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Betsy and Thomas Discuss Ukraine, Trudeau, and Bix Weir

Below is the video interview of Michael McKibben by David Morgan.

The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast – Episode 19 – Patents, Bitcoin & Tether. Are They Connected?

Now listen to Bix Weir give ad hominem attacks against Michael at the 9:40 mark. Was Bix too lazy to see the enormous research that Michael has provided on his site

Or is Bix what we always thought – a lazy researcher and/or Bitcoin shill.

Silver May Need to Back-Test the 200dma but a SILVER Moonshot Approaches!! (Bix Weir)

Congress Killed America with the Cures Act

We answer a few questions from our mailbag, including: Clarification of the CURES ACT passed in December 2016 and importance of local control during and after the collapse of the federal government.

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Western Civilization Falls

Betsy and Thomas discuss a wide variety of important topics from mass formation psychosis, to who the newest controlled opposition in the alt media is. Lots of goodies inside. Listen and re-post on your own channels, if you wish.

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American Intelligence Media School of Truth


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