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Who are the current alternative media shills?

Great discussion under this GAB post where we answer a question from RonnieDC.


@RonnieDC asked us: “I did not know Bannon was entrenched. Yikes. Is there anyone who is legit anymore. Anyone? Anyone?”


We answered Ronnie and continue to add to this post. Whenever you spot a shill, limited hangout, controlled oppo, and/or propagandists, please join the discussion.

There are two discussion threads:


“These are our opinions. You are welcomed to defend any of these internet shills:

Some of the new shills – Juan ‘CIA’ Savin, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Kirsten W., Patel Patriot (Devolution), Michael Jacko, Scott McKay (Patriot Streetfighter), Billie Beene, Gene Decode, the chick who is the new voice for Headlines with a Voice – Felicia Lockhart. Don’t forget internet bloviator Robert David Steele and most anyone on his video shows.

… and there are more…remember we aren’t counting any of the propagandists in MSM media.

They join the legacy shills – X22, SGT Report, Dave Kublick (more of an idiot than a shill), Dark Journalist, Corbett Report, Tracy Beanz, SES Catherine Austin Fitts, Alex Jones and his InfoWars entourage, Roy Potter, April LaJune, Bettina (supposedly deceased) Nancy Morgan Hart, James O’Keefe, Mike Cernovich.

Pictured below are some MSM shilly folks that like to dabble in alt media. Don’t be fooled.”


Go inside the GAB link and learn about more shills and propagandists in the alternative media that you thought were trustworthy but are in position to waste your time, distract you from FULL DISCLOSURE, and/or confuse your thinking.


New information is being added as your comments come in. Let’s crowdsource the truth and reveal the shills in the alternative media. Get on GAB and leave us your comment at:


@vortex7117 posts: “You have offered your opinion. Now what is your opinion on who is there in independent media who is authentic. If there are none, according to your opinion, then you can say that. It is important that we learn what is authentic now.”

Our reply: “So far we have not found anyone in the internet who offers the depth and breadth of research and insight into the precise enemy of humanity. Our well-documented case starts with the Venetian bankers, through Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner, to the British-American Pilgrims. There are folks that discuss these topics regularly like the LaRouche group, Dean Henderson, and back-in-the-day Field McConnell.

Betsy’s Team keeps a sharp eye on who is coming and going in the internet. We can identify their allegiances by watching them show up as newbies and see which networks push their content. We have identified all the major alt media network “hubs” and even before we watch a new video or read an article, we identify its source.

You see, newbies cannot get ‘flight’ in the internet without platforms from which to launch. Even with us. When we first started posting back in 2015-16, we had to find a platform that already had a following (which takes time and effort) who would permit us to be guest writers.

From there, we leveraged our position from platform to platform to attract the smartest, most influential people in the world. We were only looking for 48, but found hundreds of well-connected influencers. They also assist us in identifying enemies and shills in the Great Information War.”


Another AIMCat wanted to know about these three:


Operation Mockingbird Propagandists Duo Solomon and Carter Outed

Globalist Propagandist Interviews Trump

Who at Fox thought it was a good idea to have a BRIT at this time in American history interview the president?


As we were compiling the list, it was reported that David Robert Steele had died, if you are to believe this report….

Face Masks Fail Engineer Inspection

Read our findings, just under the headline link below:

Do Face Masks Actually Filter The Air We Breathe Against Viruses

face mask filter

Listen to Michael, Douglas and Tyla discuss this engineering FLAW.


Raw video file:


Print Your Own Face Mask Exempt Card


Notes in response to your comments in the comment box:

The pressure issue is more nuanced. The pressure equalization comes from both sides of the eardrum: (1) from the throat side, this air neutralizes an air pressure differential in the inner ear—viruses and bacteria can flow up to the middle ear and cause ear infections of the middle ear, and (2) from the outside air on the other side of the ear drum. Air passes up to and around both sides, separately.

The eardrum can absorb viruses, bacteria from the outside through the Eustachian tube up to the eardrum, so there is where the viruses get in unfiltered from the outside air. So we were more right than the lady because she was seeing the forest not the trees. We described the trees. Our premise didn’t change, but I had assumed that actual air flowed past the eardrum, but I have read multiple times that it does not, and this makes sense, since the ability to pick up sound vibrations would dissipate if air could pass around and not vibrated the eardrum. There would be no air pressure on the eardrum to pick up the sound!

ears correction,cause%20less%20discomfort%20than%20usual.

ruptured eardrum

eustacian tube,when%20the%20Eustachian%20tube%20opens.

Their House of Cards Has Collapsed

house cards collapsed


Raw audio file:

Professor Joseph Mifsud Was Activated by Israeli Intelligence – Prove Me Wrong

Full video of the press conference on the topic: “New details in the case of Burisma bribe, as well as new records of conversations testifying to international corruption and the external governance of Ukraine” with English subtitles.

Records of conversations testifying to international corruption

Social Media and Section 230

Post by Legal_Latino

My legal thesis in law school was actually on Section 230 of the CDA, the very law the executive order is affecting. I wanted to include some more information to clarify some fake news I’ve been hearing online. Plus, a lot of pedes have been asking questions on the CDA. Basically here is a detailed explanation for some of you more interested pedes:

A publisher is an entity that controls the content that they present to a user—Think of CNN. Because they are in control of the content being presented (like a news article), they are legally responsible for it and any fake news that they publish (defamation for example), even if they hire someone else to write it. The less control they exert over the content they publish, the less likely they will be considered a publisher (and less likely to be held responsible for the content).

In 1996 Congress passed the CDA which includes Section 230. Section 230 was passed for two reasons, to stop the spread of pornography on the internet and at the same time to allow other speech to live freely.

Section 230 basically stated that any internet platform which hosts other users is not responsible for the content posted by those users (and therefore not considered a publisher). So, if a user were to post leaked naked pictures on Facebook, then Facebook could not be held jointly liable for hosting those pictures EVEN IF THEY DID NOT REMOVE THE PICTURES. The intent by congress was that if we protect these companies from liability from users then they will avoid taking action by limiting and censoring posts and as such, speech.

However, Section 230 contains a clause which has been the subject of a lot of legal debate. 230(c)(2)(A) provides that even if a social media platform exerts control over material that is “obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable”, then it still cannot be considered a publisher (remember that exerting control over content usually makes you legally responsible for that content).

The problem is that the clause was almost unequivocally referring to violence and porn, but federal courts (who knows why) began interpreting “otherwise objectional” as anything that a platform finds offensive. As such, social media platforms were able to ban and censor speech just because they found it offensive. Thus, exerting control and still immune under the language of 230(c)(2)(A).

In addition to the vagueness of the term “otherwise objectionable”. Some promoters of free speech argued that 230(c)(2)(A) is an explicit condition/clause. In other words, a platform can ban things considered “obscene, lewd, etc…” without being defined as a publisher (exerting control) but as soon as they begin to exert control over content that does not meet these criteria explicitly listed, then they are risking moving into publisher territory and no longer immune from lawsuits based on the content posted on their website.

Trump’s executive order is attempting to clarify the interpretation of the law and the enforcement of the law. The executive order is basically saying, if you begin to ban or control content that is not under the list in 230(c)(2)(A) then you’re going to be considered a publisher. So social media companies have a choice, they can back off and allow free public discourse to take place on the internet, all the while enjoying their (very generous) lawsuit immunity, or they can exercise their free speech rights of association and ban everything to hell, but then they no longer have the immunity.

For those of you that want to read my 35-page thesis on the topic (Written Summer of 2019):

Having It Both Ways- The CDA and Free Speech


Is Conservative Treehouse a limited hangout?

ses still not in prison

Why are these bureaucrat traitors not in prison yet? Because they are ALL members of the enemy, the resistance, known as Senior Executive Services. If you are new to our site, we don’t have time to catch up on the hows and whys of Senior Executive Services. Just plug the name into the search bar on the left side of this page and start educating yourself.

And who protects these scumbag traitors? Other SES operatives like DOJ Bruce Ohr, William Barr, Gina Haspel, Christopher Wray. This is a faction of the INVISIBLE ENEMY. The SES are CROWN AGENTS that work for the Privy Council and Pilgrims Society. Why isn’t Sundance at Conservative Treehouse reporting this?

Will Conservative Treehouse be another limited hangout, like Amazing Actress, or will they go all the way to FULL DISCLOSURE?

Easy to connect the dots, Sundance and Polly. Just follow Christopher Steele back to his Privy Council handlers – Richard Dearlove and Arvinder Sambei, with a dash on Alison Sanders and Robert Hannigan. Is Conservative Treehouse another channel, much like Amazing ‘Polly the Parrot’, that STOPS SHORT of truth?

Why are these talented creators not taking their audience all the way to truth? Are they in the alt media environment as controlled hangouts, like Alex Jones and InfoWars, to make you think you are fully informed, when you are NOT?

We are waiting and watching, Sundance and Amazing Actress, for you to report and reveal the full truth. The evidence is easy to find at the American Intelligence Media. We did the research for them – they can add the glitter and glitz.

ses enemy senior executive

Pictured above is a snap shot of the the face of SES – Obama’s stay-behind army that is destroying America from inside, while the gifted and talented reporter and writer SUNDANCE at Conservative Treehouse, who has provided great reporting on the swamp over the years, stays silent on who they are and how they are connected to the Queen’s failed attempt to overthrow Donald Trump as well as the British origins of the coronavirus.

Giddy up, Sundance…who are you protecting? 

Invisible Enemy Revealed

played by queen thumbnail


Amazing Polly Quits

amazing polly quit tweet
Here’s the tweet

Was she there all along to protect the Crown Agents by entertaining you up to the point that you didn’t quite make the connection between the overthrow attempt of Donald Trump and the Privy Council?

polly tweet


What prompted this tweet, inquiring minds wonder? It came just after we posted the info below on a Cat Report of April 14, 2020.

. . . .

AIM Patriot Curtis leaves a suggestion:

Tyla asks in Vaccine Wars, “What does it take for us to wake the world up and point to the city of London with the Queen as being ground zero for the invisible enemy?” I recommend that you consider enlisting Amazing Polly’s assistance, specifically, her presentation skills evidenced in her latest videos. I can see that AIM has an incredible story to tell, but the real question is “What type of delivery is needed for the information to be effectively absorbed, so that people feel prompted to take action to share the information.” I can only speak for myself, but Amazing Polly’s presentation is the best that I’ve seen – period. She introduces her presentation by starting with a picture of faces, with their names and what organization they belong to and how the organizations are linked. Then, she continues with details. Finally, she takes you back to the original picture and provides one with a summary. If the audience wants further details, she has links below her message.

Our reply:

Polly is a Canadian and can’t go all the way with truth. As a Canadian citizen she is a Commonwealth subject of the Batshit Queen. She can never report about the genocide activities of the British Imperial Empire or how the Privy Council planned and executed the overthrow of Donald Trump using their underground army called the Senior Executive Services.

sambei and Saunders

Because of her citizenship in Canada she can not take you all the way to truth, whether she knows it or not. Propaganda takes all kinds of forms. If she was so “good” why hasn’t she reported on QinetiQ, the theft of social media, the overthrow of Donald Trump by the Privy Council? Why hasn’t she reported on Arvinder Sambei, Alison Sanders and Robert Hannigan’s direct involvement in U.S. affairs from 9-11 to the current ones in trying to destroy America? Why is she mute on Pirbright, the Cobbett Hill Earth Station, Elizabeth Manningham-Buller, Richard Dearlove?

dearlove steele halper

Her videos are nice. We enjoy them, too. Her research is good, but because she can’t speak the deep truths about the Queen and her evil entourage, she protects the Queen. Surprised that more of you haven’t figured this out yet. We thank Polly for her research and videos, but ultimate truth about the Monarch and the Evil Empire won’t be on Polly’s channel.


AIM has been banned on the new, censor-free ‘the_Donald’ site

Reddit censored the_Donald heavily and the moderators and community didn’t like it….so they moved over to a new space called The new site is a stand alone site and is not censored by Reddit, spez and the Chinese.

Reddit Purges Moderators of Largest Pro-Trump Community ‘The Donald’

In preparation for this inevitable course of events, the mod team established a backup website, free from the political censorship of Reddit, and have encouraged our users to migrate to it (of which at least 100,000 have in the last day). The_Donald can now be found on an independent website, created and run by the people that have ran The_Donald for years, at

The AIM team was very excited to help them out and energize their platform transition party so we dropped a few truth bombs – like our research on the Brit overthrow attempt of Donald Trump, Pirbright Institute, Qinetics, and the Pilgrims Society, all of which are very important disclosures for the President and patriots all over the world.

At the end of the day we checked back to see how we were doing and look who was band!

The American Intelligence Media – aka ZarathustraWisdom has been banned from!

Makes you wonder who is behind this limited hangout that our breaking truth research was CENSORED and we were BANNED. Many patriots think is the real deal for truth. Now you know their limits.

Spread the word. is incapable of FULL TRUTH DISCLOSURE.

donald ban


BBC Propaganda and Coronavirus


BBC Monitoring, UGC Newsgathering (Reuters). (Jan. 30, 2020). China coronavirus: Misinformation spreads online about origin and scale. BBC. (this PDF has this commentary appended to the end of the article)

Just found this BBC article pretending to be the adult in the room (to enlighten us poor sops).

Written by no names, just globalists REUTERS (UGC Newsgathering) & BBC Monitoring

china coronavirusjordan sather

This kind of haughty, holier‐than‐thou, unattributed (“only I know the truth”) MSM propaganda is getting easier to read.

Conclusion: Whatever they say, the opposite is true.

First, on the article title: “China coronavirus: Misinformation spreads online about origin and scale.”

How does the writer know that the man-made virus originated in China? Unless they do know, in which case they are complicit (we think they do, Britain’s Pirbright Institute), then to make “China” the adjective is reckless at best, and more likely pure covering-of-British/American-Pilgrims-Society-asses bio-warfare PROPAGANDA.

On the patent, the argument is a NONSTARTER. It pretends to know the nature of the CORONAVIRUS and said this patent is a different “weakened” kind. Who cares whether it is weakened or not? That is relative. A “weakened” 100 pound weight dropped on my head will still hurt. And, the fact that it infects poultry, as if the all-knowing writer knows the “other” one going around is not from poultry is not an argument, these are statements with no conclusion.

Also, the writer also knows nothing about patents. The name on a patent cannot be misleading, otherwise that is called “inequitable conduct”, or short for “fraud on the Patent Office.” If the patent is not for [The] CORNAVIRUS, then the name should have qualified the “weakened” state, as the writer attempts badly to argue. This is so that the public is not misled, like this BBC/Reuters writer is doing.

Remarkably, the writer actually speaks as the source of the research, and does not identify the person making the assertion about poultry, as if that should matter to a layman who doesn’t want to be harmed by the bioweapon, of whatever animal origin. This person does not even cite anyone at Pirbright for the assertions, like:

“But Pirbright’s patent is not for the new coronavirus. Instead, it covers the avian infectious bronchitis virus, a member of the wider coronavirus family that infects poultry.”


“As for the speculation about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Pirbright spokeswoman Teresa Maughan told Buzzfeed News that the institute’s particular work with the infectious bronchitis virus was not funded by this foundation.”

Oh thanks, that’s convincing (NOT). This writer does no PRIMARY research for this article, and his/her Pirbright person, Teresa Maughan is just a quote of what may or may not have been fabricated by Buzzfeed.

Very unprofessional work from the shadowy writers at Reuters and the BBC. Pure propaganda.

On the subject of credibility, here is a breakdown of the themes article. #1 is ONLINE and #2 is attempting to make the reader think The Pirbright Institute coronavirus patent as “old.” – this is irresponsible since is asserting science the writers do not know. Instead, it is science-investigation-by-newspaper-quotes:

This is not credible journalism.

“New coronavirus” – 6

“Fact-checkers” – 3

“Conspiracy” – 2

“Anti-vaccination” – 1



“unnamed Israel source” – 1

“journalists” – 1

“fact-checkers” – 3



“Washington Times” – 3

“Conspiracy theorist Jordan Sather”

Unnamed “Word Health Organization” official

“Altnews fact-checkers”



Online – 15

“Misinformation spreads online – 8

“speculated online” – 1

“outrage online” – 1

“False health advice/information” – 2

“False” – 3

This simple analysis makes it evident that this article is intended to attack critics of the British government and its Pilgrims Society/Privy Council collaborator, Bill Gates, The Pirbright Institute, Wellcome Trust, DARPA, EU and WHO, among others.


The BBC/Reuters article is maliciously crafted to take the heat off The Pirbright Institute and the British origins of the CORONAVIRUS. They deployed now familiar innuendo to discredit the truth tellers.  Oh wait, they are the self-anointed truth tellers, what were we thinking?

Reminder, BBC/Reuters executives are directors at the COBBET HILL EARTHSTATION teleport on The Pirbright Institute property. COBBETT has enough antennas to power a directed energy weapon and mass global propaganda broadcasts, and is run by the British Privy Council through a series of front companies.

cdc coronavirus

HISTORICAL COLD CASE REOPENED: Oxford University has just been discovered to have whitewashed Cecil Rhodes’ biography. This omission hides Crown, Privy Council, Rothschild, Wellcome & Rhodes duplicity in (1) Wellcome Trust, Gates Foundation, U.S. DARPA, UK, WHO, EU Coronavirus bio-warfare & (2) 2nd Boer War concentration camps that killed over 60,000 people, incl. 14,000 children, between 1899-1902 to create a De Beers / British monopoly over South African diamonds and gold.

SHOCKING NEW HISTORY: Among other things, this directly implicates Henry (Rothschild) de Worms and N.M. Rothschilds & Co. bankers—all London Jewish leaders and underwriters—in the horrific 2nd Boer War concentration camp atrocities (directed by the Queen, Privy Council, Rhodes, de Worms, Rothschilds, Milner, etc.) and Henry Wellcome vaccine human experiments—even Adolf Hitler copied this model

The omitted evidence by Oxford of Rhodes’ 1895 Privy Council appointment directly implicates Rhodes Scholarships, the Crown, Henry (Rothschild) de Worms, 1st Baron Pirbright, and Rothschild underwriting of Rhodes and the British South Africa Company and De Beers in the 2nd Boer War concentration camp atrocities where over 60,000 whites and blacks (incl. over 14,000 mostly white children of French, German and Dutch descent) were murdered in the camps.

The omission also implicates the Crown, Privy Council, Henry de Worms (a Rothschild cousin) and the Rothschilds banking fortune in the human vaccine experimentation carried out by Burroughs Wellcome (Wellcome Trust today) in those 2nd Boer War concentration camps

De Worms’ donated land for the current site of The Pirbright Institute funded by Wellcome Trust, Bill Gates, DARPA, WHO, the UK government’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), and its immediate proximity to the BBC/CIA/Internet of Things/5G-associated Cobbett Hill Earthstation (Satellite) teleport directly implicates that Monarch and the Privy Council in the current alleged  CORONAVIRUS outbreak PROPAGANDA, whose US Pat. No. 10,130,701  is owned by The Pirbright Institute.

Who in the UK and U.S. government is not already compromised and is going to investigate these treasonous FACTS?

Not even Oxford University discloses that Cecil Rhodes joined the Privy Council in 1895—neither does Wikipedia nor does his official biographer and confidant W.T. Stead. (1902) – who is hiding these critical historical facts, and why?

Cecil Rhodes’ mentor in the British Parliament and Privy Council was Henry (Rothschild) de Worms, 1st Baron Pirbright whose membership in the Privy Council started on Jan. 02, 1889… and whose official record has been removed from The London Gazette archives currently.

Since the Privy Council advises the Monarch, this is a material omission from supposedly thorough Oxford researchers in their online Cecil Rhodes biography.


  1. Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902). (Accessed Feb. 26, 2020). Biography. Oxford University, Oriel College.
  2. CECIL JOHN RHODES. (Feb. 02, 1895). Appointment to the Privy Council by Queen Victoria, Issue No. 26595, p. 679. The London Gazette.
  3. Baron Henry de Worms [Lord Pirbright]. (Jan. 02, 1889). Appointment to be Members of her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council, Issue No. 36,363, p. 5, col. 6. The (London) Morning Post.

british coronavirus

Continue reading about this British false flag operation. They have been planning this pandemic for a very long time. Patriots aren’t falling for another Deep State propaganda false flag hoax.

coronavirus greta

U. S. Department of Indoctrination Headed by doNothing Betsy deVos

indoctrination education.JPG


The U.S. Department of Indoctrination is headed by doNothing Betsy deVos, globalist in charge of making sure your children continue to receive their daily dose of Pilgrims Society propaganda through their propaganda textbooks. She’s in place to make sure no real changes are made so that our wee citizens can continue to be brainwashed and confused about America, the Constitution, their sexuality, pronouns, and their purpose in life.

Betsy deVos is a doNothing globalist in charge of indoctrinating our children all across America. Let us know when Common Crap Curriculum has been totally dismantled, Chicago math thrown in the garbage heap, and education vouchers given to to parents to decide the best way to teach their children – from homeschooling, private, charter, vocational.

We don’t need the federal government to be in charge of educating our children. We especially don’t need globalists like deVos running the department of indoctrination!

school bus

Why is the federal government, run by Senior Executive Service enemy operatives, dictating our children’s education? Why is the federal government supporting and paying for outright Tavistock-Frankfurt school indoctrination in our schools? How come Betsy deVos is doing NOTHING to stop it? Patriots, we must get the federal government OUT of education as soon as possible.

Why are American taxpayers paying for their children to be indoctrinated by foreign anti-American actors?



Government-Run Education System is Government-Sponsored Indoctrination

“The only purpose of the present-day education system is indoctrination. The increasingly progressive leftist agenda is sweeping through academia and conservatives are just passively watching it happen. The main indoctrination stories you hear are about those of radical professors on college campuses, pushing outlandish majors created only to forward social justice movements, and, on a rare occasion, a political outburst by a high school teacher….

….It has taken the students themselves recording, posting, and promoting the shocking and disappointing behavior of their teachers to get the media to begin turning their cameras on high school campuses. The increasing media attention on high school teachers is great, and certainly a large step in the right direction when it comes to the reformation of academia. However, it still appears as though the general consensus is indoctrination is rooted in the teachers.”


indoctrination brainwash education.jpg


How China Is Using Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms. This is INDOCTRINATION in its most evil and insidious form. If we don’t start yelling and screaming, Secretary of Education doNothing Betsy deVos might hand out grants and funding for her globalist Pilgrims Society friends to put this in your neighborhood schools. Be on guard and make sure you raise hell at your school board if you get wind that this is happening in your school. Hat tip to Diana for this glass bead.


Click headline link below to see deVos’ vast globalist financial holdings.

U.S. Department of Education is headed by a PILGRIMS SOCIETY GLOBALIST

They sneak their cultural Marxist b.s. into the school curriculum. In the image below, you will see how they put a piece of propaganda inside one of their propaganda outlets the Daily Mirror. They give the ‘fake news’ traction by having other fake news outlets report on the original lie. Then, before you know it, we have TranSanta. Don’t believe us….well, we bet you never even thought of drag queens reading to toddlers in public libraries until recently.

They start in the public libraries and then nudge their way into public schools. Soon, if we don’t stand up and say NO MORE, open-crotched drag queens and pedophiles will be teaching 4th grade.

santa sex.JPG

Betsy deVos is still doing nothing at the U.S. Department of Education to dismantle this globalist indoctrination going on in our public schools. She, herself is a billionaire globalist, put in place to keep the public school indoctrination program, along with the Pilgrims Society propaganda textbooks, as undisturbed as possible until they can get President Trump out of office.

Remember this promise in 2017?

Trump to pull feds out of K-12 education

Well…nothing has happened because getting the feds out of K- 12 education would end their national dominance in brainwashing our children with their cultural Marxism. Globalist billionaire Betsy deVos is in place as Secretary of Education to make sure NOTHING HAPPENS. Trump may or may not be aware of her doNothing agenda – hard to tell at this point.

Her doNothing agenda means that millions of children in our public schools continue to be indoctrinated with the Frankfurt School, cultural Marxists, Tavistock propaganda and brainwashing. Betsy deVos is maintaining the globalist indoctrination status quo, hoping that her boss isn’t paying attention to her doNothing agenda.

Start attending your local school board meetings and demand that this evil indoctrination of your children be halted. If you don’t speak up, your silence supports their brainwashing agenda.

Bottom line: The U.S. Department of Education is headed by a BILLIONAIRE GLOBALIST.

Your children’s education is NOT her top concern or interest. In fact, Betsy has never been an education professional and is clueless about the difference between indoctrination and education.

Her concerns are her globalist investments – so you can bet that she will continue the Pilgrims Society indoctrination in public schools across America.

Who recommended to Trump that doNothing Betsy deVos head the U.S. Department of Education?