Romney Girl Alert

We are alerting you that RNC Chair Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel works for Uncle Mitt in the election rigging business.

She has still not reported her family election-rigging operation run with George Soros. Don’t be fooled by the Romneys. They keep Ronna in place for Mitt Romney’s take-over plans of the RNC.


No matter how many times POTUS tweets out her messages, remember she is a Romney pig with lipstick. Do not send 2020 MAGA bucks to the RNC, at least until we clean out the pig sty.

Read more under the headline link below:

Ronna Romney and the RNC Rigged Election Boxes


ronna romney tt.JPG
Listen to Ronna drone on about Democrat corruption yet says NOTHING about her own family corruption headed by Romney patriarch Mitt. Listen here. Donate directly to and bypass the Romney girls.

Don’t know about the Romney girls?

I’m a Romney Girl


ronna romney mcdaniel.jpg

One thought on “Romney Girl Alert”

  1. Romney girl ALERT My cousin was married to Romney daughter-in – law. He died suddenly while snow tobogoning as leader of youth group… Total healthy , heart atack. Too many co.. in.cidence. She was too drugged to know what day it was ….. Lovely social 🦋 butterfly. She harmed our whole extended family system. Kwan Yin

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