Blood, Cannabis, and Meteorites

Learn what your public school indoctrination centers did not teach you. Then read our blockbuster citizens intelligence report below on the endocannabinoid system. Click on the headline to enter the subject matter.

Blood, Cannabis, and Meteorites- Betsy and Thomas Infotoons


Secrets of Cannabis Revealed

What is the big secret of cannabis that has caused so much obfuscation, conflation, confabulation and nonsensical lies that have driven society to worship or revile this plant?

What magical properties of this plant have caused 10,000 years of recorded history to spend so much time on figuring out all of the wondrous effects that can be derived from its substances?

These questions cannot be answered easily, but we will try in this article to shine light on the nature and characteristics of this sacred plant and try to unravel the mysteries enshrouding cannabis.

But first, the reader must be willing to open their mind to the possibility of discoveries that go beyond modern science’s limited view. The modern materialistic world-view condemns 10,000 years of religion worship and devotion to the magical effects of cannabis on human consciousness, health, and well-being. Continue reading.

2 - Sigal

Want to learn more? Join Betsy and Thomas (or Tyla and Douglas, depending where you are in the Glass Bead Game) on their ‘magic carpet ride’ around the cosmos. In the video below they discuss the significance of ethers in human development. Yes….another thing they didn’t teach you in those Pilgrim Society- run indoctrination centers called public (and private) schools.

Questions worth asking! The Gabriels discuss


As mentioned in the audio, the Fairy Tale of the North:

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