One thought on “Trump’s September Surprise is a Doozy”

  1. Your thoughts on this e-mail? We don’t hear to much about Pence.I respect and trust your research team.
    Pence Passed Secret Note! Assassin
    Have a Great Sunday Night Patriots!

    We caught Mike Pence getting passed a secret message in
    a Masonic handshake! It was given to him by a corrupt
    Alabama Sheriff under FBI investigation! Watch the video
    and see for yourself and get it EVERYWHERE by sharing
    on social media and sending it to your friends and tweeting
    Trump @potus @realdonaldtrump if you can!

    This could be an assassination plot! He wasn’t passed
    a recipe for carrot cake, that’s for sure!

    Pence Passed Secret Note! Alabama Assassination? Plot?

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