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Fake News and British Propaganda

The Origins of Fake News

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Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell discuss the historical roots of fake news and show how secret societies control America’s public narrative with propaganda that creates wars and conflicts that enrich the bankers and elites.

It Was An Overthrow By The Brits

It was an overthrow run by the Brits.

Please correct all those fake news channels calling it a “soft coup.” It was a hard coup.

It was a British attempt to overthrow the United States President.

It was conducted from the highest levels of the British inner Fleet Street cabal from the Queen, her Privy Council, the Pilgrims Society, and the media. This also includes: Alison Saunders’ conspiracy with Bruce and Nellie Ohr,  Arvinder Sambei with Robert Mueller, Robert Hannigan with John Brennan, Richard Dearlove, Mark Malloch-Brown, George Soros, Nick Clegg, Geoffrey Pattie.

Our AFI-AIM researchers are pulling out the TRUTH and the EVIDENCE daily from our research mines.

Call it what it is: ACT OF WAR

The British Monarch is enemy of the entire world. We must call for immediate action against the Queen and her co-conspirators for their crimes against humanity. All patriots around the world are called to action to free their nations and its citizens from the tyrannical rule of the British Empire. Historical facts don’t lie.



queen overthrow trump.jpg.

Queen Elizabeth and the Overthrow of Trump


Comey Lies and British Spies

Comey Lies and British Spies


Citizens Charge James Comey with 28 Counts of Treason


Major University Study Finds “Fire Did Not Bring Down Tower 7 On 9/11”

The complaint cites the failure of the FBI and its 9/11 Review Commission to assess key 9/11-related evidence that the FBI can be shown to have had, or been aware of, regarding:

  1. the use of pre-placed explosives to destroy World Trade Center Buildings, 1, 2, and 7;
  2. the arrest and investigation of the “High Fivers” observed photographing and celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11;
  3. terrorist financing related the reported Saudi support for the 9/11 hijackers;
  4. recovered plane parts, including serial numbers from all three crash locations;
  5. video from cameras mounted inside and outside the Pentagon; and
  6. cell phone communications from passengers aboard airplanes.


Treason: Who Terrorized Americans and the World on 9-11?


Mister Wonderful posted:

I keep hearing liberals say that the Betsy Ross flag has been appropriated by “hate groups” but they have yet to present primary source evidence. Kaepernick opened his mouth and now the rest of the zombies just keep repeating the same nonsense. So can anybody point me towards any evidence of the Betsy Ross flag being a “hate symbol”?


DuplexFields responded:

They’re conflating the Betsy Ross flag with the Confederate “Stars and Bars“, which increased its number of stars the more slave states seceded. At one point, there were also thirteen stars on the Stars and Bars.

betsy ross confederate flags.jpg


Comey-Iran-China – All Roads Lead to London

Betsy and Thomas walk you through the current events of the corrupt FBI DOJ, Iran, and China…and show you that all roads lead to the British Monarch – the Evil Empire of Planet Earth.

Comey-Iran-China – All Roads Lead to London

Continue your education with these reports:

Horowitz is the new D.C. fixer

Here’s the scoop on DOJ attorney Jessie Liu

Who are these British spies and propagandists?

British Lies and British Spies

AFI Michael McKibben and AIM Douglas Gabriel report on the roots of fake news which are found in a huge global British spy network that spews propaganda to promote never-ending war, big pharma eugenics, regime changes, and even…the overthrow attempt of Donald J. Trump.

British Lies and British Spies


Learn more about Wellcome and the Wee Little Death Box

It is critical to understand the period between WWI and WWII and how the corruptocrats were financing themselves.

Sir Alfred Moritz Mond, an “enthusiastic” Zionist, is a key player in the Pilgrims Society, Empire Press Union and Privy Council …  and therefore, MI5/MI6/GC&CS

This article was written about a year before the Market Crash of 1929, for which the people cited in this article were beneficiaries.

alfred mond afi.jpg

Special Correspondent. (Jun. 02, 1928). The Finance Company of Great Britain and America, Ltd., ref. Sir Alfred Moritz Mond, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), Ltd., p. 17. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Fox News and Twitter Push Shooting Hoax



The patriot that submitted this video writes: “This proves the deep state is doing the shootings. In the video a FOX news announcer for a local station in the city a third shooting was supposed to happen in on Saturday (at another WalMart) announces the next shooting by accident, BEFORE IT HAPPENED, and she checks her twitter and re-checks, looks a little confused, and then says “that hasn’t happened yet”.”

The poster continues to write, “this proves Twitter is in on the shootings, Fox News is in on the shootings, Wal Mart is in on the shootings – they HAVE TO be a huge open joke among those who are “privileged”, there’s no way Twitter missed the fact that these people were using their platform to announce and plan the next shooting and there’s no way Wal Mart had this happen at two of their stores by accident, and there’s NO WAY FOX HAD THE REPORT AHEAD OF TIME WITHOUT BEING DIRECTLY INVOLVED, BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED.”

tt media blue


Nancy Morgan Hart responds to the pictures below which are circulating the internet. She points out the confusion with Connor Betts in this video: I Can’t Believe I Have to Do This

After reviewing the pictures and listening to Nancy’s video, we will let you decide. Keep in mind that one of the criteria to run a good false flag is to confuse the narrative, the actors, the staging.

Using this image below, it is claimed that the Ohio shooter died in 2014.


Below you see how folks are claiming a match for the Ohio shooter.


AIM Cats Question Shootings

If you have found us from the YouTube video we just uploaded entitled “AIM Cats are Curious Kitties”, you might subscribe to this blog while you are here. This is where we post material that Big Brother Google – YouTube censors when patriots challenge their globalist narrative.

In the audio below, Betsy and Thomas of the American Intelligence Media explain how the Texas and Ohio false flags of August 3 and 4, 2019 were run. Same old same old…but at least our audience is enlightened about propaganda warfare.

If you need a refresher on false flags, read this important article:

False Flags are Legal Propaganda


Listen to the audio below:


Have you ever noticed that the DailyMail UK is always first on the scene to provide extensive photographic coverage of events like these? They post extensive articles even before U.S. based media have time to report on them. The reason is very simple: It is a BRITISH-TAVISTOCK PROPAGANDA outlet. Below is the article that they posted and which will give you an idea of some of the images Thomas describes in the audio.

Walmart gunman Patrick Crusius, 21, who went on 20-minute shooting spree with an AK-47 in El Paso, killing at least 20 and wounding 26, before surrendering to SWAT team – as police link ‘anti-Hispanic’ manifesto to shooter


Then… on queue… another shooting within a few hours.

Read Breitbart report here

Read about it from the propaganda DailyMail UK site:

White gunman dressed all in black and wearing body armor opens fire on patrons at a small bar in Dayton, Ohio, killing 9 and injuring 27 within ONE MINUTE in America’s second mass shooting in just 14 hours


AIM Patriot Jim sums it up like this:

The shooting aspect of the civil struggle has been raised a notch in the past few days. The Deep State Crown Agents are executing their asynchronous destabilization plan across America. All global aspects of this plan are in play, from North Korean rockets, Boris Johnson’s press releases regarding support for Zionism, China’s provocations in the Philippine Sea, press releases about Afghanistan withdrawal, fake tanker provocations in the straits of Hormuz, and now mass shootings by Tavistock zombie’s in the El Paso and Dayton. To the uninitiated, all of these events will appear random and disconnected. I only see a web of the ongoing deceit by the globalist’s agenda to destabilize the world so it can be reformatted according to the UN agenda…which is the British Crown one world agenda.


Redpills for your audience

MEME GUERRILLAS continue to fight on. Scrape and share any of these memes with your circle of influence and make sure your audience knows the truth about two internet shills, posing as patriots.


Drudge is still a site we check daily to see what the corporate shills want us to believe….then we look the other way. Matt Drudge is a corporate shill and truth warriors spit on his daily report as a propaganda aggregator site that sends its readers to other propaganda sites.

drudge giorgio.JPG


Speaking of shills, we were so disappointed to see Bill Still “out” himself as a corporate shill. We expected as much since all of his reports are typically a few weeks old for newsworthiness. He has been in the alt media scene for quite sometime, after having a successful career as an investigative journalist, so we always gave him the benefit of our doubts. See Bill’s bio here.

But now it turns out that he is cut from the same cloth as Lionel on Lionel Nation, put into the internet long ago by their paymasters, leading us to believe that they are trustworthy until the day their paymasters require them to push a narrative on truth warriors that we know to be FALSE. Where or where did Lionel put his interviews with Douglas on wetworks? All removed….after Douglas talked to Lionel about Senior Executive Service on a show that was not aired by Lionel the Funny Propagandist.

lionel propagandist
Lionel, why did you remove the video interviews with Douglas about wetworks? Did your paymasters require that you remove these very popular videos? 

Bill just uploaded this video: Justice Ginsburg – Proof of Life. We were excited to see what this seasoned investigative reporter found, especially since the last so-called public sighting of the alleged dead justice turned out to be doctored and was published in its fake format by the main stream media. See fake Ruth Ginsburg video here.

We placed two comments to Bill on under the YT, but he took them both down. So now we call on truth warriors to call him out for sloppy reporting and pushing propaganda.

Go to his site and leave your note. Ask him where PROOF OF LIFE is given in his misleading video title.

Bill offered NO proof of life. Instead, he did the typical propaganda stuff by quoting reporters who lie, then spin a fake narrative all around, knowing that the low information news consumer will think Ruth is alive.

Whoa! The Supreme Court is really knocking itself out with this Ruth Bader Ginsburg HOAX. Keep pounding the Supreme Court and shills like Bill for the TRUTH about her medical condition. By continuing this hoax, the Supreme Court justices are continuing their treason actions against the United States.

bill still the shill.jpg

We are fighting the Great Information War and YOU, not Bill the Shill or Lionel the Entertainer, are information warriors.




Youtube removed this video after 800 views, in less than 5 minutes of playing time. Watch for yourself to see the horrific frames that violated Big Brother;s community standards.

memes for maestro


trump violin thumbnail



Patriot Jim writes:

I just figured out how they are going to shut down the alt web:

This is a multi step process. Here are the steps:

1. Make it so that it appears the large corporations are going to be held responsible for EVERYTHING their users post. (only that never happens, the rules are for someone else) but pegging it on the big guys makes it look benign.
2. Make it so ANYONE can copyright ANYTHING that is not explicitly copyrighted, even if they did not own it to begin with. Cute cat pic the owner posted and never copyrighted? CHECK. Bar-b-q photo of family party that makes good meme fodder, got posted, and no one copyrighted? CHECK. Make it so anyone combing the web can copyright whatever they find, and call it theirs. THAT HAPPENED.

3. Then, just sit back and let The Case Act pass,
which will open the door for anyone who illegitimately copyrighted something they did not even produce, to sue you for using it. Even if the original poster gave you explicit permission. Once someone else copyrights it, it does not belong to the creator. That’s how screwed up and subverted the American system is.

4. Then have trolls comb through all the memes finding out who posted them and where they got posted, and prosecute every incident to the tune of $15, 000 each. That will BANKRUPT absolutely everyone who’s not Facebook, Google, or some other tech left tyrant. THAT IS THE PLAN FOLKS, DO NOT LET THE CASE ACT PASS.


Corbett PROPAGANDA Report Busted

Corbett Report Busted as Propaganda for Silicon Valley


Materials that are referenced in this audio include:

The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know

Terrifying Footage Shows Thousands of Religious Minorities Held in Chinese ‘Thought Transformation’ Camps: ‘I Love the Communist Party’

Where is McKibben’s Invitation to Social Media Summit at White House?

Learn about the encryption keys that Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller hold over all humanity…Evil Incarnate!

Robert Mueller Muscling Hillary Clinton for Encryption Keys

Hillary Clinton Controls 50,000 FBI Encryption Keys – Proves Mueller’s Witch Hunt is Treasonous