The Presstitutes of Fox News Keep You From Going All the Way…to Truth News

Aim4Truth Mark left this comment under one of our posts. Just another way to explain why FOX NEWS is FAKE NEWS.

I have concluded that there are so many layers of half truths, partial truths currently being presented and SOLD as fragmented mis-information, These are distorted pockets of facts, mixed in with truths here and there, and are the foundation of illusion creating. Many different players with various agendas clashing in real time. All centered around the Big Lie.

Here at Aim4truth. I am schooled daily, and I am grateful for the tools provided to help uncover the path to the truth.. It has allowed me to expand my critical thinking ability. So the way I see Flox Blews is akin to this organization being one of an illusion creator. As if I am listening to, and seeing some one who has in the past, or currently has blatant credibility and integreity issues.

fox news presstitute.JPG
Look over here, boys: “Keep your eye on my cleavage while I keep you away seeing real truth.”

Then deliberately being duped by their Audio/Visual Psychobabble, (the words do not match their actions on Flox Blews) Then only to be drawn even further and further into the Big Lie. It is the M.O. over at Flox. The Mantra, and the Mission of deception.

Regardless, I will say that it is very refreshing to hear that you guys are helping to point out the trickery and deception on Magicians at Flox Blews, You do know they are under the management with a new CEO?


Yes,the veil is being lifted. So these talking Heads over at this thing called Flox Blews, we can now see that they are in fact the Mental Masturbation Midgets. Why would I say that?

I feel as if the women on this Gate Keeper magic show, well I think they look nasty, they need to cover up, and the men need to stop acting like Soy Boys. Really. That’s right, cover up and stop emasculating of men on air.. Call me a prude, call me ultra conservative, call me whatever.

All they do is ridicule men and TEASE them by showing more and more skin. It gets old, real old. in my opinion, they look like TRAMPS. I do not find them alluring nor are they attractive. They appear sleazy and lacking grace and class. They are “Phony Baloney Pretty Girls.” All plastic and painted on fakery.

Gee whiz people…, what will see in 10 years? The Outnumbered clan wearing thongs, toting rocks and clubs? In my opinion, Flox Blews is going (gone) BACKWARDS.. All by design. Even Mr. Peter Chowka from American Thinker, he recently wrote “they are becoming unwatchable”. I have to agree.

fox news presstitute 2
Professional attire for the job? Hmmm.. maybe this is why their profession is called presstitutes?


Legs on presstitutes
At least Newt kept his pants on.


Spread those legs, girl. Keep teasing the audience. We know that you will never go “all the way” when it comes to real investigative journalism.


Kelly interviewing Putin
What to wear when interviewing world leaders.

Maybe that’s why they call it FOX news.

Fox news fox.png

6 thoughts on “The Presstitutes of Fox News Keep You From Going All the Way…to Truth News”

  1. Fox is a huge benefit over MSM. If we lost FOX, our war would seriously be impaired. So stop the BS. Be appreciative for what it helps with and seek to make it better, but DO NOT DESTROY IT and be a GD FOOL. Yes aim4truth and others provide well needed expansion and explanations but do not discount FOX. I think they are fighting to remain a player as the powers to be are seeking their elimination as a last vestige of truth TV, even if not complete. Betsy, you are being too critical. You must realize the extent of opposition against them. Look what happened to Bill O’Brien. They felt he was too well received and they destroyed him. Look what they are doing to POTUS….. Do you not think that they can destroy the remnants of FOX. Get real!!!

    1. We call it out the way we see it. FOX NEWS is fake news. They are herding you in to their last MSM corral of news so that you do not go elsewhere to find truth. No one is saying that you have to stop watching it. Maybe you like all the cute, giggly, talking heads keeping you from getting answers of the deep questions – like why aren’t Dick Cheney and George Bush answering for the inside job of 911 that KILLED Americas or doing a deep expose on the corruption of Senior Executive Service and their cozy relationship with Serco. It is your choice who to follow – whether it is fake news or not. And it sounds like you prefer fluff over substance. Half-truths over the full monty.

    2. Taken over. Yes it appears that Flox Blews has already been captured. The deep state Finance Corporate Raiders, they are in the midst of preparing a leveraged stock (Phony Baloney) buy out of News Corp. Outsiders, aka corporate goon slayers at AT&T/Time Warner and Disney are in a bidding war for the Former Flox Blews, as I type this blog post ( as of 06/21/2018 at 6:33AM). That is an undeniable matter of FACT. The buy out attempt is in full motion. So this apparent and inevitable corporate NEWS consolidation and takeover, it seals the deal for me. News Fraudsters will have occupied all of them. Alphabet NEWS is now HISTORY. I believe my good Old Man used to call it “the proverbial writing on the wall” . I call it like I see it , and It is exactly, what it is. A take over.

  2. WHY ?!!! WHY?!!!! WHY??!!! For God’s sake is any sane adult STILL watching TV ( intentional dark programming with hypnotic frequencies added) PROGRAMMING!!!! This is so sad that so many still watch TV.


  3. if trump eventually deals with central bank owners stealing from the rest of us and with corrupt politicians ignoring the corporatization of all government departments through comprehensive annual financial report deceit (cafr), i’ll forgive the shallowness that he often exhibits.

    the giant lopsidedness of the wealth of the planet is not likely to go away by itself, and even if trump manages to make some improvement in “draining the swamp”, there will still be lots of work to do.

    the extreme abuse of power that big money allows is destructive and needs to be stopped. from kings, masters and oligarchs to present day money masters we have had constant stealth of our energy. it needs to be recognized as the enemy of the people and focus kept on it until it stops.

    the media is disgusting, some moreso that others. skunks just can’t stop being skunks, (and i apologize to real skunks for the metaphor).

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