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To Attorney Mark Seigel Law Firm in Georgia

Dear Mr. Seigel.

We have posted this CORRECTION & RETRACTION on the website:

We trust this fully satisfies your demand.


The team at and

You may also post a message to Seigel on his Web Email Form with something like this cat wrote:


Dear Mr. Seigel:

I have read your retraction and correction request sent to American Intelligence Media, and I have read their very reasonable reply and trust that this matter is concluded.

Frankly, unless I am missing something, your claims to “Old Glory Bank” make no sense since it appears to me that you have no company registered with the Georgia Secretary of State by that name, and such a bank IS registered by that name in Oklahoma that IS associated with Larry Elder and Candace Owens, so AIM spoke accurately.

The confusion over two attorneys with the same name is understandable and certainly does not rise to the level of malicious intent, which you alleged. In any event, AIM apologized for the misunderstanding and corrected that record with your own “TRUTH” words.

This is a non-issue brother, why did you make it an issue? Your vague reference to a disturbed investor is obvious procedural posturing for damages. Everyone knows that too many attorneys fabricate such stories like this every day before breakfast! Investor of what, trademarks you already hold? This appears to be a fishy rationale by a lawyer looking to cook up billable hours.

I would suggest these two “Michael P. Ring” attorneys with the same names notify the public more clearly so the confusion does not persist. Everyone knows that attorneys licensed in multiple states sometimes use local addresses on their filings. That is not unusual, esp. when representing a client Pro hac vice. This matter appears to be a huge stretch, at best, and could have been handled with a simple phone call. Such actions contribute to why the public holds attorneys and the legal profession in such low regard.

We ask that you stop your threat and move on.

We’ll be monitoring your ethics conduct.

–From: (Your Handle), a regular reader of American Intelligence Media.

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Over the target and the trolls go crazy

Our email box is being slammed by trolls who are trying to dissuade us in reporting truths about Candace Owens and James O’Keefe.

Here’s what we have said:

Candace is a British Pilgrim (Crown) operative. She is married to George Farmer whose father is Michael Farmer.

George Is The Son Of Lord Farmer

“George grew up in Britain, and is the son of Lord Michael Farmer, 74, who is a member of the House of Lords – an elite government body which dictates laws in the country.

The family weren’t always doing so well, however, and have overcome significant adversity to reach this lofty position in society. George has said his father had a very tough upbringing, growing up in a ‘slum.’ Despite this, Michael managed to overcome these difficulties and went on to forge a highly successful career in the metal markets. He was so successful that he became known around London as ‘Mister Copper.’

George told Tatler: “It was the Thatcherite reforms of the Eighties that allowed my father to turn his talent into success, which is what I want for everyone else, regardless of colour or creed.”

Her husband’s hereditary title makes them The Honorable George and Candace Farmer.”


Then we outed James O’Keefe and Project Veritas – ONCE AGAIN! This isn’t our first call-out of this internet shill. We had several audios on him back in the day, but O’Keefe’s social media friendly YOUTUBE deleted them because Big Brother doesn’t want you to know the truth about Project: Propaganda.

As I am typing up this blog, the troll drops another comment, this time about the PILGRIMS. He wants to make fun of me so that I will stop talking about them. However, AIMCats know that they are an evil, viscous group of the world’s top elite that want to exterminate humanity. Just listen to Mike and Doug in the Brighteon video link HERE (or below) to learn new things about the Pilgrims.

VIDEO: Pilgrims Society Patent Pool Predators

AIMCat Robert V. added this note (1-19-22):

Name: Robert V.
Comment: Dear AIM team,
If you get a troll attack , that’s a sign of high interest of PILGRIMS SOCIETY in your team and what is your context and how you educate the HUMANS whom are still interested in TRUTH. Alex Jones – Info Wars , Cadence Owen – The Democrat Trump lover, James O’Keefe are created idols of the IMPERIAL PRESS UNION and carefully build sweetheart of anti Democratic Party.

That you aren’t in spotlight with your agenda is the proof that you are on right track and what ever you publish is the simple truth. Your research and hard evidence made many of us HUMAN. A human who can see and think, find the path to our MIGHTY LORD who is easy any time to visit us and restore his kingdoms and destroy all those devils whom are harvesting humans for they pleasure. When 5-6 years ago I was questioning Alex Jones on his own channel on the subject of British connection, I get trolled as well and very shortly marked as a troll and cut out of his channel. And the same thing happened on many other channels.

Do what you have to do and you know very well that they are WATCHING YOU VERY VERY CLOSELY. Stay strong and stay focused on OUR LORD. Our Lord will do what he have to do, and we will do what we must do.

New Video Channel for the Gabriels

Greetings and salutations, AIMCats. Bringing your attention to the new YT channel that we opened where we will be uploading spiritual and esoteric material. Of course, we won’t discuss content that is political as it will be removed by unenlightened censors, but y’all know by now what we would say on most any political subject from the SES to the PILGRIMS.

This new channel is to help us navigate the GREAT SHIFT and prepare AIMCats for what lies ahead, post global genocide. Please subscribe and share the link with your downline. The new Gabriel channel.

Gabriels on Gab


We have joined Gab and will be uploading content every day. Our content will be an eclectic mix of Neoanthroposophy, spiritual musings, kitties, as well as our unique style of deciphering world politics.

We realize that Gab needs some fine-tuning, but feel confident that the issues of speed and delivery will be resolved. In the meantime, please jump on board and be the first to follow us at

Condor’s Bookshelf

This email from AIM Patriot Condor, inviting the community to enjoy a free download of a novel he has written (link below)

Dear Douglas and Tyla,

I have made a point of turning off the commercial news and only following a few websites until after President Trump is re-elected.

As you are well aware over the last decade I have published dozens of non-fiction articles about the suppression, sabotage, theft and/or murder of inventors who came up with disruptive technologies which would of destroyed the globalist cartels and ultimately free humanity of this prison planet. Globalists propaganda states the only solution to overpopulation is the extermination of over seven billion people!

Another Yesterday is a historical, sci-fi novel. It tells a story, over a two century period, involving patriots who seek to free mankind of the prison planet by returning humanity to the heavens. Time is running out. Will mankind discover the break-away civilization within our solar system or will the criminal cabal successfully hurl planet prisoners into another dark age.  Who will ultimately win out?

I believe once President Trump is re-elected, he will unleash all the suppressed technologies detailed in this novel. President Trump’s favorite uncle, John Trump, one of the top scientist in WWII and throughout the 20th century, kept his nephew abreast of all the secret space force activities since the late 1950s. By the end of President Trump’s second term, we will discover how much of Another Yesterday is science fiction…and how much is actually science fact!

If any of your audience seeks an escape novel involving the sabotage of the nuclear industry, the suppression of Thorium along with thousands of other disruptive technologies, over the last century, they might just enjoy Another Yesterday.  All websites are granted permission to release this Condor novel to their readership, free of charge…though I wish to retain rights to all my memorable characters and plots for future sequels. 

Just in case AIM readers wish to listen to Another Yesterday as an audio book under Microsoft Office’s app. “Read Aloud”.   




Should Another Yesterday, prove popular with the patriot audience, I am presently working on the second draft of a sequel.  It is called Prophecy of Oscar.


Note to readers: We are saving this space below for Condor’s next book, Prophecy of Oscar and have created this digital space called Condor’s Bookshelf for easy access.

Another jewel from Condor is this gem article we posted awhile back, but which never grows “stale”. Every AIM patriot should consider saving a copy for their personal records:

AIM Pro Tip

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Solution: type “pwa” before any page url that you want to access, or go to the main page at Then scroll to find the most recent reports. This takes you to our app site. You can also download the app for free and access us any time on your Droid or Apple device.

Make your own colloidal silver water

Clinical Studies Documenting Silver’s Ability to Kill Viruses


Make your own colloidal silver water with this easy recipe!

red box giftMakes a great gift for a fellow patriot. Include all supplies with a printed copy or link ( of the recipe in a pretty basket or box.

Make sure to include the mason jar and silver rods. Get a nice supply of silver rods while they are on sale. Silver won’t always be this cheap.

It’s a gift that will keep giving in ways you can never imagine.


George Tenet and QINETIQ Group

Gathering up some ‘sticks and stones’ from the last few days to make sure you guys in the back room have the latest intel. Make sure to scroll all the way through as we have added some items since posting this material.

What is going on at Cobbett Hill Earth Station, U.K.?

Blue Star Strategy Group and Dutko Worldwide

De Worms bought Littlefield area that shows in the little map

See Normandy Hill Business Park (the cobbetthill; common satellite dishes and vmedia)

cobbett hill

Pirbright Institute is in the top right. The phone icon is probably where the downlinks patch into the terrestrial the grid

Cobbett Hill entrance

Wellcome Global Monitor 2018

vaccines wellcome

.wellcome director.

wellcome research

george hitchings

Marconi and Wellcome

pirbright map Farnham

Marconi gives high-field MR to London neurologists for testing

June 7, 2000


Scanner will be the most powerful in Europe

Marconi Medical Systems has delivered a very high field, whole-body MR scanner to University College of London as part of a five-year research collaboration agreement. The device will help an advanced neurology team with neurological research and functional brain imaging.

The 4.7-tesla scanner is now at Marconi’s Farnham headquarters, 20 miles south of London, while a room shielded with 230 tons of iron to protect people from the scanner’s strong magnetic force is being built on the UCL campus. Marconi will deliver the scanner in December to the Queen’s Square location of UCL’s Wellcome High-Field MR Research Lab in central London. The lab is a major center of neurological research in Britain.

Testing the 4.7-tesla scanner is giving Marconi valuable lessons about its 3-tesla scanner, the Orion, said Dr. Linda Eastwood, program manager for Marconi’s very high field MR business. The Orion is still in the development stage and has not yet been submitted to the FDA for 510(k) clearance, but Marconi has plans to place the scanner in several centers in Europe and the U.S. in the first half of next year, Eastwood said.

pirbright map surrey

Marconi set itself the goal of making a 3-tesla scanner when it acquired the VHF whole-body imaging team of Surrey Medical Imaging Systems (SCAN 12/15/99). That company has since gone into receivership, Eastwood said, so Marconi has taken over the contract with UCL for the research collaboration.

Most of the lessons Marconi engineers are learning from the 4.7-tesla scanner concern stability. The higher the field a scanner employs, the more difficult it is to keep the system stable. High-field MRI systems of 1.5 tesla or greater are generally assigned to research rather than clinical use in Europe, while clinical systems are more common in the U.S., Eastwood said. However, Europe maybe catching up with its American counterparts in this area.

Marconi gives high-field MR to London neurologists for testing: Page 2 of 3

June 7, 2000


“I think that is coming, but it is a little too early to tell right now,” she said. About 360 MR systems worth roughly $340 million were shipped to European customers in 1997 from a variety of manufacturers. Approximately 20% of the biomedical research in Britain is done at the University College of London, according to Roger Ordidge of the department of medical physics at UCL. He said the whole-body 4.7-tesla scanner is the highest field scanner in all of Europe. Ordidge is leading the University College of London team in its work with the new scanner.

“One of the things you can look at is the functional activation of the brain. We have already found the higher field has a much larger signal than low-field machines provide,” Ordidge said.

Eastwood said Marconi has no current plans to market the 4.7-tesla scanner. “There is always a possibility, but no more than that,” she said. Cambridge, Oxford, and Nottingham Universities all have 3-tesla MR scanners for research purposes, Ordidge said. GE Medical Systems and Philips are working with U.S. universities on research projects with their imaging equipment as well.

Marconi gives high-field MR to London neurologists for testing: Page 3 of 3

June 7, 2000


Last month, GE Medical Systems and Ohio State University announced they will collaborate to develop an institute where researchers on OSU’s Columbus campus can address imaging issues that cross several medical specialties, including cardiology, radiology, oncology, and surgery.

GE and OSU signed a master agreement in early April establishing the terms for technology licensing and research, as well as for the acquisition of GE imaging equipment by the university (SCAN 5/10/00).

Last July, Philips Medical Systems announced it would partner with the radiology department at the University of California, San Francisco to explore the emerging field of MR-guided endovascular work for cardiac, neurological, and whole-body applications.

UCSF has signed a letter of intent to purchase Philips’ top-end MR system, the 1.5-tesla Gyroscan ACS-NT. The ACS-NT is modified for interventional MR work. Included in the letter of intent is the Integris V5000, Philips’ top-end vascular x-ray system. The systems will be installed in adjacent rooms that can turn into one interventional MR and vascular x-ray suite. As part of the agreement, a Philips Tomoscan portable CT system will also be installed in UCSF’s intensive care unit. It can potentially be used for surgery at the hospital.


jeremy farrar

Director of the largest foundation in the British Empire

Dr Jeremy Farrar, OBE (2005)

A world-renowned clinical scientist and leading figure in the field of infectious disease, Dr. Jeremy Farrar has been Director of the Wellcome Trust since 2013. Wellcome is an independent foundation with a $33 billion investment portfolio that offers grants across biomedical science, population health, medical innovation, humanities and social science, and public engagement. It supports the work of over 14,000 researchers in about 100 countries.

Headshot of Dr. Jeremy Farrar. Photo courtesy of Wellcome Trust

Previously, for 18 years Farrar was Director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam, which is supported by Wellcome. His research interests were infectious diseases, tropical health and emerging infections.

Farrar recently received the 2019 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Humanitarian Award from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. View his acceptance speech . He was named 12th in Fortune’s list of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders in 2015. His other awards include the Order of the British Empire in 2005 for services to tropical medicine, as well as the Memorial Medal and the Ho Chi Minh City Medal by the Government of Vietnam. He is a Fellow of both the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Society.

About the Barmes Lecture

The David E. Barmes Global Health Lecture series honors the late David Edward Barmes, special expert for international health at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR).

Prior to joining NIDCR, Dr. Barmes, a public health dentist and epidemiologist by training, served in senior management positions related to oral health, health promotion, and noncommunicable diseases at the World Health Organization in Geneva. The lecture series was established by the NIDCR and Fogarty in 2001 to honor his lifelong dedication to research aimed at improving health for those in low-income countries.

Past Barmes Lectures

  • Videocasts of all past Barmes Lectures (2001 – 2016) from the NIH Videocasting site.
  • Dr. Paul Farmer: Humanitarian Paul Farmer discusses global health equity
  • Jan / Feb 2017 Global Health Matters
  • Dr. Agnes Binagwaho: Rwandan Minister of Health discusses country’s health advances
  • September / October 2015 Global Health Matters
  • Bill Gates: Bill Gates celebrates research collaborations with NIH
  • January / February 2014 Global Health Matters
  • Sir Mark Walport: Genomics is transforming infectious disease studies
  • January / February 2013 Global Health Matters
  • Ambassador Eric Goosby: NIH research essential to global AIDS relief efforts
  • January / February 2012 Global Health Matters
  • Dr. Rajiv Shah: USAID’s Shah says science key to global health gains
  • January / February 2011 Global Health Matters
  • Dr. Julio Frenk: Renewed global collaboration on health needed
  • January / February 2010 Global Health Matters
  • Dr. Harold Varmus: Health should be pillar of foreign policy

November / December 2008 Global Health Matters

Updated August 6, 2019


They were out front. Lord Pirbright is indexed here.

Israel: The Jewish Magazine. 1897, Volume 1 (London)

jewish youth magazine

The House of Rothschild: Volume 2: The World’s Banker: 1849-1999

By Niall Ferguson

jewish identity


Henry Wellcome was American as was Silas Burroughs (Burroughs became a British citizen in 1890 and died in 1895 at age 48. Wellcome became a British citizen in 1910)

burroughs died

Hmmmmm. Arkancided? 1895 was the year Lord Pirbright Henry de Worms took his 350,000 UKP inheritance from George Samuel and bought up all the Surrey land around Pirbright that now houses the British Army, Cobbett Hill Earth Station, and Pirbright  (Wellcome) Institute?

solomon wellcomewellcome trust 2


On the Cobbett Hill Earth Station

De Worms was MP for the Board of Trade (thus oversaw all patent filings by Nicholi Tesla in the 1880s and early 1890’s – AND the bogus claims of Marconi who was working with HIS GOVERNMENT)

His 1895 land purchases in Surrey may have been to house both the Wellcome pharma vaccines strategy (used a few years later in the 2nd Boer War), then in the Spanish flu “outbreak” as well (?) as a global listening post for the stolen Tesla technologies for studies in mind control and its potential for delivery of deadly pathogens.

We see the deed where de Worms bought Littlefield (and all the other village areas around Pirbright), FYI, in 1895.

cobbett hills 2

.pirbright map viewmedia

The entrance to Normandy Business Park

cobbett hills 3

Henley Park is where Lord Pirbright died in 1903

See various antennae

This is that baseball park shaped field (marked in yellow)

cobbett hill map 4cobbett hills 4

Henley Park is where Lord Pirbright died.

henley parkboundary stonemast cobbett hillcobbett hill mast

… Stanford Brook downstream from The Pirbright Institute and creates a perimeter including a “Danger Area”

cobbett hill managed area

Note this view not counting the dishes on Cobbett Hill Road

SIX Antennas

The numbers on the map are the number of photos submitted from that location by contributors (crowd sourced mapping)

marconi antenna


cobbett hill map 5

Proximity is telling TAVISTOCK + WELLCOME

wellcome tavistock


The Evolution of Journalism Etcetera

Proves Harry Wellcome was “intimate” with Sir Henry M. Stanley, Stanley was heavily sponsored by Henry de Worms 1st Lord Pirbright



stanley cheststanley chest 2burroughs wellcome chestsouth africa

burroughs wellcome chest 2

Yep…the British “elite” scumbags are behind all this vaccination-genocide stuff – since way back in the 1900s. From Burroughs Wellcome, Cecil Rhodes, and Pirbright… to Henry Kissinger, Bill & Melinda Gates. They are responsible for millions of murders from their wee little British Imperialist death boxes to their patented coronavirus. They are responsible for Tavistock mind control, indoctrination, and propaganda. And don’t forget that ALL modern wars were used to fill their elite coffers with blood money from our sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers.

Henry Kissinger…you ask? Wait until you see what the AFI miners are pulling up on this globalist, CFR, China-loving creepy scumbag.

Patriots, our enemy is not coming from some far away galaxy in some kind of mind-blowing space ship. That’s what they want you to think as they literally rape and pillage Earth and humanity. They’ve been with us all along, hiding in the shadows of propaganda and war mongering.


Patriots, around the world, here is the ENEMY of PLANET EARTH.

corona removal

QINETIQ Group Plc, on The Pirbright Institute property, or vice versa


Sir David Lees (QINETIX director who came on with GEORGE TENET, has been the Chairman of Court (of the Bank of England) since 1 June 2009. He has previously held a variety of roles, including Deputy Chairman of QinetiQ Group plc (2005-2012), Chairman of Tate and Lyle (1998-2009), Deputy Chairman of Brambles Industries (2001-2006), non-executive Director and then Chairman of Courtaulds plc (1991-1998), Chief Executive and Chairman of GKN plc (1988-1996 and 1988-2004 respectively), non-executive Director of the Bank of England (1991-1999), and Chairman of the CBI Economic Affairs Committee (1988-1994). He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1962. He was appointed a Knight Bachelor in The Queen’s Birthday Honours List in 1991 and a Deputy Lieutenant of Shropshire in 2007.

george tenet 1george tenet afi

Carlyle owned stock

SERCO buys SIcobbett hill radio station


Emeramide Can Help Neurodegenerative Diseases

By Randall E. White, author American Popular Sovereignty @2019

In an earlier blog we posted The Twelve Questions Letter an example of effective administrative letter-writing to public representatives for achieving political remedy. In this blog post we will consider another example of effective letter writing, which addresses the issue of requiring our representative government to include We the People in the process of determining what substances are Generally Recognized As Safe or “GRAS”, thus legally permitted to be made commercially available for public consumption without any undue government regulations interfering with or obstructing our access.

In the previous article, How to Write a Letter to Congressional Representatives and the President, we explained when raising an issue on the national level of government, the essential elements of effective letter-writing include:

  1. Writing to the five essential representative offices that are usually involved in making or enforcing public policy and laws, which are: (a) our President; (b) the chief executive officer in charge of the executive agency overseeing our issue; (c) our Representative in Congress; and (d) our two State Senators
  2. Explaining why the issue is of great national importance
  3. Citing the public authority under which We the People have a right to request representative action in the matter, together with our representatives’ duty to comply with our request
  4. Telling our representatives exactly what we want them to do: e.g., for the President to issue an Executive Order creating a certain public policy for the relevant executive agency to follow; and for our Representatives and Senators in Congress to support the public policy established in the Executive Order, together with creating or amending legislation which will solve the underlying problem that the Executive Order is temporarily fixing
  5. Sending the letter to our public representatives in the hundreds of thousands or millions to provide them with evidence of our public will in the matter, which they can use to leverage or defend political action on our behalf

The following is an example of an administrative letter wherein we are asking our President to issue an Executive Order requiring the FDA to make the only known safe and effective remedy for mercury toxicity available for public consumption. As stated in the earlier article, in the event that our public representatives do not comply with our administrative request, then our alternative remedy is to directly establish public policy or law through the ballot initiative process.

The “GRAS” Mercury Detox Letter

The letter template is in standard business letter format, as follows:

Your name


City, state, postal code


President Donald J. Trump; The White House; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; Washington, DC 20500

Commissioner Stephen Hahn; Food and Drug Administration; 10903 New Hampshire Ave.; Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002

Representative [name]; address; Washington, DC, postal code

Senator [name]; address; Washington, DC, postal code

Senator [name]; address; Washington, DC, postal code

Re:    Declaring NBMI a/k/a Emeramide a/k/a Irminix as “GRAS”

Dear Public Representatives,

I am writing to you in my capacity as one of We the People, who are the creators of our government and having the authority to protect our public weal. This letter presents an issue of great national importance affecting millions of Americans who are suffering the harmful effects of mercury toxicity while the FDA is preventing us from accessing the only known safe and effective remedy.

What we are requesting is: (a) for our President to issue an Executive Order declaring the chemical compound NBMI a/k/a Emeramide a/k/a Irminix as Generally Recognized As Safe or “GRAS” for public consumption without needing a doctor’s prescription; (b) for the FDA to immediately comply by facilitating pharmaceutical distribution of NBMI / Emeramide / Irminix in America through over-the-counter sales and the Internet; and (c) for our Representatives and Senators in Congress to support the Executive Order and to create legislation requiring the FDA to include and facilitate We the People in the decision-making process of declaring which foods, food additives, food supplements, herbs and drugs qualify to receive the designation of “GRAS”. [1]

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website states the following about mercury:

“Mercury is a neurotoxin. A neurotoxin is a substance that is known or suspected to be poisonous to nerve tissue. How someone’s health may be affected by an exposure to mercury depends on a number of factors:

  • The form of mercury (for example, methylmercury or elemental (metallic) mercury);
  • The amount of mercury in the exposure;
  • The age of the person exposed (unborn infants are the most vulnerable);
  • How long the exposure lasts;
  • How the person is exposed — breathing, eating, skin contact, etc.; and
  • The health of the person exposed.

The effects of mercury exposure can be very severe, subtle, or may not occur at all, depending on the factors above.” [2]

The chemical compound, N,N‘bis-(2-mercaptoethyl) isophthalamide (NBMI), could be widely beneficial to the millions of Americans suffering from mercury toxicity, if only this compound were to be properly declared GRAS and allowed to be sold over the counter and through the Internet to customers without a prescription. The holder of patent rights to marketing NBMI for oral consumption, EmeraMed Ltd, has been trying to bring NBMI to market as a drug after the FDA shut down marketing of NBMI as a health food supplement over ten years ago. EmeraMed has registered the names “Emeramide” and “Irminix” for the purpose of marketing NBMI as a drug. Their website describes Irminix as follows: [3]

“Irminix® is an exceptionally safe antidote for heavy metal poisoning and also a powerful antioxidant. It is currently going through the European Medical Agency (EMA) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug approval process.

Irminix® was first introduced to the dental/medical community in 2008 as an antioxidant supplement with adverse reporting tracked. It is made from two natural substances we eat every day. The first building block is carboxyl benzoate which is found naturally in cranberries. Carboxyl benzoate is widely used as a preservative in many foods and drinks and generally recognized as a safe compound. Two arms are made out of cysteamine (found naturally in meat and on the terminal end of Co-enzyme A) which is also a widely used natural antioxidant. The cysteamines have a sulfhydryl (-SH) at their terminal ends, and the amino ends are attached on the 1st and 3rd carbon groups of the carboxyl benzoate. This allows the -SH groups to flex, rotate and take many different positions to accommodate the binding parameters of several toxic metals that are attracted to -SH groups, which covers most toxic heavy metals.

About 2.5 million doses of the original Irminix® compound were sold as the supplement OSR#1® (Oxidative Stress Relief) with no significant adverse reactions reported to the listed adverse effects reporting site on the OSR containers nor to the FDA. There were, however, numerous anecdotal reports of remarkable recoveries that have guided the research required for drug development. Initial studies supported the safety of OSR#1® as a food supplement. Three clinical trials required for drug development have further established safety. The Phase 1 safety study and Phase 2 clinical trials showed no adverse effects in humans.” [4]

For these reasons, we thank you in advance for timely action on our behalf.

Best regards,

Your name

[1] White, R. (2019). Declare Our Right to Determine What Is “GRAS”. American Popular Sovereignty; A guide to restoring participatory government and achieving remedy. (pp. 198-201). Fort Worth, TX: APS Education.

[2] EPA. (2017, January 19). Health Effects of exposures to Mercury. Retrieved from

[3] EmeraMed. (2019). Irminix®: A safe metals chelator. Retrieved from

[4] Schutzmeier, P.; Baquerizo, A. F.; Castillo-Tandazo, W.; Focil, N.; & Bose-O’Reilly, S. (2018, February 14). Efficacy of N,N‘bis-(2-mercaptoethyl) isophthalamide on mercury intoxication: a randomized controlled trial. Retrieved from

Treating Mercury Toxicity With Emeramide

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