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  1. Hello friends at AIM

    I felt a pressing need to add a few notes and corrections to your video on Trump and the Federal Reserve :

    ● The gold in the Federal Reserve banks was audited, not the gold at Fort Knox as you claim.

    ● The U.S. Treasury has merged with the Rothschild banking cartel via the ESF and other manipulations that The Black Nobility banking cartel has conducted. The only way to be free is to liberate the U.S. Treasury from the grip of the banking cartel which has not been done. So the U.S. Treasury issuing new half gold notes it is just more debt slavery, as Anna Von Reitz and Karen Hudes have explained. In fact, that even began under Obama, not Trump. Obama is a rogue CIA banking cartel asset and also a representative of the Arab Muslim Jihadist movements and of the banking cartel as well. Hillary did even worse. This idea that notes issued by the U.S. Treasury controlled by Goldman Sachs and their agent Mnuchin will help save America from the banking cartel is non-sense. The Treasury is controlled by the same banking cartel! The only way to free us from the Rothschild banking cartel is for We The People to mint our new currencies free of the banking cartel, as Karen Hudes explains, using the gold and wealth in the Global Debt Facility or Global Debt Facility fund and before the banking cartel steals that as well, as Obama started doing. Also, check what Karen says about HRH-TVM-LSM-666. Ferdinand Marcos does not own that as you claim. The info in your video is not correct. Trump is blocking us from minting our new currencies free of the banking cartel! So all this talk about the U.S. being liberated under Trump via the U.S. Treasury is non-sense!

    And has Trump ever stated he will end the Fed? Show us where.

    ● Also, the U.S. is still and has been under secret martial law and military rule since the U.S. Civil War which never ended. The U.S. Federal courts function under U.C.C. which is just a cover for British wartime law or Admiralty law. So do not expect that you will get any rights under The Constitution in the court system. Only The U.S. Supreme Court respects the Corporate Constitution but not the original one of 1787 – 1789.

    Thank you.

    AIM4Truth Anonymous.


    Note – adding comment again as it seems to not have gone-out in my last attempt…

    1. We do not recommend Karen Hudes as a solid truth. She is a 50% gal – half of what she says might be accurate, but the other 50% is our right outlandish. Until she has the ability to speak and report truth, without the outrageous assumptions and assertions, we do not post her or refer folks to her work.

      1. Karen is 100% spot on in all she covers in her Youtube videos and associated PDF files. I have yet to find and spot any error in her work, contrary to what many others are posting on the Internet. I have fully studied and watched her videos for years. I challenge anyone to point-out any error or mis-statement in her work.

        Per AIM video here:


        Please see the my review of this video here:

        https: //8ch.net/qsourcex/res/269.html#q270

        (For expedience of posting, space added. Please remove space to view link).

        My new Review of your excellent video today also:


        My review of the this excellent video here:

        https ://8ch.net/qsourcex/res/272.html

        My main link of work here:

        https: //8ch.net/qsourcex/catalog.html

        Thank you.

        AIM4Truth Anonymous

  2. Thank you AIM for your latest response to my comments & suggestions.


    GRAB THE POPCORN! It’s showtime in the swamp



    Please find my new review of your latest video here as well as my latest responses to your comments, videos and information needed for The Conclave & The World to help us all take-down the NWO banking cartel:

    The Case of Heather Ann Tucci Proves the Federal Reserve Fraud!


    And here:


    This will help fill-in the missing pieces so we all together can take-down the NWO.

    My main link of work here:

    https: //8ch.net/qsourcex/catalog.html

    Thank you again,

    AIM4Truth Anonymous

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