Gabriel and McKibben: 5G, Blood, Tavistock, and More

Rise and shine, y’all AIM CATS (Citizens Addicted to Truth)! Michael, Douglas, and Tyla are preparing to knock out some amazing topics for you guys while Michael is visiting the Conclave this week. We will also be uploading a few radio show recordings from other channels — which we will be making available to you once the host uploads them to their channel.

The videos below are our “warm up” discussions from the night before recording day. We think you will find some interesting topics to chew on while we prepare our next round of BLOCKBUSTER revelations for our highly inquisitive and intelligent truth community.

Gabriel and McKibben telling truth again

Topics: ICANN, 5G, human thinking, technology


The Mystery of Blood Revealed

Topics: Uses of blood, Holy Eucharist, human sacrifice, infanticide, life extension


Harry Potter and Tavistock Brainwashing

Topics: Tavistock authors, MKUltra, brainwashing, social engineering


4 thoughts on “Gabriel and McKibben: 5G, Blood, Tavistock, and More”

  1. Late last year, after your connecting the dots between the Harry Potter series and Tavistock….i knew the new Fantastic Beast series would be even more revealing. In the latest movie, the underlying theme apparently puts forth the idea that the war-mongering “lesser” muggle ( non magic) population needs to be culled….”for the greater good” …..Jeeze, could “they” make their intentions more obvious? People young and old are being recruited in the wizarding community to save the world….Wow, manipulation and mind control- hidden but so obvious to those who choose to see. Wizards are braver,smarter,powerful and have all the fun…..UGH!

  2. I thought you guys had mentioned somewhere that there could not be any other ruling government within our government? Why cannot that be used as the law to get rid of SES? And the next thing I wanted to mention is the fact that there is a video out there called something about the tree of life in Trump receiving this award from the Jewish community. Anyway it’s a very informative video with resource information and it is going around and interstates basically that champ is a Zionist. I was going to repost it but they won’t let you do it because of some of the information in it which even cut off because I can finish watching it. Plus it would not let me share it with anybody. Do you know this? And the next thing is the fact that why aren’t the Democrats being held up to the same rule of law that they’re putting to the Republicans? Why aren’t the Republicans being as loud and voice stress is the Democrats would be if it was one of theirs? Why cannot these people be healed up to the same rule of law as anyone? And why aren’t they? I know you’ve talked about it and said that the FBI and all them are not doing their jobs but I also heard that they have been weeded out? I’m very confused at this point? Can you address this for me The last thing I want to bring up is the fact about the discernment in learning how to discern between the different sites and articles , Thank you for that it was very informative. A big thank you for all your hard work

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