-methylnapthalene), aliphatic hydrocarbons (pentane), terpenes (camphor). Note that by far the majority of organic matter in carbonaceous chondrites is present as a macromolecular material which contains some of these structures linked together, but is mostly made up of aromatic hydrocarbons.


Douglas Gabriel gets out of the weeds, into the stars


cannabis bud

Continue your education about the endocannabinoid system, by reading this article:

Secrets of Cannabis Revealed


You might also enjoy this discussion between Douglas (as Thomas) and John Barnwell

Shungite, C60, Buckyballs, Ormus, and Superconnectivity


Was this the 11:11 gateway today?

Listen to BPEarthWatch explain a solar event that occurred today. Then below listen to Betsy and Thomas explain why this even was so critical today and how prayers around the world may have saved the sun from blinking out altogether. It sounds crazy…but the charts don’t lie. It happened. The timing was exact. Was this the 11:11 gateway?

Massive Wave of Energy Strikes the Earth/Unknown Origin


Was this THE 11:11 Gateway today?




Democrats Prepare Congressional Hearings over Trump Saying ‘Fake News’


Democrats Prepare Congressional Hearings over Trump Saying ‘Fake News’

Seriously? In the article (under the headline above), Democrats have their knickers in a knot because President Trump is calling out the media for what it is – fake news.

What they call “news” is propaganda from the banksters, Tavistock, and the British Monarchy to keep the world in war and terror so that they can line their pockets with riches from our dead human brethren. If you have read AIM reports below, you will know.

FAKE NEWS is truly, and accurately, the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. Please study these reports so that you can educate your audience on the dangers of propaganda. Recommend that they turn off television and stop buying and subscribing to their propaganda rags – whether paper, magazine, or digital platforms.

Help your audience of listeners, family and friends begin to awaken to the idea that the media lies to them, brainwashes them, and hides truth. Wake them up in a way that best suits them. Everybody is at a different “level” of wakefulness. Your job as a truth teacher is to know where they are in their process and help them move to the next level. Whoa, not too fast. Slow and steady, but keep the narrative moving forward to truth.









Dethrone the Queen and Shut Down Her Tavistock Surveillance and Propaganda Operations


Gabriel and McKibben: 5G, Blood, Tavistock, and More

Rise and shine, y’all AIM CATS (Citizens Addicted to Truth)! Michael, Douglas, and Tyla are preparing to knock out some amazing topics for you guys while Michael is visiting the Conclave this week. We will also be uploading a few radio show recordings from other channels — which we will be making available to you once the host uploads them to their channel.

The videos below are our “warm up” discussions from the night before recording day. We think you will find some interesting topics to chew on while we prepare our next round of BLOCKBUSTER revelations for our highly inquisitive and intelligent truth community.

Gabriel and McKibben telling truth again

Topics: ICANN, 5G, human thinking, technology


The Mystery of Blood Revealed

Topics: Uses of blood, Holy Eucharist, human sacrifice, infanticide, life extension


Harry Potter and Tavistock Brainwashing

Topics: Tavistock authors, MKUltra, brainwashing, social engineering


We are engaged in the War for Liberty

This submission comes from AIM Patriot Thomas Blow. He and Betsy had an email exchange on what to call this war we are fighting. Betsy calls it the Great Information War. Thomas gave it some reflection and proposes another name. If you have a thought about this, please leave your comment below.

Based on previous email with Betsy, I gave some thought to what we might call this war, and I have a proposal. Of course, it is true that we have already had casualties, which means we probably need something more inspiring than, say, the war of someone’s ear.

I was first thinking along the lines of Good and Evil, Lightness and Darkness, Truth and Deceit, but a weakness there is the enemy’s habit of co-opting these ideas and virtue signaling. I was thinking also of what it means to be humane, as we are dealing with crimes against humanity, but still there is the problem of co-option.

However there is one idea the enemy cannot even mention without a sneer. They literally cannot stand the idea, they think it belongs to the Deplorables, they see themselves as The Elite, and it is beyond the pale to have to speak the name of this disgusting idea.

That idea is Liberty.

I had to write something about Liberty, to define it in a page, a number of years ago, as follows. Part of this speech came from Pulitzer in his announcement of his fund-raising campaign to build the Statue’s pedestal:

“It takes three things for citizens to enjoy Liberty, which, more than the absence of slavery, is a state in which The People may live their lives as proudly, independently, and fearlessly as possible.  These three things are:

First, Liberty needs a system of government that distributes power among the people, so that none has too much over the other.  You all know the pain-staking effort our founding Fathers made developing this Engine of Freedom for us, and how they shed their blood to secure it.

Second, Liberty requires a People who understand and believe in her. There has been no greater example in our country of this understanding and belief – no, I will call it Love – than when hundreds of thousands of our Brothers arose and, “as He died to make men holy, they died to make men free.”  Ending slavery was Mankind’s greatest single step
toward Liberty.

But third, Liberty needs a Lamp Of Light by which to enlighten the Darkness.  The People need a tool to help them see Truth, so they may effectively and justly direct the Engine of Freedom toward the common good.  I have tried to make this paper, the World, serve that cause; and it is my dream that the explosion of our circulation, powering us into the heights, is a signal that this type of revolutionary journalism has justly found its place in your hearts.

Now, you might ask, Well, it seems as though we have all the blessings a nation shall ever need, shall we not now relax and enjoy them? A reasonable thought. But, an Engine of Freedom needs Energy and Constant Vigilance – and these are needed, not only from those in government, but most importantly, from us all, every Citizen.  The power of the Public Sway must be focused and adept!”

Only in this way will the System not decay, the Lamp not run dim, and the Love not become Empty.

It is in maintaining our cause for Liberty that we need the Statue. The fuel of Abolitionism has run its course! Now, we must embrace The Idea, carry it into our hearts, nurture it, treasure it.  But an idea, by itself, is something one may neither see nor touch, to guide it to our Soul.

Yet here, before us now, we may embrace as our own, a great Statue, beaming with the Spirit of Liberty – a great, indomitable Lady, a Defender of Freedom, brimming with Resolve and Passion.  Here is a vision, an embodiment of an idea as Great as the Greatness of The Idea she represents.

But in order to embrace her, this great gift from all of the People of France to all of the People of America, we need, for our part, to complete the Pedestal.  To do this, I call upon you all now to help. Let us not wait for the Rich any longer!  I ask you all to give something, however little, and to write to us.  I will print your letters and the name of every contributor in our paper.  Let us do this, together.  For in this unity, there is Strength, Honor, and a Legacy for our great nation.”

So you see, the idea of Liberty incorporates the idea of Truth as well as the participation of the Public and a system of divided powers. And it comes with it a powerful icon, a symbol of what is great about The American Idea. The Statue has resolve, but also, in addition to a Torch of Truth, she has the energy of wisdom emanating from her crown.

The idea of Liberty is a powerful Idea, treasured and nurtured by the oppressed, which of course include the many agents of America First who planned this War over several decades.It also includes, I think, the elements of morality that one finds in the Philosophy of Liberty at, basically, government should not do things it would be immoral for us to do as individuals.

So I ask you to consider calling this war, The War for Liberty. This name, I would think, would serve well as the banner. unifying our movement. It distinguishes this war from the War For Independence because until the Constitution came into being there was no system for providing Liberty, in fact, many thought America would have a king.
What we see now is a war to restore Liberty, or even in fact to bring in its golden age.

Theory of Everthing