Gateway Pundit is Punk News

Gateway Pundit is PUNK NEWS

Here is the article written by the Gateway Pundit punk reporter:

HOAXED: Media Falsely Claims Stone Shared Image of Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson In Crosshairs

Here are some additional items we picked up about this fake news “reporter”.

jacob engels 6‘Party NXS’ commented under this YouTube video a note:

“Did you know that Jacob Engels was Roger Stone’s assistant?” Then Party NXS gave us this link below.

We didn’t know this….and now the story is getting very interesting.

Meet Jacob Engels, Roger Stone’s Mini-Me


Our reply: Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing for discovering truth? Thank you for this glass bead.


Jacob Engels 7


Roger Stone Admits Extensive Ties to Extremist Group Florida Proud Boys in Court

jacob engels 8

Roger Stone Interviews FAKE NEWS REPORTER Jacob Engels.

roger stone jacob engels

5 thoughts on “Gateway Pundit is Punk News”

  1. Great rebuttal on youtube, Douglas. And the symbol sure looks like a graphics register mark. Nothing more nothing less.

  2. Hi y’all,

    Just like to repeat my question that no one wants to answer : has anyone with your organization looked into the speak project, and if so, what is your analysis?
    If not, why? Their story is bigger than any you have covered to date!


    1. We are volunteers here – and this topic isn’t one that we have explored and probably won’t due to time and labor constraints. But if you want to offer information, please feel free to do so at the bottom of any of our articles. Thank you.

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