Trump has a secret

Shhh – Trump has a secret


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Mar 28, 2019 07:30:04 AM – Very important that OPEC increase the flow of Oil. World Markets are fragile, price of Oil getting too high. Thank you!

Mar 28, 2019 06:04:04 AM – Wow, ratings for “Morning Joe,” which were really bad in the first place, just “tanked” with the release of the Mueller Report. Likewise, other shows on MSNBC and CNN have gone down by as much as 50%. Just shows, Fake News never wins!

Mar 28, 2019 05:43:13 AM – Congressman Adam Schiff, who spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking, should be forced to resign from Congress!

Mar 28, 2019 05:34:34 AM – FBI & DOJ to review the outrageous Jussie Smollett case in Chicago. It is an embarrassment to our Nation!

Mar 28, 2019 05:24:04 AM – Mexico is doing NOTHING to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our Country. They are all talk and no action. Likewise, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have taken our money for years, and do Nothing. The Dems don’t care, such BAD laws. May close the Southern Border!

Mar 28, 2019 05:13:14 AM – The Fake News Media is going Crazy! They are suffering a major “breakdown,” have ZERO credibility or respect, & must be thinking about going legit. I have learned to live with Fake News, which has never been more corrupt than it is right now. Someday, I will tell you the secret!

Mar 28, 2019 05:05:06 AM – Will be heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan, tonight for a Big Rally. Will be talking about the many exciting things that are happening to our Country, but also the car companies, & others, that are pouring back into Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North & South Carolina & all over!


william barrDo you think President Trump might have sent a copy of this letter to Bill Barr?

Dear A.G. Barr,

Did you send your copy to Bill? Bill needs to know that citizens are informed these days so that the DOJ doesn’t waste anymore of our time.

3 thoughts on “Trump has a secret”

  1. So, why in he** isn’t Trump using these camps for illegals?

    List of Every Known FEMA Camp and Their Locations – Find Yours!

    The Rex 84 Program was established on the reasoning that if a “mass exodus” of illegal aliens crossed the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA. Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons.

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