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American higher education was neutered with free flowing Andrew Carnegie Pilgrims Society funds before 1909

ANDREW CARNEGIE: “The public may regard trusts and combinations (us Robber barons) with serene confidence”

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Notably, the new C.I.A. director is William Joseph Burns, the former president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (2014-2021).

The specters have gathered in a large dark thunder cloud.

The specter of William Joseph Donovan secretly created the CIA as a British operation of MI6. Not surprisingly, Burns was a Marshall (Plan) Scholar at Oxford—a prime Pilgrims specter hangout.

Burns’ too-good-to-be-real biography is classical Pilgrims Society grooming.

Humanity is Divided into Three Classes According to Globalists Who Rule the Planet

Humanity must learn the secret history of those planning to destroy the “lower classes” of humankind.

Read the words of British Pilgrims Society founder, American Nicholas Murray Butler and understand the context that his specters and demons intend to destroy you.

We must overcome this satanism.

Nicholas Murray Butler. (Jul. 13, 1931). Mankind divides into three classes. Dayton Daily News.


See also AFI. (Jun. 04, 2021). PART II: Proof Columbia University helped British saboteurs and American traitors takeover America in 1902. Americans for Innovation.

Three citizen campaigns that will destroy the globalists

‘Betsy’ explains the three fronts of the Great Information War that will take down the globalists (BRITISH PILGRIMS) and destroy their Great Reset plans. There are things you can do, no matter where you are in the world. To read the details after listening to the video:

Here are a few of the posts we sent out to AIMCats in January 2021 to get the first silversqueeze operation launched:

By the way, we tried posting this video to WallStreetsilver, but they removed it within minutes. The MODERATORS of the site must want you to think that they originated the silversqueeze push that first big weekend of January 30 – February 1. But it wasn’t them; they started their site on January 29, 2021 and barely had enough members to even start a conversation.

The epic squeeze came from the American Intelligence Media community…which is a global intelligence network of CITIZENS ADDICTED TO TRUTH (C.A.T.s)

Here, you see that the upload was successful:

Then we were REMOVED!!!

Taking out the British Pilgrims – American style

Citizens have three powerful fronts moving to victory in the Great Information War against the BRITISH PILGRIMS. Anyone can join us in one or more fronts, around the world, to destroy the Rothschild and British Pilgrims empire once and for all.

Don’t sit on the sidelines like some STUPID BRAINWASHED ZOMBIE. We give you three fronts and explain the penetrable points that you can leverage for winning as soon as you listen to the instructions.

Raw audio file:

Scytl’s Servers in Spain, London, and Dublin Behind Foreign Election Interference in U.S. Elections

Re: Scytl, Paragon Group Limited, Patrick Creans (the cardboard cutout over this printing and vote rigging empire)

There are certain operating addresses used many times among these subsidiaries. That is likely where the servers were, IMHO. Also, the servers in Spain may have changed owners from Scytl to Paragon on paper, but it is certain they did not move and continued operating at (1) Calle Enric Grandados Street, 84, Barcelona 08008, (2) Calle Miguel Yuste 45, Madrid 28037, (3) Lower Ground Floor, Park House, 16/18, Finsbury Circus, London, England, EC2M 7EB, (4) 4060 Kingswood Road, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24, Dublin, Ireland, among the many on this list of 118 subsidiaries.

Also, we see DLA Piper LLP, HSBC Bank, Barclays, NatWest, Lloyds, Allied Irish Bank (AIB), CIB Bank (Hungary) and RBC, Grant Thorton UK in relationship to Scytl/Paragon/Patrick Creans—all British/Irish. Given the intimate relationships of these entities with the British Crown. This proves massive foreign interference.

Attached are:

Board of Directors. (Oct. 30, 2020). Call for Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting (Convocatoria junta extraordinaria) – aka merger (euphemistically called a bankruptcy) with Paragron Group Limited (UK). Scytl Secure Electronic Voting SA (Spain). 

Note: Only two of six Scytl entities in Spain were involved in this merger. Four others still operate. Note only two operating addresses, in Barcelona and Madrid.

  1. Scytl Secure Electronic Voting SA (in liquidation), Calle Enric Grandados Street, 84, Barcelona 08008*
  2. Plataforma Civiciti S.L. (in liquidation), Calle Enric Grandados Street, 84, Barcelona 08008*
  3. Scytl Voting Hardware SL, Calle Enric Grandados Street, 84, Barcelona 08008
  4. UTE Scytl-Vector, Calle Enric Grandados Street, 84, Barcelona, 08008
  5. UTE Scytl Secure Electronic Voting S.A. Tecnocom, Calle Miguel Yuste 45, Madrid 28037
  6. UTE TES Scytl, Calle Miguel Yuste 45, Madrid 28037

Parent entity:

Paragon Group Limited, Co. No. 05258175.  (Jun. 20, 2020). Subsidiary undertakings, Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements for year ended 30 Jun. 2020, pp. 176-180. Companies House (UK). (Raw *.xlsx spreadheet of this PDF)


open PDF to get a clear image and see more companies.

Is Patented Spy Doll Listening to Your Children’s Intimate Play Time?

Jovan’s INTERACTIVE DOLL patent U.S. Pat. No. 6,629,133 filed Aug. 19, 1999 (attached) (filed 999-awarded 2003)

He has assigned (ownership) all of his patents to: (each one of these variants with and without periods in the abbreviations, are different companies so that the whole list does not come up in a single search)

  1. LV Partners, LP (Dallas, TX)
  2. LV Partners, L.P. (Dallas, TX)
  3. L.V. Partners, LP (Dallas, TX)
  4. L.V. Partners, L.P. (Dallas, TX)
  5. RPX-LV Acquisition LLC (Wilmington, DE)

Jovan appears not to own a single one of his alleged patents. This has all the tell-tale signs of a conspiracy to defraud by a racket. Jovan is merely the front man, which makes his claims of First Named Inventor fraudulent and invalidate the patents.



Q is for the Queen’s Qinetiq

This video was uploaded to VIMEO in February 2020. It was promptly removed and our channel banned from Vimeo. Listen what the British-American Pilgrims did not want you to hear. We had to divide it into 2 parts to get it to upload to our platform.

Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel give the AIM community a history lesson that explains the coronavirus plandemic. Who is behind a global plan of genocide is explained and exposes high-level planetary rulers like the Rothschilds and the Queen of England.

Our research can be found at:

Coronavirus, QinetiQ, and the Rothschild Bombshell

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