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Mission: Destroy the Pilgrims Society and its Globalist Networks

For full, dramatic, and high-energy effects, play music as you read incoming Starship7 message. Starship 7 is AIM Patriot Ron, here to lead his troops into battle position ready.


Starship 7…….Incoming transmission.

MotherShip….State the nature of your transmission.

StarShip 7…….Project Insight, Predictions from the force. We recommend broadcasting to all information warriors for use in there fight against the Pilgrim Society, SES, and their puppets on planet earth.


MotherShip…..Opening channel to the fleet now, begin transmission.

StarShip 7…….As most have read the recent intelligence reports from Aim4Truth department on how many of the Courts, including the Supreme Court, and FISA Court, the Justice department, FBI, and the 17 intelligence agencies, have been compromised and are in the hands of our enemies.

gun control virginia

Due to the recent elections in the State of Virginia, full control of that State’s legislature is now as well in the hand of our enemies. We see their call to action swift, immediately defying their oath to the State and Federal Constitutions, from their bully pulpit they have already introduced bills restricting and eliminating the right of self defense, declared a state of emergency that suspends all rights of the people in that state.

Yes, the situation is dire there and we will address some recommendations of actions later in this transmission. For now we will discuss how this can be used to our advantage in the truth community. No longer are our calls to action based upon premises of things to come should the enemy assume full control of the country and all the assets. By their impatience and need to further their agenda to cover the exposure of their past criminal behaviors they have shown us proof of things to come by the events now unfolding in Virginia, if the do assume full control of our country.

This example should be used to enlighten all those who would call us fear mongers, conspiracy theorists etc, those sitting on the fence, and those who have as of yet not joined forces with the alliance. We recommend that all further information transmissions, highlight and document the events transpiring in Virginia as what to expect to happen to the country if we are not successful in our information war. We also see clearly the inaction on the federal level as the state defies the constitutions, the defiance of POTUS and their impeachment effort to remove him from office, are all signs of the impending doom that awaits us should we fail.

mother ship 2 iconMotherShip….We have as well been monitoring the situation in Virginia closely and will highlight the events as they occur so that our information warriors can share the information. Are there any other insights from your crew?

StarShip 7……Yes, Commander, we also should be aware of the recent undercover operations of Project Veritas exposing the views of enemy combatants in the democratic socialist party. A salute to them for uncovering their agenda, previously this rhetoric has been broadcast by many of the icons of the enemies top leadership, we see it now being accepted by their followers with vigor and fully expect this to become an acceptable attitude and practice as events unfold. This should also be used as a call to action and serve as a tool in our information arsenal.

virginia tyrant gun control


MotherShip…..Agreed StarShip 7, we also note your starships proximity to Richmond, are there any insights you have from there?


StarShip 7……Currently the unrest is considerable in the surrounding areas, I’m unsure if we will be able to maneuver our starship closer, word has it they will be closing many access points into and out of the city, checkpoints and huge backups are expected as Richmond already has a traffic nightmare on normal working days these preemptive actions will only hinder movements in and around the Capitol, we recommend preparedness of anyone trying to attend the rally, by filling gas tanks before trying to enter and to bring food and water to sustain yourself for the duration, as traffic will be at a standstill for most of the event.

A bicycle, scooter and good walking shoes for travel around would be a good idea as parking and transportation in and out of the capital grounds area will be minimal. Be advised not to attempt to fight them in their territory, be aware of false flag operations and agent provocateurs.

MotherShip…..Please keep us updated. You mentioned recommendations for the citizen of Virginia in case these unconstitutional laws are enacted, what are they?

Starship 64x64StarShip 7…….Thank you for reminding me. All intelligence leads to these unconstitutional laws being passed, how and when they are to be implemented is still being investigated and formulated by the criminals in charge. To predict a plan of direct action would be foolhardy. However, I will offer these words of encouragement to the patriots of the rebel alliance.

These times are trying for all who have to endure them, these are some things I would remind our Patriots of, in Virginia and around the country.

We are the movers and shakers, the producers, the transporters, the growers, the workers and the taxpayers. We keep this country and their cities going, we are the backbone that keep everything up and running so that these cities can exist. Know our strengths and what that can be done with them. It may be necessary to demonstrate to the people of these big metropolitan areas just how strong we are. As shown by the latest Intel these areas are surrounded by the 2nd amendment Constitutional following Patriots. There may soon be a time where we must exercise that strength by putting an embargo in place stopping the food, water and energy supplies into their cities, refusing to sell, provide, transport, or deliver the the items of necessity that sustain these criminal strongholds.

gun control virginia

And we have guns, many, many guns. We can no longer allow those who leach off of the sweat of our labor to push us around, in an act of tough love, we will have to demonstrate that they will no longer force their agenda on us, subjugate our God given rights, that what they do in their concrete steel jungles is not going to govern our areas. Yes we may have to cause them to suffer for a while, allow their store shelves to empty, their power and water to be turned off, their services to be non existent. It will not take long for them to realize who holds the power and control over them.

For far to long we have been patient and abiding to their abuses of power. They have went to far and we are now obligated and justified to resume control over ourselves and this country.

virginia gun control


Rebel Alliance 64x64Link to data below. Calling on all Starships and Rebel Alliance to get into ready position. All cells activated. Mission: Destroy the Pilgrims Society and its globalist tentacles and tyranny. 


MotherShip…..Thank you StarShip 7! Message received. May the force be with us all in these trying times.

StarShip 7…….Your Welcome, Commander, We will prevail. Over and out!

#Expose2020 – PART II Sanders Staffer “There Are Things More Important Than the Rule of Law in USA”

Check out this network of warriors:

Guns and Gadgets channel for coverage of Virginia laws and Rally


Good advice if going to the Virginia rally


Get up. Get up. Get a move on. We have a planet to save from the Evil Empire.

ron spenceBy Starship 7 (aka Ron Spence) 

By now everyone in the AIM4Truth community are aware of the attacks upon POTUS and those leading these attacks. We see the corruption in the political, intelligence, judicial and law enforcement agencies, willing to commit treason to remove our duly elected President. The mainstream media would have everyone believe he’s a bad man, immoral man, abusive man, racist, the list goes on yet none of their accusations prove true.

With the latest revelations of the exposed wrongdoings, from the JFK assignation to the now obvious Ukraine scandal, we know the reason for treason. Our government and many other governments have been used as criminal mafia enterprises, like no other this planet has ever seen. President Trump threatens and, hopefully, will bring their reign of tyranny and corruption to an end. Likely sending many to the gallows. This is the obvious!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to get to the less obvious. The costs of this corruption.

First on this list are the illegal wars of aggression.

The cost of these acts in lives, money, pain, suffering is virtually incalculable, and the after effects will go on for ages. None of the other costs can compare with this, yet they must be acknowledged so that they can be counted, addressed and reconciled.

Second, and the reason I am writing this post, is about the war against the American people.

America has the highest prison population per capita in the world. Source

These numbers should have been the first sign of something terribly wrong in the criminal justice system and/or our laws.

Yet the numbers incarcerated do not tell the whole story of those affected such as the family members. Using five family members per inmate being adversely affected, monetarily and psychologically, the toll is tremendous to our country.

Now with the recent revelations of the corruption within our courts, judges, FBI, DOJ and failed lawmakers laws, we see how lawfare uses the legalization of withholding Exculpatory Evidence to make their cases. In combination with the profit for prisons and the inability of most accused being able to afford a representation equal to the powers of the government’s purse for prosecution are the government prison contracts to fulfill and employment positions and budgets to justify. We must ask ourselves, how many innocent people are being tortured?


That’s what it is when innocent people are incarcerated. The family members and inmates should be screaming for a redress of their cases, verdicts and sentences. Without addressing this would……….

Full stop….I’m now overwhelmed; can’t continue writing; the full scope of how far we’ve strayed from fair and just governance; the pain and suffering that it has caused; and how in the world we will ever return to good has set in.

Throughout the rest of the day and into the night, I try to shake it off. Thoughts and scenarios run through my head.

I’ve spent the better part of 10 years now, studying, researching, gathering information, forming groups, and posting in an attempt to bring to light the road to perdition our country has taken. I’m now looking back, seeing the costs that I’ve endured, that the patriots like us have had to endure. If you are one of us there is no need to explain.

I mount my bicycle as I do daily. 10 miles. I wish for someone to talk to, but like most of us, there isn’t anyone, again as most can sympathize, our friends and families due to many reasons are not on our level. So I pedal; doubt sets in;is it all worth it; is it all in vain?

I return home; determined, I pick up my tablet, read through my post. Still, I’m unable to continue. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with this article once I finish it. This thought occurs to me, we have not a vision yet, a place to posit ideas for reconstruction. Honestly, there have been no arrests. Censorship is at a all time high. The election is right around the corner and election rigging has yet to be addressed. Delay after delay in any action towards justice, leaving us little time to reflect upon how to right these wrongs. I resign myself to the daily chores, feed the animals, wash dishes, peel potatoes, make a potato, cheese casserole, eat and clean up.

It’s late evening now; I sit down; pick up the tablet again; still I’m unable to continue writing. Frustrated, I choose a video that does little to occupy my mind, it’s time for bed now.

I know if you’ve read this far you are wondering where this is going. Hold on, it’s about to get good!

I’m lying in bed now, in my mind at night, before sleep, I say my prayers, though to me it’s much more like a conversation. I thank the creator for another day of health, the food, etc. Then I turn the conversation to the day’s events, my doubts, anxieties and ask for guidance.  As I begin to drift of to sleep, a song starts playing in my head, I know this song. I’m singing along in my head.

Shinedown – GET UP

The lyrics run through my mind. This one line stands out, “Take it from me your not the only one, who can’t see straight”  I realize it’s the answer I’ve been searching for. I’m not the only one who goes through this, in the midst of this battle for justice and reconstruction, all of us have doubts, our faith is tested. I know now that I’m to write it all down so others can be inspired.

I smile knowing now where this is going and drift off to sleep.

It’s morning now “I guess you might say I’m a little intense, on the bright side of being hell bent” and inspired again having listened to the song over and over.

“If you were ever in doubt

Don’t sell yourself short, you might be bulletproof

Hard to move mountains when you’re paralyzed

But you gotta try And I’m calling out

Get up, get up

Get a move on

Get up, get up

What’s taking so long

Get up, get up

Get a move on

Stop stalling, I’m calling out

Get up, get up

Get a move on

Get up, get up

Ain’t nothing wrong

‘Cause I believe you can be what you’d like [?]

And I agree you can do much better, just trust me

Trust me”

We all draw our inspiration from somewhere. For me it’s been music in combination with movie epics like Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. Grab that inspiration. See it. It’s all around us. Ask for that guidance in prayer or meditation; listen for the answer; look to those in your group for support; return that support.

Start imagining how we can start reconstruction and move forward. Start the conversation. Join the conversation.

I’ve come to realize throughout my years that the battle between good and evil never ends. There are always going to be “Monsters” and they are real, are ready to kill, and they just laugh at how we feel. The fight is never ending.

Which brings me to the importance of inspiring others. A certain person has challenged me, taken notice of my potential, saw my candle burning even though I was unable to see it for myself, claimed that I was a leader, that I should assume the role and step up. This weighed heavily on my mind, I’ve always been active, wanting to do more, yet not confident enough to step into the limelight any further. By challenging me, with their words of encouragement and inspiration they’ve given me the fuel to light me up to tell this story to inspire you.

Let us all see the light of the other persons’ candle, bring our lights together, use our light to light others that dim from time to time and combine our lights to illuminate the Road back from Perdition. I’m here to as well say thank you, that through your inspiration you’ve made me feel Invincible, and in writing this hope to help others to feel invincible.

The costs of the corruption is extensive, the damage extreme. Wrongs done that must be made right. Let us together find a way to heal from this and make restitution to those who have and still continue to be harmed. By first holding all accountable for what they’ve done!

Starship 7 over and out.



Mothership replies: Thanks for joining the fleet, Starship 7. We hope others will see that We the People are the leaders the world has been waiting for! Long ago, in a distance time and space, a Conclave member imagined a fairy tale that would find its way to the silver screen and keep the living spiritual impulse of hope, truth, and victory alive in the george soros darthhearts of billions of people for this time 2020 when we would face global forces on a mission to destroy humanity as we know it.

You know this Conclave member as Douglas Gabriel.

The story is real.

Now, let’s awaken these sleeper cells…literally. The Evil Empire is trying to take over the world and we need massive fleets of Rebel Alliance and Starships to wake up and start getting into battle formation. 

Each one of you has been called upon to do something. Use your skills, talents, interests, time, and resources to do what you can. Our goal is to destroy globalism and bring in an age of peace and prosperity to our planet in a world full of beautiful, separate, distinct nations with lots of great borders, fences, and walls to keep everybody safe at home.

Speaking of LEADER, that reminds us of why we endearingly call Michael McKibben the Chief Engineer Scotty of our Mothership. Had Michael and the team at Leader Technologies not invented the special coding needed to operate the internet for SCALABLITY...none of this would be happening now. Our truth community would not be collaborating deep inside cyber space, connected globally with the mission to SAVE THE PLANET from the Pilgrims Society and Evil Empire.

Not until this time in history has humanity had a way to communicate in real-time and become unified as a force for truth, transparency, and peace.

Hey, McKibben! We need more power! Warp speed!

scotty mckibben mothership.jpg


Join us. Be a Leader


trump earth age.JPG


All the Queen’s Men Failed to Overthrow Donald Trump

George Papadopoulous uploaded this video that is newsworthy and historic. We are saving it directly to our site in case it is taken down. The raw file is here, if you want to preserve a copy:


Papadopoulous wants to know more about Arvinder Sambei. Your social network might also like to know about this shadowy British operative.

Mueller Sambei

The FBI-Mueller-Sambir/Sambei Connection Exposed


AIM Patriots have known the connections for a long time. Now that Papadopoulous has confirmed all connection points from our citizen intelligence reports to his first hand testimony, you can rest assured that you are speaking TRUTH when you educate your network about the….

Origins of the Coup


Geoffrey Pattie AFI

Crowngate: The Greatest Criminal Conspiracy in U.S. History


WindsorGate is Espionage


Joseph Mifsud is today being reported as dead – like that’s a big surprise. Do you remember this “Insider” story from January?

Insider Points to Vatican Operatives in Trump Overthrow Attempt.

Additionally…isn’t it interesting, now that we know about how compromised Jeff Sessions is with Uranium One, that he was the only Trump campaign member that encouraged George Papadopolous to pursue the Russia connections? Listen to George explain Session’s actions and suggestions at that time of the campaign.

Five Eyes Enemy of America

Folks are WAKING UP and seeing Senior Executive Service for what it is – Obama’s hidden bureaucrat army.  Make sure your network is educated and enlightened about this rogue group of Pilgrim Society agents. Here’s what Ramola D. tweeted out.

ramola d tweet.jpg

Our researchers sent Ramola a note with some links she may be interested in:

Attached are documents you asked about re. Five Eyes formation. There are more before after to confirm this was the nexus point for the current IC establishment.

The agreement was signed on Mar. 05, 1946

TOP SECRET (Mar. 05, 1946). BRITISH-U.S. COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE AGREEMENT, NSA DocID 3678942, Ser. XILH, Box 47, TSC release approved Apr. 08, 2010, Executive Order 12958 et seq. NSA

The meetings that forged the agreement were held starting on Mar. 11, 1946.

Five Eyes, ANCIB(US)-ANCICC(UK). (Mar. 11, 1946). DAY 1: TOP SECRET CREAM, Inauguration Meeting, U.S. – British Signal Intelligence Technical Conference, March 11, 1946, DOCID: 2959299, REF ID: A2666693, National Archives Ref: HW-80-5, PDF p. 108. NSA.

Gen. Marshall (a Pilgrims Society member) ordered essentially treason re. IC hidden under the War Powers Act starting on Aug. 07, 1944.

G.Marshall. (Aug. 7, 1944). TOP SECRET correspondence to General D.D. Eisenhower re. TICOM Planning. DOCID 3560798. NSA, National Archives.

You mused why no one knows about the Pilgrims Society. Some did, but their research was suppressed. Look at this remarkable set of Congressional records (like time capsules for us today) pressed into the record by a physician Rep. Thorkelson from Montana by Aug. 06, 1940.

GPO-CRECB, 1940, Pts. I-IX, Vol. 86-1. (Aug. 06, 1940). Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife, by Rep. Dr. Lt. Gen. Joseph Thorkelson (MT, 1st), p.11. GPO.

How the Criminals Launder Foreign Aid

gorilla ukraine

U.S. senators write foreign aid policy, rules and regulations thereby creating the financing mechanisms to transmit U.S. funds.  Those same senators then received a portion of the laundered funds back through their various “institutes” and business connections to the foreign government offices; in this example Ukraine. [ex. Burisma to Biden]

The U.S. State Dept. serves as a distribution network for the authorization of the money laundering by granting conflict waivers, approvals for financing (think Clinton Global Initiative), and permission slips for the payment of foreign money.   The officials within the State Dept. take a cut of the overall payments through a system of “indulgence fees”, junkets, gifts and expense payments to those with political oversight.

If anyone gets too close to revealing the process, writ large, they become a target of the entire apparatus.  President Trump was considered an existential threat to this entire process.  Hence our current political status with the ongoing coup. SOURCE

Y’all remember this citizen intelligence report that we posted in April 2018?

Giddy up if you haven’t educated your social network on how this global scheme works.

gravy train opic usaid.JPG

pay to play Hillary


We are pleased that our Crimeline has had over a half million views. Have you saved a copy for your records? At the top of the page, we offer several versions for your files. The Crimeline represents two decades of research, a collection of thousands of pieces of evidence, and hyperlinks that are so thoroughly researched, it will take you days to find your way back to the home page again.

Many of the viewers downloaded the PDF version (thousands of pages, easily searchable) so that they canaccess the information outside of the internet and share with fellow crime-busters.

This is a sweeping indictment of the Pilgrim Society criminals and their foot soldiers all around the world. Some of these actors may even be doing harm to your country. Make sure your elected officials get a copy! Then hold their feet to the fire to clean it up and lock up the criminals, no matter how illustrious are their names, titles, and positions.

If every country would step up and help citizens clean the swamp, we could get this planet back on track to being the Greatest Planet in the Universe. Thanks to the new Ukrainian officials who are standing up to Nancy Pelosi and her gang.

treason greetings


Liberals have become dangerously insane

Tom Fitton tweeted:

HUGE: Impeachment Abuse Expands–Schiff Implicated in Phone Records Spying Misconduct; COUP Against @RealDonaldTrump Can Still Be Stopped In House; FBI “Finds” Clinton Emails; PLUS @JudicialWatch Sues For Ukraine Coup Corruption Info. BIG Update:


For those in Rio Linda, Patriot David explained in a comment box to his internet friends:

Hillary allegedly planned and motivated since July 2016, all the alleged corruption of this Coup to frame the President of criminal acts that they actually did. Hillary emails was the alleged communicator to the Clinton Foundation, a large subsidiary of the Globalist who were partnered for many years to bring the United States to a 3rd world status for “more” power/money. IMO; everyone involved in the Coup are all traitors to the Constitution and the American People and the punishment should be Extremely Harsh.

PDJT Retweeted: Tom Fitton

FBI has now lost TWICE in federal court in its scheming to hide FBI-Clinton gang conspiracy to try to destroy @realDonaldTrump. Why is Director Wray allowing the corrupt cover up the FBI’s Russiagate collusion with the Clinton gang?

PDJT Retweeted:

JudicialWatch@TomFitton Pelosi/Schiff Abuse Worsens, FBI “Finds” Clinton Emails, PLUS 5 NEW JW Lawsuits against DeepState.


Patriot David explains all this (in his own words) so anyone can understand what’s been going on in the swamp. As an information warrior, your job is to understand this important information. Then go out and explain it to someone else. Weaponize the comment boxes by sharing truth everywhere you can:

PDJT continues to “acknowledge” for over 3-years thousands of threads of criminal acts against the Constitution and the American People. PDJT will and is duty bound to implement Justice. PDJT is 100% responsible for Justice.

Globalist, Media, Rinos, Liberals, and Business Community etc. are directing the attacks against PDJT to mislead their “true” plan/motive; when they are really attacking the Constitution and the American People. They are all traitors and on Nov. 8th 2016 were seconds away from finalizing their 20 years plan to sell (destroy) this country for their own power/money. PDJT temporally delayed their evil plan. The Coup has tried to stop PDJT from implementing Justice for over 3-years because they would all face jail time and their 20-year plan would be stopped forever.

This impeachment process (hearings) showed the people (independents) “more clearly” the two motives for destroying the Rule of Law, the shield that protect the Constitution so it can be replaced with a Globalist Constitution (1) the Elitist, Globalist, Business Round Table, Chamber of Commerce betrayed this Country and the American People for more power/money (2) liberals have an inner core belief that the Constitution is evil; they are insane and just hates the United States and everything it represents.

These liberals have become dangerously insane. There is something wrong with their brains. Rational people do not behave as they are. They are angry.


Impeachment Rule of Law (Policies and Procedures) is being ignored by the coup daily creating criminal acts. IMO; One of many examples of perjury for Karlan is motivated by her liberal beliefs. The accumulation and consistent misstatements, distortion of the facts and ignoring the laws and Constitution as written and being a Constitutional Scholar passes the test for intentional multiple counts of perjury and disbarment.

  1. Isn’t Karlan testifying that Trump demanded foreign involvement in our elections perjury and lying to congress when the facts do not support her statement?
  2. Karlan stated; Everything I read about our Constitution and its values, and my review of the evidentiary record, tells me that when President Trump invited—indeed, demanded—foreign involvement in our upcoming election…is this a false statement? Does the facts and the Constitution not support her statement? Is Karlan being an expert on the Constitution shows she is intentionally creating false statements?
  3. These Democrat witnesses such as Karlan who insults us all by presenting herself as a Constitutional Scholar when she is, in fact, a liberal who IMO believes the Constitution was written incorrectly and everyone who gave their life for the over two hundred years be dammed.
  4. Is Karlan reading words into the record as Trump’s which he never said, knowingly?
  5. Karlan stated President Trump demanded foreign involvement in our elections. Is Karlan lying and making false statements under oath? President Trump demanded nothing from anyone.

The list of corruption and perjury is “Acknowledged” and backed up mountains of paper/digital trails of evidence along with libraries of conflicting statements by PDJT and the America People for over 3-years. These criminal acts can’t just stand; they will/must be prosecuted.

Constitution is being eliminated and rewritten to merge with a Globalist Constitution.

  1. The Constitution says that a President must be guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors” to be impeached. Today, Law Professor Gephardt said impeachable offenses “don’t have to be criminal offenses.” Um, so we’re just throwing out the Constitution completely then?
  2. Turley stated; this is the first impeachment in history without the establishment of evidence of a commission of a crime. IMO; the American People will/are being accused of criminal acts without evidence.
  3. Law Professor Gephardt said impeachable offenses “don’t have to be criminal offenses.
  4. Etc.

These are 3rd world country tactics used by the Elitist/Globalist and Liberals.

The impeachment and the coup don’t follow laws or the Constitution.

PDJT is 100% Responsible for implementing Justice. Barr works for PDJT who gave orders to Barr during the interview process (his duty) to do his sworn duty or he will be fired etc.

PDJT has many paths to implement Justice and if Barr doesn’t do his duty to the Rule of Law, Constitution and the American People; PDJT is 100% responsible and must/will (bound duty) implement Justice directly.


U. S. Department of Indoctrination Headed by doNothing Betsy deVos

indoctrination education.JPG


The U.S. Department of Indoctrination is headed by doNothing Betsy deVos, globalist in charge of making sure your children continue to receive their daily dose of Pilgrims Society propaganda through their propaganda textbooks. She’s in place to make sure no real changes are made so that our wee citizens can continue to be brainwashed and confused about America, the Constitution, their sexuality, pronouns, and their purpose in life.

Betsy deVos is a doNothing globalist in charge of indoctrinating our children all across America. Let us know when Common Crap Curriculum has been totally dismantled, Chicago math thrown in the garbage heap, and education vouchers given to to parents to decide the best way to teach their children – from homeschooling, private, charter, vocational.

We don’t need the federal government to be in charge of educating our children. We especially don’t need globalists like deVos running the department of indoctrination!

school bus

Why is the federal government, run by Senior Executive Service enemy operatives, dictating our children’s education? Why is the federal government supporting and paying for outright Tavistock-Frankfurt school indoctrination in our schools? How come Betsy deVos is doing NOTHING to stop it? Patriots, we must get the federal government OUT of education as soon as possible.

Why are American taxpayers paying for their children to be indoctrinated by foreign anti-American actors?



Government-Run Education System is Government-Sponsored Indoctrination

“The only purpose of the present-day education system is indoctrination. The increasingly progressive leftist agenda is sweeping through academia and conservatives are just passively watching it happen. The main indoctrination stories you hear are about those of radical professors on college campuses, pushing outlandish majors created only to forward social justice movements, and, on a rare occasion, a political outburst by a high school teacher….

….It has taken the students themselves recording, posting, and promoting the shocking and disappointing behavior of their teachers to get the media to begin turning their cameras on high school campuses. The increasing media attention on high school teachers is great, and certainly a large step in the right direction when it comes to the reformation of academia. However, it still appears as though the general consensus is indoctrination is rooted in the teachers.”


indoctrination brainwash education.jpg


How China Is Using Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms. This is INDOCTRINATION in its most evil and insidious form. If we don’t start yelling and screaming, Secretary of Education doNothing Betsy deVos might hand out grants and funding for her globalist Pilgrims Society friends to put this in your neighborhood schools. Be on guard and make sure you raise hell at your school board if you get wind that this is happening in your school. Hat tip to Diana for this glass bead.


Click headline link below to see deVos’ vast globalist financial holdings.

U.S. Department of Education is headed by a PILGRIMS SOCIETY GLOBALIST

They sneak their cultural Marxist b.s. into the school curriculum. In the image below, you will see how they put a piece of propaganda inside one of their propaganda outlets the Daily Mirror. They give the ‘fake news’ traction by having other fake news outlets report on the original lie. Then, before you know it, we have TranSanta. Don’t believe us….well, we bet you never even thought of drag queens reading to toddlers in public libraries until recently.

They start in the public libraries and then nudge their way into public schools. Soon, if we don’t stand up and say NO MORE, open-crotched drag queens and pedophiles will be teaching 4th grade.

santa sex.JPG

Betsy deVos is still doing nothing at the U.S. Department of Education to dismantle this globalist indoctrination going on in our public schools. She, herself is a billionaire globalist, put in place to keep the public school indoctrination program, along with the Pilgrims Society propaganda textbooks, as undisturbed as possible until they can get President Trump out of office.

Remember this promise in 2017?

Trump to pull feds out of K-12 education

Well…nothing has happened because getting the feds out of K- 12 education would end their national dominance in brainwashing our children with their cultural Marxism. Globalist billionaire Betsy deVos is in place as Secretary of Education to make sure NOTHING HAPPENS. Trump may or may not be aware of her doNothing agenda – hard to tell at this point.

Her doNothing agenda means that millions of children in our public schools continue to be indoctrinated with the Frankfurt School, cultural Marxists, Tavistock propaganda and brainwashing. Betsy deVos is maintaining the globalist indoctrination status quo, hoping that her boss isn’t paying attention to her doNothing agenda.

Start attending your local school board meetings and demand that this evil indoctrination of your children be halted. If you don’t speak up, your silence supports their brainwashing agenda.

Bottom line: The U.S. Department of Education is headed by a BILLIONAIRE GLOBALIST.

Your children’s education is NOT her top concern or interest. In fact, Betsy has never been an education professional and is clueless about the difference between indoctrination and education.

Her concerns are her globalist investments – so you can bet that she will continue the Pilgrims Society indoctrination in public schools across America.

Who recommended to Trump that doNothing Betsy deVos head the U.S. Department of Education?

Netflix Movie Serves Patriot Brains to the Public for Thanksgiving

Did a Recently Released Pilgrim Society Movie Serve Patriot Brains to the Public for Thanksgiving?

By Condor

Patriot Brains to the Public for Thanksgiving?

Netflix is a Soros Investment (see link: Netflix recently hired the Obamas and lying Susan Rice to help shape future streaming Tavistock propaganda.

I just watched their September 2019 science fiction release, “In the Shadow of the Moon”.

The Bad News: Patriot brain matter spilled throughout movie

The Good News: Might this serve as an excellent learning tool in illustrating how the minions of the Pilgrim Society manipulate public opinion and commentary through deceptive propaganda.

Below are my comments and observations on this film’s propaganda.

In “The Shadow of the Moon”, a new Netflix science fiction movie release, unbeknownst to the viewing audience, Skynet is replaced by the New World Order. Sarah Connors is replaced by patriots wishing to end the reign of war and poverty pressed on humanity, by the New World Order.

Viewers are skillfully misled into believing the time traveling assassin is executing “bad guys” in behalf of the oppressed good guys from the future. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

The producers of this film have successfully turn black into white and white into black thus encouraging the audience to mistakenly root and cheer for the wrong team. Unless viewers of the movie, freeze-frame a few, key film clips, patriots will end up emotionally supporting the Pilgrim Society’s racist New World Order cartel!

In this “The Terminator” rewrite…in 2042, remnants of the Pilgrim Society’s New World Order, use time travel to send one or more terminator vipers into the past to exterminate the mothers, fathers and need be, grandparents of American Patriots who successfully mounted an attack on them in the year 2024.

A key argument for the murder of innocents is laid out by the Pilgrim Society’s One World Order coopted physicist (go to mark 1:32:47 of the film).

“Changing the world is a bloody business!” cried the New World Order scientist.

“She (Rya) is killing innocent people!” protested the ex-police detective.

“To stop something much, much worse!” replied the Pilgrim Society minion.

 “Imagine you could erase the Civil War! How would you do it?” the corrupted and co-opted scientist asked.

“Would you kill Jefferson Davis? Robert E. Lee? Lincoln and the Confederate and Union leaders? That might not be enough to erase an idea.

“Maybe we have to kill the people who made them who they are!  Who gave them their morals and political beliefs?  Friends, fathers, mothers and grandparents (1:33:55).

“How far back would you have to go to snuff out the spark that lite the fuse?”

“But if you eliminate the “right” combination of people, one by one (1:34:06), until you get to the event’s start, you got to the one that undoes it all…you could reshape the future!”

Why was one (or more) terminators dispatched backward in time to eliminate Sarah Conner type individuals who dared to think differently from the programmed masses about them? Who are these deviates who continually refuse to be indoctrinated and brainwashed via Tavistock propaganda beamed and printed throughout the world for over a century?

Sarah Conner-like patriots are being identified and executed with a future weapon which induces a brutal, bloody brain hemorrhage. The victims include a middle-aged Hispanic female bus driver whose sole crime appears to have been reading the published letters of Thomas Jefferson. A white professor’s brain matter bleeds out in a college classroom over a President Andrew Jackson textbook (42:47). Now President Jackson is renown for kicking the New World Order’s banking system out of the United States in the early 1800s. On the chalkboard are the professor’s last notes concerning “Libertarian verses Communism” and the name of a patriot who were executed by FBI snipers (43:47) at Ruby Ridge.

It should be noted President Jackson’s portrait hangs prominently in President Trump’s Oval Office.  It is a visual declaration of war which exists today between American Patriots and the global bankers of the Pilgrim Society’s racist, New World Order.

It is at the 1:04:05 mark of this terminator remake, that attentive audience members will discover this is actually a New World Order rally movie. To fully scrutinize and reverse the Tavistock propaganda flooding the audiences’ subconscious, freeze frame several images associated with the cardboard box given to the private detective at this segment of the movie.  What is tossed around are books on Presidents George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant as well as a five star America flag which reminds us of a Betsy Ross flag—just with fewer stars.

There is a letter to “Real America Movement” members from the year 1988.  Portions of the letter were flashed up on the movie screen for a mere second or two.  In the privacy of your home, freeze frame the letter on film.  This is opportunity to peak behind the curtain and discover the true agenda of the hidden organization behind the curtain.  It is here patriots have a fleeting opportunity to discover the truth.  Who are really the good guys and what highly secret entity are they attempting to overthrow?  The letter begins…

Friends, compatriots, loyalist to truth.  I write you from inside occupied territory, soon to be freed from the New World Order…

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