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Eyewitness barely makes it out alive in California fire storm

Douglas Gabriel interviews Robert Otey in his first-hand account of what it was like on the ground as the California firestorm broke out. After listening to this video, you may want to help Robert. His website is His paypal account is:

He will be returning to his homestead after the fire and will be uploading videos on his YouTube channel at

Eyewitness barely makes it out alive in California fire storm

It’s a war zone and Americans were murdered

ATTACK: Apocalypse in America


Chemtrail planes


AIM Cats Find Another British Swamp Rat Ready to Meddle in U. S. Elections

Sith Lords of the Privy Council Revealed


To continue your citizen education, check out these intel drops about the nefarious globalists who hide behind the Queen’s skirts as they meddle in U. S. elections and work to overthrow President Trump.

Malloch Soros


Who are the GLOBALIST ENEMIES of America?

Clegg and queen

Sir Nick Clegg was Lord President of the Privy Council and worked closely with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie in communications and trade

clegg zuckerberg sandberg

Queen’s Privy Council Infiltrates Facebook


Overthrow the Globalist in One Signature


AIM4Truth Caller ‘Bob’ Calls Alex Jones and Tells Story of Leader Technologies and Theft of Trade Secrets

Here are the Miller Act Notice documents that Leader shareholders have been sending to the White House.

Daria and Alex (referring to the Alex Jones staff that ‘Bob’ spoke to on the phone) can help ensure that the President has seen these. The SES legal gatekeepers at the White House may or may not have briefed him. Listen to the video clip below.

One Pager:

Cover Letter re. new revenue, new media opportunity:

Actual Miller Act Notice:



China is our enemy. Learn why.

Trump could end it all in a BLINK

To review the Alibaba filings at the SEC, go to and search for Alibaba. Here is the link we used for our research:

You can do this for any company that has filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission. Much of our research comes from these public documents.


The BEAST is here. What is your SM number?


Gabriel and McKibben Deep in Conclave Research about China and Alibaba


This video below is a good overview of what is really going on in the world. Once you see the “big picture”, you can better understand the swamp bottomfeeders in Washington and around the world.

The Dangerous Tribalism of the Ruling Class


What is Softbank? Patriots need to know!

Softbank is by far the largest shareholder of Alibaba (Ant Financial, Alipay) (28.8%)

Conclusion: American and globalist bankers run China’s SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE system built by Hillary’s ACXIOM & ENTRUST

Remember: The Chinese uses Hillary’s ENTRUST for their digital key certification authority.

These bankers are literally killing Chinese citizens who do not conform to their idea of a “good social citizen”

Softbank 1Softbank 2

Here are the top 10 mutual funds, institutions and bond funds in Softbank

Softbank 3.JPGSoftbank 4Softbank 5

Note to readers: We will be posting more on this subject. Right now our white hats need to have this intel. In the next few days, we will explain this to our regular audience.


How the Elites Hide Their Wealth in the British Medieval System of TRUST

Post submitted by AIM4Truth Ulrich S.

New details on the BIG Ponzi debt scheme of the real ruling elite groups pop up in great documentaries.

AND it shows we are not alone and many who served within the system are not only ready to testify BUT did it already.

ONLY now these days I understood the “power house” as I watched these wonderful 3 documentaries go in depth into the hidden ruling power of the “British Crown” hand in hand with The City Of London – best described in the Spiders Web.

The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie

[Ulrich’s program notes:]
We have a vested interest in creating panic because then money will flow to climate science
There’s one thing you shouldn’t say and that is this might not be a problem
it is the story of how a political campaign turned into a bureaucratic bandwagon
37.55  MAGGIE the beast did it!
She went to the Royal Society and she said there’s money on the table for you to prove this stuff. So of course they went away and did that.
Inevitably the moment politicians put their weight behind something and attach their name to it in some ways of course money will flow. That’s the way it goes and inevitably research development institutions started to bubble up and put it that way which were going to be researching climate but with a particular emphasis on the relationship between carbon dioxide and temperature.
At the request of Mrs. Thatcher, the UK Met Office set up a climate modeling unit which provided the basis for a new International Committee called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC.
They came out with the first big report which predicted climatic disaster as a result of global warming……

The Four Horsemen – the debt ridden Ponzi scheme (Available in several languages)

The Spiders Web – The City Of London and the Elites wealth perfectly hidden in the Trust System

[Ulrich’s program notes:]

My ALARM bells rang on the following knowing that G.H.W.B  was first ambassador in China in early 70s following to be CIA Boss during the BCCI existence (not stated in this documentary) until becoming vice President with Reagan:


… in 1972 the Bank of England issued a license to the bank of credit and commerce international which set up its head office in London. Within 10 years BCCI grew into the seventh largest bank in the world. Ten years later BCCI was bankrupt.

(TV NEWS) The deputy director of the CIA Richard Kerr said late today that the CIA did use BCCI to support CIA activities overseas but BCCI had not just collaborated with the world’s intelligence services it had also engaged in extensive financial fraud, money laundering and, terrorist financing.

BCCI was financing terrorism the Bank of England Hewitt says the report. But instead of supervising it properly it tried to prevent the bank’s collapse. I am saying very directly that the Bank of England had sufficient information in front of it to close BCCI 15 months earlier than it did but millions of depositors were hurt in that process.

Numerous whistleblowers from BCCI had contacted the Bank of England. Yet the Bank of England did nothing. The Bank of England had plenty of time to intervene and investigate but it did not do so.

because the tradition at that time which still survives is that ……

I regard these 3 documentaries as “core information block” to the public that reveals the heart of the corrupt criminal British power house system based on what they call “laws” dating back to 11th century!

And listen what they say about the “TRUST” system.


It seems that 50% of world Elites Wealth is hidden in the British medieval system of TRUST.

MEANWHILE this is the way I inform my close friends in Germany and condense it and add some of the KEY points and TAG lines to encourage them to take their time and get themselves informed.

Thanks to you and Douglas – I learned so much and it encouraged me to develop my personal skills

wrap things up again and again

filter the essentials

condense it

and then act on it!

As “Thomas” uses to say when starting to decode TTweets – its an honour to do that!

and so it is!

Learn how Prison Planet operates

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain how digital tyranny is already rolled out and is leading us to digital tyranny. What is happening in China with the social credit scoring is already in place here in the U.S. and around the world. Citizens must wake up to this madness and start rolling back technology.

Learn how Prison Planet operates – your freedom depends on it

Read these blockbuster citizen intelligence reports so you will understand the underbelly of the globalist beast, enemy to all of humanity. Then make sure to push out this report (use the url above) to your circle of influence. We need as many folks to be awake as possible in order to defeat the globalist threat to humanity.


Data Brokers, Cyber Secrecy, and Digital Fascism – YOU are the Product

SES Operative Edith Ramirez Gave Approval for Social Scoring on U.S. Citizens

ACXIOM (owned by C.I.A.-led Blackrock, controlled by Hillary) moving “data onboarding” operation from Little Rock, AR to China


The Web of Corporate Oligarchy Ensnares Them. Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell examine the historic events that put the world on the slippery slope to total digital tyranny.


ACXIOM (owned by C.I.A.-led Blackrock, controlled by Hillary) moving “data onboarding” operation from Little Rock, AR to China

ACXIOM (owned by C.I.A.-led Blackrock, controlled by Hillary) moving “data onboarding” operation from Little Rock, AR to China; Hillary’s man Jerry C. Jones dumps his stock ahead of announcement to shareholders

On Dec. 01, 2017, NIST published the (treasonous) CENC  findings whose advisors are the tech-left of Silicon Valley, chaired by BLACKROCK’S chairman Thomas E. Donilon and co-chaired by IBM’S former chairman Samuel J. Palmisano. See

On Jul. 02, 2018, ACXIOM announced to shareholders that it was selling to a Shanghai, Chinese company.

On Aug. 14, 2018, controlling ACXIOM Officer Jerry C. Jones just dumped $2.2 million in personal Acxiom stock ahead of the announcement; sold in the USA.

Acxiom’s largest shareholder is Blackrock, the world’s largest C.I.A.-controlled shadow bank; Blackrock went public one month before Clinton abolished Glass-Steagall and then led the way in the ill-fated mortgage-backed securities fiasco. Blackrock chair Thomas E. Donilon co-chaired with IBM’s Samuel J. Palmisano Obama’s “Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity”(Feb. 09, 2016)  while also strengthening his 8,000 stay-behinds in the Senior Executive Service (SES). Donilon is currently a C.I.A. advisor.

On Sep. 17, 2018, ACXIOM issued a press notice to shareholders describing how their shares would be transferred to Shanghai, China and be awarded from China in the future, and that they could only sell their shares in China, managed by HSBC.

We are at war with China

Learn more:

Hillary’s Intelligence Mole BUSTED

Hillary Clinton Controls 50,000 FBI Encryption Keys – Proves Mueller’s Witch Hunt is Treasonous

The Most Evil Weapon Ever Conceived

By James M. Miller

Michael McKibbenMichael McKibben’s (CEO of Leader Technologies, Inc.) algorithm, as originally designed, placed ‘trust’ in the hands of the individuals. The constitution, within the context of the ‘Bills of Rights’, provides the language for full protection of an individual’s papers and property, unless a ‘criminal act’ has taken place.

However, a ‘blanket’ cannot be thrown over the citizen’s as a whole, under the rhetoric that ‘crimes’ occur all the time within the populace. This is not an ‘excuse’ for FISA abuse or warrantless searches.

I recently personally interviewed a candidate for sheriff in our county at my house. After a lengthy cordial visit, he extemporaneously stated that he worries about all of the crimes being committed on a daily basis. I suggested that the more appropriate and less stressful thought process is to think about all of God’s children living lives of freedom, some of whom will make mistakes (some worse than others), and that the greatest crime would be to unnecessarily interfere with this process under the rubric of ‘crime prevention’. I did not vote for this person as he did not understand my statement.

Nevertheless, ‘crime prevention’ is the slogan used to throw a ‘blanket of control and tyranny’ over America, in contravention of the Bill of Rights. The tool of choice is Mr. McKibben’s technology of infinite meta-data block-chaining, mining and storage of the meta-data for future ‘black profiling’ for blackmail and crimes against humanity.

It is singularly, the greatest weapon ever created. It is NIMROD incarnate, and it is being used to recreate the ‘Tower of Babel’.

Mr. McKibben fully intended for this technology to be utilized to facilitate business interactions for operationally lower costs and increase intellectual creativity (the wellspring of civilized advancement from God).

Instead, the infinite power of it was recognized by DARPA operatives and stolen without compensation to the inventor and his investors so it could be weaponized as NIMROD’s tool of control over the globe. It is the most evil of weapons ever conceived. It has been deployed under the rubric of  ‘crime prevention’.

The legislation is called the “Patriot Act”, which has destroyed the Bill of Rights and subordinated the Constitution to tyranny.

The Federal Bridge is the final nail in the coffin.

It has in fact, been deployed in software and as hidden circuits globally. Smartphones, smartTVs, smartToasters, smartMatic voting machines, national node routers, laptops, tablets, washing machines, satellites, personal computers, servers, SCADA utility controllers, etc. The Federal Bridge is in fact everywhere in silicon and software. NIMROD has been recreated in Babylon.

There is a solution, and a powerful polemic against NIMROD.

It begins with the payment of the “Miller Act” filing against the Federal Government to compensate Mr. McKibben and Leader Technologies for their inventions and patents.

In so doing, all ‘smart devices’ are immediately rendered ‘illegal’ unless they pay for EULA to Leader Technologies. Since the usage is so ubiquitous, the licensing fees would make Leader Technologies the wealthiest corporation on the planet. In the ‘Miller Act’ filing, this was recognized.

Therefore, it was worded such that Leader would be rewarded for their investments and would gain control of their technology while the majority of the funds generated would go to the federal government as taxes.

This would include and immediate cessation of hidden circuits, software, and any device that uses ‘meta-data’ without an individual’s permission. Since this would take down the globe, it has been recognized that this should not occur. However, over time, the appropriate blocks, permissions, encryptions, and safeguards can be rebuilt globally in silicon and software.

As such, the destruction of NIMROD (Leader’s meta-data) tool in its current weaponized form, is the most important topic today. Payment of the “Miller Act” is the most important action that Trump can perform today for aforementioned reasons.

The Greatest Weapon Ever Created

Learn more about Leader Technologies and the Miller Act in the link below:

What is the Miller Act?