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The Globalists Believe Their Own Lies

Watch this video on Brighteon:

Douglas provides an update on what is really going on in Ukraine, plus we drop a bombshell about Gab’s Andrew Torba’s grandfather.

Other links mentioned in the video:

Andrew Torba and Gab Are interlocked with Anthony Fauci, World Economic Forum, Bain Capital and nanotech biowarfare globalists

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ W.H.O. World Order

Dropping Historic A-Bombs

The White House has been stolen by the British—this is the War of 1812, v. 2.0.

Rothschild Hegemony Full Disclosure

Douglas Gabriel, Michael McKibben, and John Barnwell discuss truth history and the rise and domination of the Rothschild family as our rulers and tyrants on the planet. If we are to defeat them, we need to know the truth about their history and lineage.

All of these selections can be accessed on Brighteon. Just click on the headline hyperlink.

The globalists sin for a reason. Learn the stunning reason why in this conversation. (Inside link is video on Brighteon)


Rothschild Hegemony Part 1


Rothschild Hegemony Part 2


Is this the apocalypse?

Rick Wiles Censors Truth and Aids Genocide Operation

Over 15 months ago, Rick ‘CIA’ Wiles sent his filmmakers to our Conclave to interview Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel about their deep research findings on Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset. We were told that the production would be available “soon”. Well time has gone on and the important footage was never released by Wiles and his censorship team at TruNews.

In this brief 10 minute video explains why our experience has shown that TRUNEWS is controlled opposition and why Rick Wiles is complicit in supporting global genocide.

TruNews Can’t Handle the Truth (Inside link is video on Brighteon)







Christopher Strunk posts: Well done!
Your experience with TRUNEWS parallels the way it handled the natural born citizen NBC issue challenge to Indonesian Soebarkah aka Barry Soetoro who then working for Pilgrim Society mover / shaker Walter Annenberg in 1993 or so, was given the name Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) by SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICES (SES) dir Christine McConnell Marcy through her control of the US Marshals Service for the CIA as if to erase their SUBUD cult stooge on his way to the Illinois legislature and eventually the US Senate and POTUS for the implementation of the 13 Bloodlines’ NAZI COMMUNIST Klaus Schwab WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM LLC Transhumanist / global reset depopulation agenda.

In 2007 I was one of the original birthers here in New York, and in 2009 in addition to my lawsuit against the 2008 NY electors, refused BHO’s offer of the POTUS oath of office for cause also fired John Roberts for dereliction failure to perform his duty to take the oath of a NBC citizen. I, too, am disappointed with TRUNEWS.


From Rick Wiles: ‘we exclusively and irrevocably own your intellectual property, and by the way, we may also dump it’



American army leaders join forces with the Pilgrims Society

In 1902, America’s Army leaders were already at the “Command” of King Edward VII  within months of the formation of the British Pilgrims Society.

  1. Major General, Division of the Atlantic
  2. Chief of Staff, U.S. Army
  3. War College President, U.S. Army

Editor. (Oct. 08, 1902). American Generals Commanded to Visit His Majesty, Pilgrims Society luncheon postponed. St. James’s Gazette.

Unmasking Israel-Abraham Burla – Global Exterminator

Yesterday we reported this blockbuster piece:

Global Genocide By King of the Jews – Israel-Abraham Burla

In the audio discussion below, Mike and Doug explain what this finding means. Please feel free to use our audio to create your own video and upload to your channel:

Raw audio file:

Who are the Pilgrims?

As you know, we have written a lot about the Pilgrims Society. Just go to any of our blogs and type ‘Pilgrims’ into a search bar. It’s astonishing truth history.

This blog



American Intelligence Media

Something that confuses people is the pecking order of the Pilgrims in relationship to the Pope, Jesuits, Jews, Satanists, Prince Charley, bankers, Rothschilds, Privy Council, British Pilgrims, etc.

The PILGRIMS SOCIETY is a level above, not below or beside, these groups. The PILGRIMS control the world. The groups named are actually subgroups of the PILGRIMS. This is why some in the top 17 seem contradictory; however, they are NOT when you realize that they are all lower-tiers of the Pilgrims. These subgroups are put in place to confuse us, just like they do at lower levels of awareness: e.g. Democrats and Republicans look like two different parties, but they are not.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump look like adversaries, but they are not.

This is explained in a recent Clif High video. Notice that he doesn’t name the actual group.

Is his role in this morphic field of experience to distract you from knowing the actual enemy? Listen how Clif describes Devolution and Patel Patriot, who names this 6,000-year-old death cult the Prussians, the primary enemy. Again, is this another method of distracting you from knowing the real enemy of humanity?

Listen to the video by clicking on the headline link just below.


Clif describes our current location in the matrix (consciousness) as he says: “WORDS MATTER. WORDS MATTER DEEPLY. They go back way deep in the Woo. We are fighting way deep in the Woo.”

So if words matter… and they do, let’s examine the word

P I L G R I M.

Who are pilgrims to you – #1, 2, or 3? Why would – PILGRIMS – be the name selected for the top of the control apex? What are they telling us by their name?

Clif tells his audience that as soon as we recognize the enemy, the war is over. We, too, have indicated that it will only take 48 of us to name and overcome this evil. The fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin shows us the way – we must name the devil precisely; whereupon, he must leave. This is an activity that one undertakes in consciousness, in fields of resonance much higher than where most people exist in their human awareness.

Basically, you don’t need to get off your couch or out of your pajamas to do battle at this level of consciousness.

Don’t let Clif distract you with names like Prussians, bugs, or mantids. These are WORDS used to distract you.

The name is PILGRIMS.

John Wayne Pilgrims


Look at the Pilgrims logo. Do you know what “Hic Et Ubique” means in Latin?

Here and everywhere

So one wonders – from where did these wayfarers come? Is Earth the “foreign land” the Pilgrims journeyed? Are Pilgrims extraterrestrials …. or fallen beings?

Complicated business, folks.

Virginia elected a British loyalist as governor

For those of you looking into the newly-elected Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin who spent 25 years at the Carlyle Group, we had a few more things to say about this.

First, know what and who the Carlyle Group is, explained in this 2009 documentary.

The Carlyle Connection – VPRO documentary – 2009


When we did a work-up on QinetiQ, which was initially funded by the Carlyle Group, we found these judicially-recognizable securities documents from British Companies House.

Carlyle funded this company for the British Monarch! (Special Shareholder)

Proof of the Golden Share (Carlyle funds companies that it gives control of to the British Monarch)