T-Drop Starts Storm on Deep State

The text discussed in the audio is below:

The ORDER will  task a full scale CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION of “the espionage perpetrated during Obama administration by the FBI and other US agencies, in collusion with intelligence assets of foreign governments (United Kingdom), against the 2016 Trump for President campaign, in violation of United States laws” and the “CRIMINAL MISUSE of government resources to influence an election.”  

It goes on:

“To WIT:  A Request by former President Barack Obama for the British Intelligence Agency known as MI-6, to engage in electronic signals and Telephonic interception inside the United States of America, against an incoming Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army and Navy, American citizens and political entities, without Probable Cause or a Court Order or Search Warrant, in violation of  Title 18 United States Code, sub-section 794 (a) [communications] . . .


The granting of access to British intelligence, to TOP SECRET United States National Security Agency facilities in Fort Meade, MD, and elsewhere, to facilitate such Warrantless electronic signals / Telephonic interception, without Probable Cause, Court order or Search Warrant,  in violation of  Title 18 United States Code 1831 (3)”


2 thoughts on “T-Drop Starts Storm on Deep State”

  1. Reptillary, 2016 Arkancide List:

    Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Victor Thorn, John Ashe,
    John Jones QC, Dr Molly McCauley, Gaven McFadden,
    Michael Rather, Peter Smith, Dr Bob Ashton,
    Beranton Whisenant, Dr Dean Lorich, Klaus Eberwein,
    Monica Peterson, Joe Rago and two MS-13 hitmen
    Rafael Aguilar and Carmelo Calixto

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