Little Peter Buttigieg – Exposed

This note comes to us from a reader at the American Intelligence Media.

More on Little Peter Butt#@!! from AIM Patriot Laura:

Pete speaks 8 languages, including Arabic, Dari, and Norwegian. He was supposedly only in Afghanistan for 7 months in the Navy Reserves. He was assigned to the Afghan Threat Finance Cell, created by David Petraeus. I have a feeling as I’ve said times before that he’s a CIA asset. I find it odd that he supposedly taught himself Norwegian just so he could read Erlend Loe. What’s so special about Erlend Loe? I don’t know. He used to work at a psychiatric clinic before becoming a writer. Hmmm…
So Pete has spoken in depth (according to Wikipedia) about how his faith has influenced him. Weird because he’s gay but supposedly attends church regularly and was married to a man in a church. I don’t recall this being in the Bible as something God approves but ok… well he was also baptized as a Roman Catholic but didn’t attend Mass regularly growing up.Then he went to Oxford and started to attend Christ Church while there. Upon returning to South Bend, he felt “more or less” Anglican. No surprise, Rhodes Scholar. I read a disgusting story in the Jacobin that just gushed over how “smart” he is and how he would be a much better president than Donald Trump because apparently being “smart”, like book smart, is supposedly more qualifying to run the country?Apparently the elitist who write pompous articles in the Jacobin believe that is something we should want. Barf. I can’t even say what I really think about that or what I would want to do if I heard one of those snobby writers say the things they write. But I’m just some dumb peasant so… what do I know?? Well what I do know is that even Rush Limbaugh has spent days exposing Pete’s Marxist dad who coincidentally “died” a few days before his announcement in January. Kinda like Obama’s closest family members. Nothing to see here, folks!!

I don’t know how to find out more info about his dad’s Malta ties but seeing the pedigree and this whole circus now, I’m guessing he’s related to the Knights of Malta and of course, part of the lucifarian elites who think they rule the world and want to push “smart” gay beta soy boys like Mayor Pete so we can further our nation and world down the road of hell and destruction.


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And don’t forget the rest of the LOSERS!

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4 thoughts on “Little Peter Buttigieg – Exposed”

  1. “Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg shared a heartfelt moment on Saturday when a young boy asked the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor to help him come out to the world.

    “Thank you for being so brave,” 9-year-old Zachary Ro wrote in a question read during the openly gay candidate’s rally in Denver. “Would you help me tell the world I’m gay, too? I want to be brave like you.””

    Assisting a mere minor child with “coming out” to the world as a proud gay boy. And that weirdo president wannabe went nuts with pride at assisting the child!!!!!

    1. It’s called sodomy. They f each other in the asses, do not produce children from sexual union, and then prance around Christians, asking us to accept their perversions publicly while they push the envelope even further with their tranny agenda. We were ok when gays came out of the closet. We were tolerant and accepting. The media didn’t tell us Barry and Big Mike were buttf-kers. And we are not in the mood to accept P. P. Butt as a president. We will not vote for another perverted Rhodes Scholar and his gay husband or first tranny. No where in our Judaeo-Christian teachings is sodomy acceptable. Gays and trannies had their turn coming out of the closet.

      Now conservative Christians are coming out of the closet loud and clear about the way we feel about sodomy, pedophilia, drag queens, and all their sexual perversions. We have had enough and could care less about offending you pearl-clutching.

  2. All whites are being exterminated. All hail the supreme Chosen peoples Israeli N.W.O.. Soon we will shut off all Europeans power and food supply. 10 Million in Ukraine. 60 Million in Russia. The nightmarish howling death destruction starvation of america shall be the supreme Chosen peoples greatest accomplishment. You will come crawling begging at our feet to worship and serve the supreme Chosen people for all eternity.

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