The Ultra Secret Oath Kept U.S. Under U.K. Control

The 1945-46 “British – U.S. Communication Intelligence Agreement” Five Eyes information withholding exemptions for British and American patents ensured a total ULTRA OATH secrecy lock on telecommunications information for at least the next 30 years, especially considering the American theft (sorry, “confiscation”) of over “50,000 patents some of the finest scientific research”… the true purpose of WWII?

… AND, since Pres. Roosevelt on Dec. 07, 1942 had just confiscated over 50,000 patents from all Axis and occupied countries (incl. the biggest holder, Germany), this U.S. and British patent exemption to withhold information (keep it secret for the Five Eyes insiders) ensured their total lock on surveillance worldwide, at least for 20-30 yrs. (ca. 1975) when those patents and their derivative works started expiring.

This meant that a new round of patenting would have to commence by 1975, which IBM (Chandler) did. So by the time they discovered Leader Technologies’ invention, theft of intellectual property was in their blood.

patents 1.JPGpatent theft.JPG

Five Eyes exempted the sharing of any data collected using (stolen) U.S. and British Patents!

The U.S. – British intelligence agreement exempt them from sharing ANY collateral intelligence “may be withheld” if it was gathered using “U.S. and British patents”

This would be a policy motivating using ONLY stolen U.S. and British patents to build this Five Eyes system!

agreement 1

Info collected using (stolen) British & American patents are secret and exempt (“may be withheld”) … that would be everything (if all the technology was stolen). READ: We can all do what we want whenever we want, by agreement.

They institutionalized the motivation to steal patents right here!

agreement 2.JPG

This also explains IBM’s motivation to be the largest patent holder on the planet.IBM = patent vacuum to form the tech base for Five Eyes



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