Christopher Steele failed his British spy mission of overthrowing Trump

British spy mission to overthrow Trump FAILS

High Treason in the Swamp



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Mar 8, 2019 06:18:27 PM – .@RepMikeTurner “The only time that Michael Cohen told the truth is when he pled that he is guilty.” Also when he said no collusion and I did not tell him to lie!”

Mar 8, 2019 04:26:51 PM – RT @cvpayne: Jobs Report: Most Important Highlight Non-Supervisory Wages continue to surge and outpace overall wage increases This is amazing news for all Americans #Winning

Mar 8, 2019 04:23:49 PMRT @LouDobbs: Radical Dimms embarrass themselves: Debate over anti-Semitism charges exposes divide in Democratic Party. link

Mar 8, 2019 04:23:18 PMRT @LouDobbs: #AmericaFirst – @marc_lotter: Democrats couldn’t condemn anti-semitism. That’s because the radical, left-wing socialists have taken over. Nancy Pelosi is having a hard time keeping Dems together. It is a shameful display of how our democracy works. #MAGA #TrumpTrain #Dobbs … link

Mar 8, 2019 03:52:15 PMRT @TomFitton: .@JudicialWatch exposed that Clinton operation and FBI paying Steele at the same time here:

Mar 8, 2019 03:52:06 PMRT @TomFitton: NEW: Cohen Testimony is Abuse of @RealDonaldTrump: Deep State Abuse and Leaks Targets Trump Family/WH On Security Clearances and Clinton email scandal witnesses set to testify to @JudicialWatch attorneys. Big Judicial Watch Update!  link

Mar 8, 2019 03:50:22 PMSessions didn’t have a clue!

PMRT @paulsperry  BREAKING: McCabe Investigated Not Just Trump but Sessions Too Ordering the Sessions probe was “another unprecedented, partisan action that has been forgotten,” said former federal prosecutor Solomon L. Wisenberg, partner at Nelson Mullins in Washington.   link

Mar 8, 2019 03:38:16 PMRT @paulsperry_: Cohen claimed his shady father-in-law’s “in the clothing business” when in fact he’s loan shark in same taxicab medallion biz as Cohen. More, his father-in-law’s a convicted fraudster who was named, along with Cohen’s wife, in investigation. Cohen chose to sing on Trump instead…link

Mar 8, 2019 03:36:53 PMRT @paulsperry_: BREAKING: Democratic Rep. Jerry “Joe McCarthy” Nadler, who just yesterday declared that Trump obstructed justice, just now on CNN admitted he doesn’t have the facts to prove obstruction of justice but just personally knows it to be true and will investigate. #DemFishingExpeditionlink

Mar 8, 2019 03:36:50 PMRT @paulsperry_: Despite running informants/stings on Trump camp, electronically spying for yr,unmasking NSA intercepts, rummaging thru thru Trump fixer’s files, recordings, garbage, exploiting British intel & probing by CIA, FBI/DOJ, DOS, SSCI/HPSCI, MSM & SCO, Deep State still cannot prove collusion…link

Mar 8, 2019 03:31:15 PMRT @paulsperry_: Glenn Simpson & Christopher Steele r 2 of biggest villains in Russia collusion hoax, yet neither has faced serious scrutiny. They manufactured & seeded the dossier lies & disinformation. Yet Simpson still hasnt been subpoenaed to testify publicly before Senate. Ur move Sen Graham link

simpson steele

Mar 8, 2019 03:30:48 PMRT @paulsperry_: Now that even some MSM acknowledging there never was a “collusion” scandal, when will MSM start investigating the real of Obama DOJ/FBI & Clinton campaign making it look like there was? Oh that’s right, the MSM were accomplices in that scandal. Never mind. #MediaCollusion


Can you believe Brad Parscale is pushing this dangerous 5G narrative? Outrageous that he doesn’t do the research to find out that long term testing on humans has never been conducted.

Obviously, we have not done our job in educating Trump on the dangers of 5G. Make sure to send him a reminder that we want the technology thoroughly tested, and proven safe to life of humans and animals, before even one unit is turned on. CONTACT WHITE HOUSE HERE

As far as Brad goes, here is his twitter account. Free him from ignorance.

brad parscale tweet 5g.JPG
Read article here


Jessie K. Liu Nominated #3 at DOJ to Protect the Unelected Senior Executive Service (SES) Secret Government

No Question.

liu eyes

New Graham Senate Steele dossier document request will likely be stonewalled by Liu, who is paid by . . . swamp rat Bruce Ohr!

All unelected, unaccountable SES members should be removed from all political inquiries due to their NWO, anti-Constitution bias

The SES is a globalist nation state undermining the U.S. Constitution


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