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Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich


Save your own copy of this important research. We must eliminate the WEF from the face of the earth. We see no signs that the U. S. military is doing diddly-squat in taking out these globalist thugs. We call upon those who can, to do what needs to be done.

Klaus Martin Schwab. (Compiled Mar. 11, 2021). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots..

The British Pilgrims Have Taken Over America

Mike and Doug are back after several month absence. They are on fire with the new research that shows that the British Monarch has taken over America in a breathtaking coup. Yes, or course you can share this audio on your own video platform. We left a raw audio file below for your convenience.

Raw audio file:


To learn more about Charles and the Prince’s Trust and Nigel Knowles, see this blockbuster report:

Everything is Rigged


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