American People Sick and Tired of Corruption

By LoneAmerican

reporterReporter: ” We are down here in the public square by the North East lawn where things are literally a buzz of activity. A group of rag tag men and women wearing construction apparel things like hard hats and tool belts.

These people seem to be determined to build this structure properly. We searched for the construction names on the trucks that are parked everywhere but it appears there is not a single one company doing the work.

This team just appeared out of the blue.

There are licenses plates from far away as Oregon and Texas among many other states. People are showing up with 2x4s and what some would describe as large timbers.

A small group of people are standing off the sides sorting through the materials and organizing them by size. I got to tell you I haven’t seen this many people so determined to create something with this much energy in a long time. Let’s see if we can interview a person on camera.”

Reporter: ” Hi Good morning, do you mind if we ask you for a few answers for the public? We are live on the news.”

Worker: ” You work with Anderson Cooper?”

ReporterNervous laughter ” No, No, I don’t….. No.”

Worker: ” Sure Bub, fire away.”

Reporter: ” Can you tell me who is coordinating all of this activity? who is organizing this effort?”

Worker: ” Well, you could just say all of us the American people, we know what we have to do and there is no time like the present. We can’t afford to wait for the Government procurement office. “

Reporter: ” Who is funding this build? Where are the resources coming from?”

Worker: ” Once again you could just say the American people. Folks have been donating all the materials out of their own pockets.”

Reporter: ” What’s this thing going to be? “

Worker: ” Gallows “

Reporter: ” Gallows !? “

Worker: ” It’s time. “

Reporter: ” How does everyone know just how and what to do?”

Worker: ” Well, if you ask anyone else that has showed up most of them have been dreaming of building this for many years. It don’t take long to put dreams into reality when you are motivated.”

Reporter: ” Thank you for time.”

Reporter: ” Well, there you have it folks this group is a total 100% volunteer group they are not only providing the materials to build these gallows but they have brought their tools and know how to make this all happen.( yelling in the background ” Is that a fake news reporter? “) I…… am going to send it back to you in HQ.



It’s Called Treason


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