More Lies from Peter Strzok About Hillary Emails

peter strzok afiFBI Peter Strzok and DOJ Kabuki theater re. blocking FBI access to Hillary’s emails

Peter Strzok. (Jun. 27, 2018). Peter Strzok TRANSCRIPTION of Interview with Peter Strzok released by Rep. Doug Collins (GA 9th), Committee on the Judiciary, pgs. 312. U.S. House of Representatives.

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Proof from Strzok’s House closed door testimony:

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Counsel for Clinton was Williams & Connolly LLP, James P. Chandler, III’s choice to pursue the first Economic Espionage Act prosecution in Aug. 28, 1998. Such a relationship should have put Williams & Connolly off limits as totally conflicted vis a vis the Justice Department and Hillary’s defense.

Williams & Connolly LLP for Hillary was essentially negotiating with their James P. Chandler III, economic espionage bunk buddies at the DOJ. They also defended IRS criminal Lois Lerner AND filed the Clinton Foundation’s first IRS tax return in 1998.

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But this is all a lie…because James Comey kept a copy of the emails in his office….and FBI Director Christopher Wray has them to this day, according to his congressional testimony.

This note above comes from our recollection in listening to Wray’s testimony. We are working now to search for a specific link in the transcript so that you can verify yourself. Will post as soon as we find it. If you find it first, please send it to us.


2 thoughts on “More Lies from Peter Strzok About Hillary Emails”

  1. No one is paying attention except for the few not distracted by the” pay for play” education scandal and the NewZealand shooting…..and so on and so on.
    So glad Your site is maintaining focus on the issues that, if addressed, could change this present paradigm. Hopefully all those partaking of this information will do their part and get off their arses and smart phones and do SOMETHING!

  2. Wow, can’t make this shit up! These bad actors are so entwined and the secrets run so deep. All is being revealed and all must be held accountable, but who will have the guts to do it though? No wonder they need false flags to distract us.

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