10 thoughts on “International Crisis Group and the Globalists”

  1. Always appreciate your shows and knowledge, great information. Perhaps they knew Obama would win because the cabal controls both sides …

  2. This is making me physically ill. I can’t take all this criminality much longer! Please give me some good news for a change so I can be mentally competent!

    1. Dan, look around at the people awakening to the corruption. That in itself is some very good news. Imagine two retired school teachers and engineer are openly awake to all this corruption, just think how many others there are. We are going mainstream now, that’s why they are trying so hard to shut us up. Chin up and spread the word. To everyone in your circle. Believe me, it is gratifying when they at first deny then come back and say you were right all along.

  3. I lost you on YouTube I am getting aim truth bits but don’t know how to get your verbal program please help

  4. Checkmate!!! There will be no arrests after connecting all the dots. Go to truenews.com/podcast/666-fi

    666 Fifth Ave. Shakedown: Jared Kushner Accused of Squeezing Millions From Qutaris To Pay Off Depts

    TruNews….on Utube has been taken down

    1. Truenews is not a reliable source. You will need to do a better job vetting article sources, Gail. If you are trolling, we will remove you as spam.

  5. Greetings, I value your time and i know you are very busy … i will try to make this as short as possible & still get the point across …

    Please check out subcontractor the Queen — British Territory “the” United States of American incorporated Charted Scotland — sea jurisdiction … contract — legal person (an actor or corps)… creator of the 14th Amendment US Citizen an infant (is stated as such in the congressional records mid 1970s) … Trump is the CEO or President of this corporation he has said many times he wants to give the gov back to the people … not person … [corporations are pieces of paper & are legal person [the real persons of color in the civil war]… non-living … and have President(s) and the living have Kings & Queens … Sovereign = King and/or Queen here we have no subjects as sovereign … not everyone was sovereign in the beginning … only the sovereign/living have Rights] about 10 years ago i learned that the Birth Certificate corporation goes to the UK … it is well hidden — democracy &

    check out subcontractor the Pope — MUNICIPAL the UNITED STATE incorporated — air global jurisdiction — commerce — person … citizen of the US …. only the non-living can do commerce … in 1933 only 10% was commerce — at first only between nations … 90% traded … the living trade and the non-living do commerce … with a spin and/or disinformation today we think trade & commerce are the same … democracy …

    First was the — “The” United States of [for] American unincorporated … soil/land jurisdiction … common law the people — living … American State National and those who join State Assemblies become State Citizen … was moth balled at the end of the Civil War via never completing the reconstruction act … check out passport application (what do you call it evidence — proof)… it’s for US citizens (14th Amen.) and State Nationals … until recently there have not been any State Citizens .. Check out supreme court cases on citizenship … as the Art of War say … why would you let your enemy educate your children … an we have a Republican gov not a Republic … one of the many reasons latin was taken out of schools … per 1915 about — Law was taught in English classes & at that same time English was changed so we could not represent ourselves in court … we can and do but the Judge can throw the paper work out because are English is wrong and does it’s by taking silent notice …

    once you get past the shock & are interested — email me and i’ll give you the name of a team of researchers who have been doing this research for over 30 years … i am just a student … if we want to take back our country from the elite this is what we have to do …

    treaties are above the constitution(s) … we have to look at international law and free will or self determination … as the Dali Lama said … that the US is a nation of adult teen agers … so sad but so true … we have to be responsible to self gov. … going to work for a corporation is not
    being responsible it only pays corporate utilities … to keep the job in many cases you have to lie … i hope this is a helpful puzzle piece …
    the living creditors sign on this side
    … in light, love, & gratitude

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