Washington State Refuses to Review Election Integrity

This is a real-time account of what one of our AIM patriots is having to deal with in demanding election integrity in Washington state.

Jim writes:

August 15, 2020

6:58 p.m.

It is really getting bad in WA state. I had a meeting with people setup today at my house on election fraud. All of the people bailed out. One person sent me a phone text, that they received a phone call from a ‘trusted’ person in Spokane, WA not to meet with me about elections. So it now has become personal, and my physical location is known. There is more going on than the avg. person can fathom I am personally worried.

7:52 p.m.

I’m being isolated and attacked from an unknown source. I have confirmation of this from a person with whom I was supposed to meet. This was a group called ‘Reopen

kim wyman
Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman

Okanogan County’. These people were contacted by someone spoofing their IP from Spokane, WA…telling people to not meet with me. Kim Wyman also published in a Puget Sound radio station, a very negative perspective on mail in voting, denigrating Trump’s position on mail voting fraud.

We have been correct all along, and through Facebook more people are understanding how the fraud occurs on the Tally computer. I have a Watchgaurd T-15 hardware appliance firewall. In the past 2 -weeks, it has been ‘pounded’ exponentially with hackers trying to crack the code. So far so good. The perfidy in the state and locally in the county is very bad. I think it will get worse. If we were to lose Trump, many of us here would have to move out of state.

Washington Sec. of State Wyman: Trump war against vote-by-mail ‘a dangerous path to go down’


8:33 p.m.

I just had a phone call with CSG. Pam Leslie was in a meeting with the Pierce County (2nd populous county), with conservative civics driven people, and the major topic of conversation was mail in ballots and the ‘Tally computer’ which is ‘hidden and secret’. So, the message is being absorbed, that the globalists are using election machines to silently take over and control either nation states or ‘states’ in the U.S. Our work [American Intelligence Media] is being expressed. We have to continue the work. It is making a difference. Slowly…too slowly for me…but it is working.

election fraud

Patriots CAN Stop Election Rigging

election fraud 2

Election Rigging Keep Globalists Like Mitt Romney in Power

Additional info from James links:

Take a careful look at this chart below to see how YOUR VOTE can be manipulated by OpTech software. Then continue to read to see the global picture of election corruption that keeps evil globalists in charge, from Mitt Romney to Queen Elizabeth II.

Scrap election corruption
Scrap-Electronic-Voting-Machines-NOW pdf

.Mitt election machine







The evidence for election machine corruption and foreign interference in elections is demonstrated in this flowchart.

Smartmatic history 1

.Smartmatic history 2


Smartmatic history 3

purple-fingerCitizens must demand voter identification, paper ballots, inked fingers, and hand-counts by bipartisan chain of control.

We don’t need speedy election results through their rigged digital system. We need accurate, fair, and transparent vote counting so that the We the People can restore honesty and integrity to the voting process.





5 thoughts on “Washington State Refuses to Review Election Integrity”

  1. After listening to Tyla and Douglas’s latest audio it spurred me to write this piece below. Unbeknownst to me was this topic was going to be discussed today. The Creator does work in wonderful ways.

    Let’s spitball on some logic concerning alternative media.
    I propose that through simple searches in your Internet browser will prove that there is such a stranglehold on the information, who provides us the information, who climbs the ladder of media popularity and the information revealed is so mischievously manipulated that your search results on almost every subject matter is controlled.
    Just as the Pilgrim Society had accomplished by an creating underground monopoly when print media was the only means of mass information, the same holds true in our time now. The Pilgrim Society and their network of Internet providers have done the same in digital communications.
    Underlying these recent whistle blower disclosures and Cat Reports, eye see a picture beginning to form. In this picture of information management there are layers, The editors of print who were once the controlling arm of the information highway, have been promoted and their replacement was Artificial Intelligence. If not aware of this, Bill Binney and Edward Snowden disclosures will enlighten you on this subject.
    Through subroutines created for AI, every byte of data sent across the Internet is examined, stored and used to do the work of those editors.
    The massive power of AI is incomprehensible to most, in my opinion is still in its infancy and still requires much human oversight, tweaking, adjustment and human decision making. AI uses keywords to draw it’s attention, flag, compile and store our data, direct redirect, and limit our search results. Keywords were and still are the primary tool of AI though many more advancements are being introduced mostly now being only used upon flagged persons. A little known deficiency on keyword identification is that human beings are terrible at spelling, therefore spell checking applications were developed long ago and freely distributed to offset this problem. And you thought they were just being gracious in giving us this. Even now companies are examining and correcting your grammar for you, that further helps AI in overseeing your communication. Even your browser helps you with spelling and suggesting of search requests.
    Atop of AI sets an army of humans, once editors they are now overseers of flagged keywords that AI will spot and bring to their attention, depending upon the humans diagnosis of the conversations, article, or digital communication is the decision to upgrade or ignore the flagged communicator. There are many levels and sub levels used and designations placed each with there own corresponding action and surveillance routines and overseers. Just to name a few examples, the latest Twitter disclosure on how the overseers control users. Other classifications are also used, POI (person of interest) POS (person of study) and so on up the ladder of interest and surveillance.
    Through these methods our information is managed and manipulated, many extrapolations are made in the dissection of our data, software written, people to promote or hide, users to attack and to study. Searches results to promote, give, limit and even delete.
    On top of this pyramid is The Pilgrim Society and their accomplices in this unseen monopoly instituting their agenda controlling all information. Controlling the minds, thought processes and actions of the majority of the population.
    To put it simply. If you wish to sell your brand of beer, you advertise and promote your product, ignore, vilify, destroy the competition and sometimes just outright buy the competitor as we’ve seen lately with many popular media companies incorporating them into the monopoly.
    Back to the the original topic of information control. By simply typing in any search criteria, up to the top is the brand of information or product they wish to sell you. Those that have differing views or alternative products don’t appear or are pages back if shown at all unless it vilifies the competitor.
    Now for the good news, this can and is being defeated! Typing in American Intelligence Media into the search engine gives many results but very little on the actual website, so congratulations to all of the people blogging, pinning, and sharing their work, we are flooding the digital airwaves overtaking AI and their overseers and beating their censorship and subroutines. Great Job keep it up!

    Footnote. I am only a layman in the digital domain of electronic wizardry and may be missing the bullseye or key components on some of my assumptions, it would be an honor and greatly appreciated to have our expert, Michael weigh in, correct, explain in more detail this subject.

    PS. Eye also believe we are in a time of great expansion of AI. That we, the users, that our communications, clicks and likes are being used as test subjects, in the largest AI brain building time ever. That this subject must be must be addressed and properly guided before it can be used as a weapon again.

    1. This was our plan all along. The power of TRUTH would resonate globally if it was spoken in the dialect, language, and/or culture. That’s why we encouraged each of you to create your own way of speaking truth to your unique audience, using the deeply researched and documented work we have done for over 6 years. You see, we fell out of harmony with the universe. This was the fall.

      As we all ascend, we are moving back into the harmony of the spheres where each of us sings truth in perfect pitch to create a heavenly sound of TRUTH. This is our path back to heaven. Follow the virtues and we will all get there much faster.

      Thanks for sharing, Ron.

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong. AI is unable to evaluate Memes and pictures, at this time. Present your ideas over a picture.
      Many ideas can be hidden by changing the nomenclature. Example: gun = projectile extruding implement. (May be useful in hiding communication, but may not work with “searches.”

      1. For details like that I’d have to refer to an expert, maybe Mike will drop by and give us finer details of how the Machine works. I do believe intentional misspelling or renaming things would confuse the AI.

  2. Artificial Intelligence building add.
    An instance occurred to a member of my family yesterday that may further build a case that this masking ritual is teaching our AI to identify people from above the masks.
    My son shaved his beard off yesterday and the facial recognition on his iPhone denied him entry into his device. That got me thinking, men can change their facial appearance quite radically with facial hair and that must be a glitch in the machine. Even women can do the same with makeup and many women still use the burka. Is it all part of their plan.
    My opinion: These criminal elite players have become so paranoid from us uncovering their crimes that they are now reaching a point that they are wanting to identify anyone who is a threat to them. Something tells me they are so afraid now that they can’t walk down the road or go out to lunch alone from this paranoia, that is not unfounded me thinks. I’m sure there are many people at the point now of taking it upon themselves to eliminate these scum from the face of the earth.

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