Election hacking. So simple an 11-year old can do it.

smarter than a fifth grader.JPGElection hacking is not limited to globalist thugs who can’t get their candidates elected the old-fashioned way.

It is so simple that a fifth grader can do it. Election Hacking Contest Winner is 11-Year Old Audrey.





Have you filed a Writ of Mandamus for your state elections?


For_Dummies-logoElection Machine Hacking for Dummies


Easy to Do


No Special Tools Needed


Voting Machines Used In 18 States Can Be Hacked In Under Two Minutes. Watch this DIY video and learn the 1-2-3 easy steps to get your candidate elected without the pesky need for your voters to show up at the polls.


Remember this is Election Fraud Awareness Month. What have you done to spread the word and put your election officials on notice that you are WOKE! Have you sent an email to your election officials, letting them know that you demand fair and transparent elections?

Can you file a Writ of Mandamus? We offered you a template in the article link above.

Ronna.JPGIf you are a Republican, have you contacted RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel about election rigging, in particular her uncle’s involvement and ownership, along with George Soros and foreigner Mark Malloch-Brown, in corrupt election machines that are used throughout US elections?

Time to put Ronna on notice that we know how Uncle Mitt, his son Tagg, and perhaps even her are planning to interfere with our elections.

Will Romney Defeat Jenny Wilson by Rigging Utah Election with Smartmatic Machines?

Get globalists out of elections


2 thoughts on “Election hacking. So simple an 11-year old can do it.”

  1. If you have followed the Kansas voting for governor you will have a good example of hacking, in my opinion. They certainly are having a hard time counting and recounting the vote

    Marlene Sent from my iPhone


    1. We need to use a three part NCR paper ballot with tracking numbers. Each set of three copies has the same voter number. You mark your ballot in pen or pencil. You put one ballot in a tally machine. You put the second copy in a second tally machine. You keep the third copy. The ballots from the two machines are counted separately in a bi-partisan controlled manner. They are compared and should be an exact match. If not, the counts from the first machine must be done by hand and compared to the second machine’s hand-counted ballots. They must match exactly. Then the numbers are put online so that you can check and make sure your ballot was counted and your votes are exact. So easy if you want to have fair and transparent elections. Then voter ID to prove American citizenship required – or your state’s ballots do not count in the federal elections. Purple or orange ink on thumb for voters once they cast their ballots so that they cannot vote more than once. All fingers are checked prior to being handed a ballot.

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