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Horowitz Protects the Swamp

“[W]e did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that improper considerations, including political bias, directly affected the specific investigative decisions discussed below, or that the justifications offered for these decisions were pretextual,” wrote Inspector General Michael Horowitz in the 500-page report released Thursday afternoon.

Inspector General Horowitz Report on the FBI and DOJ During the Clinton Investigation

The long-anticipated report was released and now Betsy and Thomas weigh in after their first read of the report:

Horowitz Protects the Swamp

If you have been listening to our audios and reading our articles you are not surprised by the IG’s report.

Catch up or remind yourself what we explained to you in an audio and a citizen intelligence report posted in December 2017.

Don’t forget, we told you about Michael Horowitz back in December 2017.


Here we showed you his Deep State pedigree:


Oh, yeah. Don’t forget the American Intelligence Media told you that Jeff Sessions was corrupt when everyone said he was a ‘white hat’. We told you Q had turned into a psyop and now is just sheer rubbish. We also told you Wilbur Ross is the Queen’s man. and he is keeping a careful eye on Trump.




All the Queen’s Men

All the Queen’s Men

The information below is the evidence that the Americans for Innovation miners found regarding the United States Deep State connection to the Privy Council and the Queen of England.


Judge picture

Judge Sir Stephen Paul Stewart

The man to save their butts if they cannot do it before reaching the high court, like Obama with Obamacare and Chief Justice Roberts

1953 (Oct 09) Born, father (Cyril Stewart), mother )Phyliss Mary Stewart), married 1980, Prof. Mary Felicity Dyer, one son, one daughter

1975 Harmsworth, major exhibitor and scholar

1995 Middle Temple, called to the bar as Assistant Recorder (assistant judge)

1996 Took Silk

1999 Recorder (judge)

2000-2003 Technology and Construction Court, deputy judge

2003 Northern Circuit, senior circuit and designated civil judge

2011 Greater Manchester, judge

2013 (May 07) Queen’s Bench Division, high court judge,

2013 (May 07) Knight Bachelor, knighthood

BOard of Governors 2

SIr Walker

Check this out:

Sir David A. Walker resigned the board while Wilbur Ross was buying him out – after they had funneled Facebook IPO funds appropriately around the planet.

Ross is Commerce Secretary over the US Patent Office

Sir David’s fellow IP Institute Governor Sir Robin B. Nicholson STARTED Serco with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie


CONCLUSION: Ross was placed at U.S. Commerce (!!!) to PROTECT the SERCO takeover of American patents, just like Sir Robin, Sir Geoffrey and Sir David had done as governors of the UK IP Institute in 1994.


Sir David no doubt continued to be a shareholder (via customary director stock options), therefore he maintained a “beneficial interest” requiring public disclosure.

Bloomberg’s discombobulated bio of Sir David mixes up the resumes of two David Walkers.

Sir David’s Bloomberg bio is an evident FRAUD.

David A. Walker. (Accessed Jun. 11, 2018). Biography. (Mixes two David Walkers, one a British banker and knight, the other an American insurance executive with ABSG Consulting Inc. Bloomberg. (Research note: Bloomberg rarely makes this mistake, therefore it must be assumed to be an intentional act to obscure the resumes of the two David Walkers. Sir David A. Walker’s association with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Sir David’s failed NBNK Investments Plc appears to be the target of the obfuscation. ) See also

British Sir Davie Alan Walker = blue highlighted

American David Walker = yellow highlighted

There is no way this is inadvertent!

Walker and Walker

It appears that NBNK Investments was the planet’s money laundering hub for global investment coming to and from Goldman Sachs and Facebook’s other underwriters, including the investors in NBNK, including (See below:

InvescoGoldman SachsBlackrock 3Blackrock 4Apollo

You can trust us with your hard earned money (NOT!!!):

BOard of DirectorsCenkos

NBNK Investments Plc., Co. No. 07303316. (Jul. 02, 2010). Certificate of Incorporation and other records. Companies House.


Wilbur Ross.JPG

Boom banner

Wilbur Ross is the Queen’s man.


Cat got your tongue…or is it Big Brother?


AIM4Truth master teachers point out the articles below for advanced students of the AIM4Truth one-room global schoolhouse. The audio above explains the deeper meaning of these articles.

Don’t get behind in your ‘citizen patriot lessons’. This is an information war and we need all first-tier media creators and patriots – around the world – to be educated and enlightened so that they can do the same for their audiences and circles of influence.

Remember what they say in air flight jargon: Put your own mask on FIRST before you help another.

US Staged a Coup in Ukraine — Brief History and Facts


Funding NGOs & stirring dissent: Russian special commission exposes election meddling by US


How Cambridge Analytica’s Parent Company Infiltrated Yemen


Documents Show Private Intelligence Web Behind Global Surveillance Program


Former Cambridge Analytica workers say firm sent foreigners to advise U.S. campaigns

President Trump’s Promise to Stand for Life

By James M. Miller

This is really big, because to me, it demonstrates the ‘spirit’ and ‘character’ of DJT. I love this guy. I know this for certain: all that we are capable of being comes from God. It is pure suicide for a nation, to adopt actions, that thwart the expression of God’s spirit in the world. The ‘collective’ spiritual condition of a nation state is expressed in action in the physical world, and “God is Watching”.

Our enemies embrace a lifestyle and world view briefly experienced by Leo Tolstoy, the novelist, but not the ‘man’…one that he renounced eventually.

“I killed people in war, I challenged people to duels in order to kill them, I lost at cards, I consumed the labor of peasants, I punished them, I fornicated, I deceived. Lies, theft, adultery of every kind, drunkenness, violence, murder. … There was no crime I did not commit, and for all this my contemporaries praised me and thought me a relatively moral man, as they still do.”

The crown agents, the SES, and the corrupted America elected in Congress, embrace the debauchery of Tolstoy’s existential quest, but without his repentance and enlightenment. Comey, Steele, Benner, Obama, Rosenstein, etc. will never realize Tolstoy’s enlightenment:

“You can only live as long as you’re drunk with life; but when you sober up, you can’t help but see that all this is just a fraud, and a stupid fraud. Precisely that: there’s nothing even amusing or witty about it; it’s simply cruel and stupid.”; “Confessions”.

This is the beauty, the power, the beatitudes of DJT. He reaches beyond the rational machinations of the political world. Like Tolstoy, having lived through the debaucheries, has realized that the spiritual dimensions of power are unlimited, and are ‘le raison d’etre’. For this alone, he is hated among the elite who cannot escape their own wretchedness. No one has expressed this, but it is plainly evident.