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Mueller proves Grand Jury system is racketeering within DoJ and Judiciary

Mueller Hides Key Evidence – HUGE FINDINGS!!!

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain how Robert Mueller and James Comey began their plans to take-down America several decades ago by weaponizing the federal court system which is aimed against the people. Are you aware that we are being ruled by LAWFARE?

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Mueller Rigged Grand Juries for Decades


Ruth Ginsberg Still M.I.A.

where is ruth 14


**Public Information** Contact info SCOTUS.
Everyone needs to start calling, emailing and documenting the responses.

— paulmuaddib61 (@paulmuaddib61) April 16, 2019

Attention all AIM Patriots, please make this your personal patriot mission to start bugging the sh*t out of these government employees, who receive their pay through your tax dollars. Demand proof of life of Ruth (no doubles or stand-ins) be given to the American people.

We want to see a walking, talking, functioning human being with the original DNA of the original Ruth Bader Ginsberg. If she is dead and the justices are covering it up, we need to know so that we can start investigating Chief Justice Roberts for treason for covering up…yet again…another crime against America.

Yes, this would mean that the Supreme Court justices, including Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, by continuing this Ginsberg hoax against America, are traitors to the country.

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ruth missing in action

ruth proof of life


Sonia Sotomayor Tied to Rogue CIA

We were asked to do a financial conflict check on Sonia Sotomayor for an AIM patriot. We thought it might be useful for others who want to know more about the corruption of this Supreme Court justice. This was just our first look at Sotomayor and a mine-raw nuggets.


Attached is the Microsoft v. i4i docket PDF. This is a perfect example of adverse domination. Clearly the bad guys saw i4i as a threat because the piled on so high that Roberts exited stage left.

Here is Sotomayor’s financial disclosure. She has holdings in some of your litigants as well as members of the Eclipse Foundation.

The docket ties SES, SERCO and Eclipse together.

The massive iShares/Blackrock holdings ties her to the rogue CIA.

BTW, it is well known that Blackrock and iShares (one of Sotomayor’s holdings is CIA). Her speeches at Opperman Foundation are problematic. That’s a known globalist watering hole associated with Reuters that schmoozes federal judges in particular.

Her association with Lawyers Without Borders is also problematic. It is a known globalist NWO proponent promoted by Cambridge and the London School of Economics controlled by the Crown’s Privy Council. (“Lawyers Without Borders UK, was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in London having acquired UK charity status in June 2010.”)

BTW, the Sotomayor financial disclosure PDF was very funky and blocked from indexing. All 8 pages were smooshed into one page. When you hit print, it only printed the first page. When you tried saving it. It only saved the first page. But not to worry. We deconstructed it and the one attached is proper, indexed and searchable. J They are clearly trying to obscure her iShares/Blackrock/Rogue CIA investments.

Dean Kosko, Blackrock. (Accessed Apr. 07, 2019).  Eclipse Projects, BIRT, Iterate through dataset in beforeClose script, Message #360628, (Eclipse User, Thu, 14 Feb. 2008, 03:34). Eclipse Foundation.

Sonia Sotomayor. (May 11, 2018). Financial Disclosure for Calendar Year 2017. U.S. Courts.

sotomayor 1.JPG

She lives in JP Morgan Property!

sotomayor 2.JPG

She’s all in with the rogue CIA (Blackrock/iShares)

sotomayor 3.JPG

sotomayor 4sotomayor 5

sotomayor 9.JPG

Plum Book, 1992, p. 92

Roberts had recused himself in

sotomayor 10

roberts facebook

Amicus Briefs

Certiorari-stage documents