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Doctors Cause Alzheimers

After watching the Bitchute video below, we asked AIMCat @notadoc to review and explain Alzheimers to us. His extensive comments are below. Other cats like @patchy and @7seven7 also made extensive comments. You can read updated comments or ask questions on the post. (Note: I made light editing for “flow”.)


Read the post for updated comments:


Oh man!

Don’t get me going on cholesterol. LOL!

In my book, it ranks up there with the flu vaccination.

Huge fraud. And I was one of the first people on its bandwagon, actually teaching our internist on the latest research. And as usual, most MDs don’t study the research, and just proceed blindly following their “perceptions,” and the directions of the drug detail man (salesman who brings in free donuts and mocha latte’s.).

I treated my first “cholesterol” patient about a year before the Framingham (epidemiological) study came out which accelerated the whole fraud. (Also about a year before the Staten drugs came out.). The patient’s total cholesterol was in the 900’s. (Familial hypercholesterolemia — genetic disease). So I started her on niacin (a B. vitamin, and this was before they had the “non-flush niacin”. Note: the internist was fully behind my treatment plan. I.e.: no panic with cholesterol over 900.). Our routine chem panel (20 blood tests; cost $22 back in the mid-80s), it had a total cholesterol but did not have a “normal range.” But from experience, most people were about 210 — 280. The Framingham study found that there was only one epidemiological association between cholesterol and heart disease. And that was the ratio of the HDL: LDL. (These two types of cholesterol, at that time accounted for almost all of the cholesterol.)

So I started adding the test for HDL cholesterol, primarily to my hypertension patients and those considered “at risk” for heart disease (that test alone cost an extra $23 — most patients were Medicaid or Medicare which covered the test.). I would have to do my own math to calculate ratios which were different for men versus women (because cholesterol is the foundation of all hormones). When the internist was reviewing my charts, he inquired why I was ordering HDL. A teaching moment. I even had a woman come to me for a second opinion because her physician at the famous Scripps Institute in San Diego wanted to put her on cholesterol medicine. Her actual risk factor was one half of normal for women. (In other words, she was at one half the risk of having heart disease due to cholesterol, than a woman who had “normal cholesterol.”). You see, allopathic medicine is basically all screwed up; but then the practitioners don’t even know their “own science.” (Dr. lemmings.).

They (most likely the American Heart Association) set up a committee to guide the treatment of cholesterol. They came up with the “normal total cholesterol” being 240. And from my experience, that was about right. Then the Staten drugs came out. And the next year the “normal” cholesterol was lowered to 200. And then for some unknown reason, they were claiming that that was the upper limit of normal, and everyone needed to be lower than 200. I worked with many educated fools who would start a patient on Staten medication if their cholesterol came back in the 190s; prophylaxis! (The lab test has a variability of 10%. Meaning that a reading of 200 could be anywhere between 180 — 220.)

Frequently I would ask my patients if they knew how they came up with that number “200”. No one knew the correct answer. The answer was: “They voted!” And one strange coincidence, 16 of the 17 members who voted, all worked for companies who created the Staten drugs. Eventually someone finally called them out on their conflict of interest. But the response was, that the only “experts” on cholesterol, came from those pharmaceutical companies. From then on, every couple years they’d have more and more tests for more and more “types,” of cholesterol. And by repeatedly changing the definitions of words, they had captured a major portion of society. Frequently back then, many of these “experts,” were actually lobbying for Staten medication to be added to the water supply. Can you say fluoride.

Cholesterol is found in every cell of your body. It gives the cell wall its structure and strength. It is the foundational chemical for all of your hormones. They say the problem with cholesterol is that it is part of the plaque that narrows the blood vessel. I would tell my patients that the “plaque” was GOOD! The plaque was your “friend.” Because the plaque is attempting to patch a damaged area in your artery. If Mr. Plaque wasn’t there, you would be bleeding to death. Mr. Plaque, EMT 1, is a first responder. If the problem is chronic inflammation. The “fire” (inflammation) never completely goes out, so the first responders remain on scene and the cleanup and construction crews are never called in. It appears that their solution to the problem is to defund the first responders; get rid of the evil plaque/cholesterol.

Now, what is the number one side effect from Staten medications? Myalgia. (Muscle pain). Why is a muscle in pain? Because there is some type of problem with that muscle. If you have a halfway decent diet, and haven’t experienced trauma or overuse to that area, and you are on a Staten (cholesterol) medication; in my book that pain is from the Staten medication until proven otherwise. You need to stop the drug! WHY??? THE HEART IS A MUSCLE!!! The majority of “heart attacks,” do not have blood clots associated with them. And the vast majority of the people who have had “heart attacks,” had developed collateral blood circulation in the region of the narrowed artery. The body performed its own bypass surgery.

You have developed a billion-dollar industry, and are treating an entire nation based on one epidemiological statistic recorded in Framingham Massachusetts probably from 1950 — 1980. And that statistic was not related to the total amount of cholesterol within someone’s bloodstream. (And in that study, they looked for any lipid (fat) test that might correlate with heart disease.). My patient who had a total cholesterol of over 900 may have had a “normal” ratio of her good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol. If that were the case, she would not be a candidate under their “epidemiological study.” (She would be treated regarding her genetic disorder. I was really surprised that her blood sample was not “lipimic.” I.e.: globs of fat floating in the blood collection tube. I’ve seen it in people with cholesterol’s in the mid 200’s. Because of that, in the case I remember, was from the patient’s blood pressure medicine.).

The number two side effect of Staten’s is liver damage. It increases the level of liver enzymes probably signaling inflammation. Number three is increase of blood sugar and type II diabetes. Well, that’s another risk factor for heart disease. And the fourth side effect of Staten’s are “neurological side effects.” I.e.: memory loss or confusion.

Note: this list and order of side effects comes from the Mayo Clinic:

What Dr. Wallach presents in his video is accurate according to what we understand at this time. His presentation is definitely accurate concerning the brain being 70% fat/cholesterol, and dementia is clearly correlated with Staten/cholesterol medication, along with others drugs. My slight hesitation comes from my knowledge that presently there is legitimate questions concerning our understanding of the physiology of the nerve. Most nerves are covered by an electrical insulating fat covering containing cholesterol (myelin). When that layer is damaged, an electrical signal can no longer travel along its path. There may be other electromagnetic or photonic energy that is involved regarding the nervous system. But I’m sure that there is little doubt that those “tangled nerves” are no longer properly functioning; either from demyelination (removal of cholesterol covering), toxic aluminum or even “type 3 diabetes.”

Another major problem is that doctors are lazy and call every type of dementia “Alzheimer’s.” It is one of their “bogeyman.” The only real way to make an accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is via autopsy. With that said, there have been multiple reports that people have reversed their “Alzheimer’s” (dementia), by taking flaxseed oil by the tablespoon (one — 3 tablespoons/day). An idiot neurologist diagnosed my father with “Alzheimer’s.” I just happened to attend his last office visit with the “specialist.” When he announced his final diagnoses as Alzheimer’s, I asked him what he based that diagnoses upon. Basically he said his experience and credentials. I told him that my father had “multi-infarct dementia.” The neurologist then admitted that I may be correct, but that there was no treatment for that either. Of course he wrote a prescription anyway. My mother stopped it about a week later. This office visit was in the late 1990s. My parents visited one of my clinics in 1987, and requested routine blood work.

Naturally at that time, they were very concerned about cholesterol. Both of them were at one half of normal risk factor for heart disease. I was alarmed that my father’s total cholesterol was just under 130. I told him that that was dangerous and he was at risk of having a stroke. They were both to immediately stop their “low cholesterol diets.” (Families never listen.). He gradually started having memory problems in the 1990s. But he deteriorated immediately after a very long surgery to remove his “recalled” pacemaker wire. A hidden fact is that time spent under anesthesia, and especially on a heart lung machine, will cause dementia. (Excellent book by Martha Lear called “heart sounds.” TV movie of same name with Mary Tyler Moore and James Garner — best actor/actress awards for this movie.). Generally, people with Alzheimer’s have significant personality change and actually get quite “mean.” My father had been a very authoritative man throughout his life (fighter pilot World War II, top management in US steel), and with his dementia he became very much like a “little boy.”

My older brother has been having “memory problems” for almost 10 years now. His doctor diagnosed (incorrectly) Alzheimer’s. The cause of his dementia is his Staten medication that his wife refuses to stop even though he has chronic muscle leg pain. And probably more so his high blood pressure, that his idiot doctor has him on three medications. (Don’t get me going on blood pressure.). But basically the problem is that he is diagnosed with “essential hypertension.” When in medical school we asked the lecturer (cardiologist) why it was called “essential,” and he simply stated that, that was what the old-timers called it, and out of courtesy it was never changed. (Primarily there are five — six known causes of high blood pressure. You check for those known causes, which are rare, and if they do not exist you make a diagnosis of being “essential hypertension.”).

The real reason, my own opinion, that they called it “essential hypertension,” was that the body knew that it had to raise the blood pressure to get blood/oxygen to a major organ. That organ (like a brain or kidney) is crying out to increase the blood flow. So doctors prescribe a medicine even though the brain is still calling to increase the blood supply to the head. The need hasn’t been fulfilled and eventually that first pill no longer works. So the doctor adds a second, and then a third, etc. My brother’s brain fog, becomes dementia, and I wouldn’t be surprised that eventually he needs dialysis. But don’t get me going. He doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. And he is married to a “Karen.” Just saying.

LOL! Did I answer the question?

Addendum: Look up Ancil Keys (not quite a Fauci, but just as evil.). Procter & Gamble/Crisco (their donation was the beginning of “cardiology.”).

One of the best articles I have read on cholesterol and heart disease. It is the first article I have seen that has placed Many of the major factors in one article. — Notadoc

How Ancel Keys Brainwashed the Masses Into Fearing Meat (He’s Wrong)

@patchy posts: Pardon my intrusion on this but I couldn’t resist as I’m highly familiar with this topic and the speaker you highlight in this clip. I spent much time researching for a friend re his mom’s Alzheimer’s delving into journals, studies, reports, pubmed and trusted sources like Ray Peat and Weston Price.

The clip is legit info from the author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie – A biomedical research pioneer, Dr. Joel D. Wallach spent more than 40 years in the field of Veterinary Medicine, observing and researching the effects of individual nutrients on animal health, before becoming a Naturopathic Physician in 1982.
Here’s the original presentation that went viral through old fashioned means back in the 80s in the nutritional realm

Seed oils, PUFA poly unsaturated fat/oils, are the main cause of oxidative stress which is oxidation of the unstable fatty acids that turn rancid then toxic in the body as they are difficult to process out, causing free radical damage. Saturated fats melt at low temps, they are more stable against oxidation/rancidity which is why you can store extra virgin coconut oil on and olive oil (although olive oil is a monounsaturated, not as stable as coconut) the counter without it going bad for years and why every bottle of seed oil will contain vitamin e (tocopherol) which is an antioxidant & anti estrogen to prolong its shelf life.

Niacin therapy is highly effective for repair and detox in its natural form (nicotinic acid) it’s well known for its flushing effect upon first taking a good dose which basically causes internal heat flash that works to clear out the buildup in arteries which is why it’s known to prevent & reverse cardiovascular issues but it actually is therapeutic for all issues related to oxidative stress, which is basically every condition associated with aging including Alzheimer Dementia.

EV coconut oil, EV olive oil and grass fed butter are the three safest choices for food preparation but coconut oil is also instrumental in the removal of the gunked up toxic PUFA compounded in the body, along with vitamin E and C which are potent anti oxidants, protectants. Saturated fats are healthy fats. Coconut oil is the highest saturation of oils.
Obesity is caused by excess PUFA intake, not caloric intake. This is how America became obese.

Ray Peat, who is now 86, is a wealth of knowledge on the politics of science, medicine & the food supply historically and where the lies are.
Fats – saturated fat can be used therapeutically to reverse disease/disorders -coconut oil benefits – good audio

Ray Peat (PhD in biology and naturopath) has been a wealth of knowledge and I just learned he was a Steiner educator from way back. Herb Doctors: Rudolph Steiner Schools, Biodynamic Agriculture, Education (2015)

Politics & Science: Fats

Here’s a master list of Ray Peat audios on various health topics filled with gold

@notadoc continues:

In reality, a cholesterol in the 220s is normal.

What you need to concentrate on is “real food,” made out of “real ingredients” and not chemicals.

Do you know who has the best history of having the least heart disease?

The “Eskimos.” They have over 100 words for “snow,” but none related to heart disease. They have no heart disease, diabetes, Obesity, hypertension or strokes. Those are the ones who are eating Their native foods. Their relatives who have moved to the big city, all have obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Back in their villages, basically vegetation doesn’t grow. They may get a few weeks of wildflowers, but the rest of the tundra truly is Non-digestible to humans.

They eat caribou and seafood. And their caribou and seafood are feasting on whatever else might be alive. I did once get a warning from the state health department, concerning them finding botulism in pickled walrus fin. So watch out for that.

From the Mayo Clinic:
Red yeast rice is capable of lowering blood cholesterol levels and total blood cholesterol levels. While the supplement is generally considered safe, it might carry the same potential side effects as statin cholesterol drugs.

@7seven7 adds some spiritual wisdom to the conversation:

As a builder I must ensure the foundation of the building is perfectly level and aligned before proceeding to build upon it. If one mistakenly does build upon a faulty foundation the fault will compound and arise in every aspect of the building.

This is common knowledge in the building trades. RS. points out the failure in the foundations of how our medical sciences have been built upon a faulty foundation by not taking into consideration the spiritual sciences or more specifically the spiritual forces acting in the human body. Linked below is a short RS lecture explaining this. Therefore until such time as we tear down the medical sciences and fix the foundations we will never be capable of building a structure in medical or any other science that is not flawed. Somehow we have to integrate the Spiritual sciences into our the foundations of sciences to come to a complete understanding the human and the world around them.

The Human Being as Body, Soul and Spirit. Brain and Thinking By Rudolf Steiner

Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace

This book was deleted from the internet. Thanks to Dominique ‘HotepSophia’ (on Gab at @DominiqueRebel) who saved a copy, we have preserved the March 1942 Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace by George Washington Carver. Decades ago, people knew about the nutritional and medicinal qualities of weeds and herbs. Big Pharma came along and started destroying the historical records and making the study of natural medicines forbidden.

Let’s get WILD with Lettuce

Over the last month, I have been posting videos and information on how wild leaf lettuce can be prepared to make a natural pain relief and sleep aid “medication” for your family use. Readers asked that I put the material one one page so everything can be viewed and shared from one hyperlink.

First, check out these selected articles on why you might consider having wild lettuce leaf in your natural medicine cabinet, especially with the disaster Big Pharma has become. At least you will know exactly what is in your medicine.

Wild Lettuce: Does It Provide Natural Pain Relief?

What Is Wild Lettuce?

How To Identify and Process Wild Lettuce For Natural Pain Relief


It is easy to make, once you have identified the plant. Here’s a video that shows you How to Identify Wild Lettuce


Need another video that helps you identify wild lettuce in the forest? Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa) – How to harvest then extract the opiate from the sap


Pro-tip: If you are not confident that you can identify wild lettuce, there is an app that can assist you. It is called PictureThis. Scan the plant you want to identify and the app tells you what plant it is – from flowers, trees, to all things botanical. Super cool app, but it does cost $30 a year.


Making Wild Lettuce Pain Relief Medicine Powder

In this video, the herbalist chooses to blend the lettuce in a blender. I have found that this doesn’t work too well when you are using the thick stalks of the plant which you definitely want to include in your brew because the stems contain lots of lactucarium. Instead, I just chop everything up and place in one or more pots for brewing on the stove top or slow cooker.

Other than that, this video demonstrate the process I like to use when making the powder version of the herb concoction. I then put the powder into empty gel caps for easy use. The final mix doesn’t have a nice flavor for teas, in my opinion.


CAUTION: Brewing wild lettuce can make you a bit high as the vapors seep into the room and you breathe them in. It makes the process even more enjoyable! Pro-tip: brew some (no lid) on the stove next time you have company and let everyone relax and chill a bit as they breath the soothing vapors in the air.


Using Wild lettuce



If you want to spice up your brew, add a poppy pod or two to your brew. Empty the pod of the poppy seeds (save seeds to plant in your garden), then crush the pod and place in your brew. (See notes below for more info on where to get pods.)

Wild lettuce tends to grow in drainage ditches or areas where the ground stays moist. It is fun to forage your own herbs and plants – it’s called wildcrafting. But if you can’t find a patch in your neighborhood, you can order the dried product from Mountain Rose herbs I have been ordering my dried herbs, of many varieties, for several years from Mountain Rose.


I am currently using the Kratky method of growing my salad gardens (inside and outside) and grow more lettuce than the family uses for meals. I let the lettuce that is no longer tender and sweet grow “wild” and let it go to seed. Your “tame” (or garden) lettuce will grow several feet, like wild lettuce does, and its stalk will contain lactucarium. I add the “tame” lettuce to my “wild” lettuce brew and get good results, plus none of my lettuce goes to waste.


Wild lettuce and garden lettuce no difference


You you prefer tinctures over powders, here is a simple recipe:

How to make wild lettuce tincture – Wild Lettuce


A Note on Poppy Pods:

Big Pharma loves poppies and grows it around the world, from Tasmania to Afghanistan. The CIA, working hand-in-hand with Big Pharma, protects poppy fields because their lucrative opioid industry is derived from the poppy pod.

Of course, it is illegal for citizens to create medicine from poppies, but for Big Pharma and the CIA, it has always been a cash crop. People around the world are prescribed opioids by “trusted doctors” and the drugs are distributed by pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. It really is no different than a drug dealer and the dark ally – same product pushed by the drug dealer, but in a sterile and clean supply chain. 

The propaganda story that is told all the time is that the opium trade is for illicit heroine trade, and that might be to a certain degree. But make no mistake about it, poppies are grown and protected for Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and other pharmaceutical companies. 

10 Medications that Are Opium Derivatives

The video below is an age-restricted video, so the link will take you directly to YouTube for viewing:

VIDEO – Poppy Medicine | A Deeper look at Opium Poppies

Poppies as a painkiller

When Big Pharma collapses and pain meds are hard to find….or when the AMA snake oil doctors decide you or your loved ones can’t have their opioid pain meds because you are not va666ed, you will be glad that you took our advice and had this book on your bio ark. 

Maybe you aren’t ready to make poppy tea or Laudanum just yet, but at least you will know how. We recommend that you order a PRINT COPY of Opium for the Masses: Harvesting Nature’s Best Pain Medication and keep on your bookshelf.

To order poppy pods (for decorative purposes only – wink):



California poppies make a nice tea for insomnia and anxiety. They do not contain opium and are easy to grow just about anywhere. In the winter, I keep a small pot (grown in soil) in my indoor salad garden. In the spring, the seeds can be thrown in your outdoor flower and vegetable beds. Tips for Growing California Poppy Seeds

Poppy Tea, A Natural Remedy for Insomnia and Anxiety!


The Medicinal Benefits of California Poppy!


We have other great health suggestions inside our ASCEND diet. It’s free and available as long as the internet stays up. You will learn how to make colloidal silver water, prepare for a liver flush, and get the globalist agenda out of your gut.

Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

We were going to recommend this hard-to-find book for your library. We have it in ours and buy a copies for friends and family who want to know more about the uses of colloidal silver water.

Perfect timing because today Steve sent us a 25% off coupon. This is information you will not find in the CENSORED internet. It is a treasured book in my collection of natural medicines and remedies.

Tyla Gabriel, ND


Off Entire Order Coupon

Code: LABOR25

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, by Steve Barwick


Let’s make sure AIMCats around the world are fully versed in the benefits of colloidal silver.

Here is my DIY recipe for making this amazing healing water.

If assembling your materials and supplies is too daunting, then check out Steve Barwick’s website and order one of his units:

Make your own dandelion tincture

By Tyla Gabriel, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor


We are seeing this info appear on social media. (Click headline to view article.)

RESEARCH: Dandelion leaf extract blocks spike proteins from binding to the ACE2 cell surface receptor

The engineered spike proteins from SARS-CoV-2 can be STOPPED by a common “weed” that is exterminated from lawns every year. A German university study found that the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinalecan block spike proteins from binding to the ACE2 cell surface receptors in human lung and kidney cells. The water-based dandelion extract, taken from the plant’s dried leaves, was effective against spike protein D614 and a host of mutant strains, including D614G, N501Y, K417N and E484K.


Do you know how easy it is to make dandelion teas, tinctures, decoctions and infusions? Dandelion grows just about anywhere. When I went on my walk this morning, I pulled a few handfuls of this dandy weed and put them in a sink of water for cleaning and sorting.

Then I picked out the dirt, rocks, and other weeds and rinsed them thoroughly in a colander.

You could stop right here and make an infusion (tea) by taking freshly cut leaves and steeping them for 30 minutes in hot water. Recommended use as a tea is to drink cold, hot, or warm 6 ounces 3 -4 times a day.

We prefer making dandelion into a potent tincture so we chopped up the leaves, stems, and flowers in the food processor.

Put the finely cut or ground herb into a jar and press down to compact, but not too tightly. Pour 100% Vodka, Brandy, Rum or other good quality spirits over the herb until they are fully saturated. Some states/countries do not permit the sale of 100% proof alcohol, so use the highest percentage that you can find. In Michigan, we are limited to 80% proof.

Place a lid on your mixture and place the jar in a sunny, warm place. I like to use my seed germination station that has a germination heating pad and a sunny window. Any sunny warm window will work. Let the mixture brew naturally for 2 weeks. Stir or shake twice every day.

After two weeks, strain off the liquid through wire mesh or a colander and squeeze as much of the menstruum as possible out of the herb pulp. Then filter one more time using unbleached coffee filter paper or cheesecloth.

Store in a dark, cool place.

Pour tincture into small dark amber glass bottles (with a dropper cap) for day-to-day use. Make sure to label the bottles with the herb name and store in a cool, dark cabinet until needed. Labeling is important as this process can be used to make any herb tincture and once brewed and bottled, they all look the same.

You can also make herb tinctures with cold-pressed grapeseed oil, substituting the alcohol with oil. This is called a cold infusion method. This can be used if you cannot tolerate alcohol drops.

Recommended use for tinctures is 1/2 – 1 teaspoon, 3-4 times daily. Place drops in water or juice to dilute the alcohol, yet keep the healing quality of the tincture.

If you can’t find dandelion, you can purchase dry leaves at health food stores or order online. My favorite place for ordering dried herbs is: Frontier Co-op. All parts of the dandelion are great natural remedies – the roots, leaves, stems, and flowers.

While you are here, don’t forget to keep colloidal silver water brewing in your kitchen with Tyla’s easy recipe. The only difficult part is gathering your supplies, but once you have done that, you can make gallons and gallons of this natural infection-fighter that the FDA tries to keep you from using or making.


To discover all the ways you can use silver water, check out Steve Barwick’s website:

Cancer Treatment with Chaga and Fenben

We have not heard of clif high’s treatment for cancer, but know that a few years ago he was looking pretty bad and reported to his YT listeners that he had cancer. We wanted to preserve his video on our platform as YT has become very aggressive in removing material about alternative health and medical treatments. It is important to do your own research if you want to try clif’s protocol. If the topic interests you, please read the listener comments under clif’s video on his YT channel which can be found at: woo treatment 2021-3-2(Tag: Cancer Treatments)


The Health Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

Fenben Lab

Government Studies Link Vaccines to Autism

Post from Persistence




But I am saying they have insanely bad side effects.

The medical industry gets sued on a daily basis for fucking up.


If you so much as say anything about them being wrong without spending a week or two reading them you just being ignorant dipshits who are incapable of trying to think outside your world view


1.) What is regressive autism and why does it occur? Is it the consequence of multi-systemic dysfunction affecting the elimination of heavy metals and the ability to regulate neural temperature?

2.) B-Lymphocytes from a Population of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Unaffected Siblings Exhibit Hypersensitivity to Thimerosal

3.) Thimerosal Exposure and the Role of Sulfation Chemistry and Thiol Availability in Autism

4.) A two-phase study evaluating the relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccine administration and the risk for an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in the United States

bill gates vaccine

5.) Autism: a novel form of mercury poisoning.

6.) The role of mercury in the pathogenesis of autism.

7.) Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism.

8.) Reduced levels of mercury in first baby haircuts of autistic children.

9.) The potential importance of steroids in the treatment of autistic spectrum disorders and other disorders involving mercury toxicity.

10.) Cultured lymphocytes from autistic children and non-autistic siblings up-regulate heat shock protein RNA in response to thimerosal challenge

11.) A case series of children with apparent mercury toxic encephalopathies manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders.

12.) A prospective study of thimerosal-containing Rho(D)-immune globulin administration as a risk factor for autistic disorders.

bill gates greta

13.) A possible central mechanism in autism spectrum disorders, part 1.

14.) A comprehensive review of mercury provoked autism.

15.) Hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and autism diagnosis, NHIS 1997-2002.

16.) Theoretical aspects of autism: causes–a review.

17.) A positive association found between autism prevalence and childhood vaccination uptake across the U.S. population.

18.) Conjugate vaccines and autism.

19.) Hypothesis: conjugate vaccines may predispose children to autism spectrum disorders.

bill gates

20.) Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?

21.) Transcriptomic analyses of neurotoxic effects in mouse brain after intermittent neonatal administration of thimerosal.

22.) Methodological issues and evidence of malfeasance in research purporting to show thimerosal in vaccines is safe.

23.) A dose-response relationship between organic mercury exposure from thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.

24.) Commentary–Controversies surrounding mercury in vaccines: autism denial as impediment to universal immunisation.

25.) Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?

bill gates evolution


Here is the FULL LEGAL AFFIDAVIT FROM A COURT CASE of the ex-expert witness from the FDA on vaccines.

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman’s full Affidavit on alleged link between vaccines and autism that U.S. govt. covered up




Out for Blood

Below is an email correspondence between a member of the AIM Conclave and a team member. The information may be valuable to researchers so we are posting it here:


So your research team dug up this on Dr. Shiva. Great job by the way!

You know what this reminds me of? — 19 year old Stanford dropout Elizabeth Holmes and her fraudulent blood testing company that made her worth $9 billion dollars due to “her” invention that promised to be able to test a variety of health conditions using just a small sample of blood.

The plan was to have the Theranos blood testing machines in every Walgreens and drugstore to create a DNA and blood database.

This 19 year old “somehow” tricked powerful men like Henry Kissinger, James Mattis, George Shultz, etc. to be involved in her blood machine company. In fact, the Theranos Board included an interesting, and telling, list of characters:

  • George Shultz, former US secretary of state
  • Gary Roughead, a retired US Navy admiral
  • William Perry, former US secretary of defense
  • Sam Nunn, a former US senator
  • James Mattis, a retired US Marine Corps general who went on to serve as President Donald Trump’s secretary of defense
  • Richard Kovacevich, the former CEO of Wells Fargo
  • Henry Kissinger, former US secretary of state
  • William Frist, a heart and lung transplant surgeon and former US senator
  • William H. Foege, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Riley P. Bechtel, chairman of the board of the Bechtel Group Inc. at the time.

It was then revealed by a whistleblower that Theranos’s promising technology was a fraud. Read this article from the Business Insider, a deep state propaganda rag, explaining how this teenager bamboozled this very experienced and powerful men into investing millions of dollars in her fake company. Right!—That sounds just like the typical playbook that was used for Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Shiva, the Google “inventors”, and others like them.

It is interesting to note that the director Alex Gibney did an HBO movie about the Theranos story, “The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley” to deflect the attention from what this company was really all about and who the investors all. They tried to make the story sound innocent so people wouldn’t pay too much attention. It appears likely that Alex Gibney is the deep state director they pull out to create a narrative for the masses to believe when the truth gets out and the jeanie needs to be put back in the bottle.  In fact, Gibney has done a documentary about Scientology, Enron, Henry Kissinger, etc. yet never, ever reveals the real truth.

Now, even more interesting is that BASIS International High School, the top high school in the country, is getting involved in the blood business. Apparrently, so the story goes, last year at  the International Science and Technology competition (ISEF) held in Phoenix, Arizona with 1,800 students from 80 different countries, including China, India, South Africa, and Brazil had two BASIS students that stood out from the crowd. This fair is one which students compete for $5 million in prize money and is a launchpad for them to start a business or get their work patented.

Two BASIS Scottsdale students were inspired by the Theranos story and set out to identify a faster, cheaper method for testing blood, with less blood needed, for medical purposes. These high school kids (supposedly) developed this patent ready technology all on their own. Better still, nearly 25% of all participants – high school youth— come to the science fair with patent ready ideas and technology.

Right! I’m sure we all believe that just like we believed Elizabeth Holmes at 19 years old developed similar blood testing technology and became the richest person her age doing so.

These BASIS Scottsdale high school kids are also like Mark Zuckerberg who in college over a weekend while drunk trying to pick up girls created FACEBOOK. That story if laughable on its face….just like these kids creating patent ready blood testing machines that will do it better than anyone — in only 20 minutes. Who are their investors — Henry Kissinger again?

The patterns become easy to spot after a while.

I bet if we dug into the backgrounds of those surrounding Saaketh Narayan and Nikhil Suresh, a senior and sophomore from BASIS Scottsdale, we would learn a lot. Just like we have with Dr. Shiva and Mark Zuckerberg.

We certainly know that as the Elizabeth Holmes documentary about Theranos told us, these globalists are most certainly “out for blood”.

And the Ancestry and 23andMe companies have connections to Chinese companies that they use to process Americans’ blood samples. Kyle Bass, an expert on China, learned that from a direct contact he has who is one of the best in the field of blood sequencing and how the Chinese can use the blood DNA to target specific populations of people – probably with scaler waves, among other technologies. In fact, in December 2019 the Defense Department advised military service members from using any of those at-home DNA kits because of “unintended security consequences”. If you look at who is on the board of 23andMe, it is Anne Wojcicki, the wife of none other than Sergey Brin, the cofounder of Google.

Is it any wonder that Google is buying up fitbit “wearable” technology, medical related and insurance companies?

I spoke with the CEO of BASIS two years ago and did not at all get a level of comfort with him based on our lengthy conversation. He used to be in charge of Scottsdale Prep and hired clear Socialists as the principal and assistant principal. I guess the name BASIS INTERNATIONAL should give us all a clue. This high school seems to be a feeder to the Ivy League Globalists schools.

Hope all is well with you!

~ K.


Your Theranos work fired some cylinders from 2016 research:




See Nano-based article attached. Search on “theranostic”

See also an NIH grant financing for

ASST_NON_R01GM104960_7529               R01GM104960  5402245               9/27/2012          2012      75               Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)                   National Institutes of Health    75   HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF (7500)              075-2015/2015-0846-000;075-2016/2016-0846-000            075-0846               621889815         TRUSTEES OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK          HEALTH SCIENCES DIVISION             621889815     TRUSTEES OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK               USA       UNITED STATES 630 W 168TH ST FL 4    NEW YORK          NY   100323725         15    Single ZIP Code  NEW YORK      NY                         10032   15     USA       UNITED STATES    THERANOSTIC NANO-OBJECTS: BASIC PRINCIPLES AND INITIAL APPLICATIONS   93.31    Trans-NIH Research Support    sub-grant       8b9428f58f0ff1e689294f85c940e87b               2018      3       2(GG011080-01)               1235097             9/20/2017      2017      943360412         ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY          ORSPA       806345658         ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY        USA       UNITED STATES      660 S MILL AVE STE 312 TEMPE        AZ                         852813670      5       U.S. State Government,Educational Institution,State Controlled Institution of Higher Learning         TEMPE  AZ     852876011         5             USA               UNITED STATES Dr.Hao Yan will lead the effort to design and construct DNA based nanoeggs for the proposed theronostic applications. This includes designing various nanoeggs forms using DNA origami strategy and developing strategies to open and close the nanoeggs to encapsulate and release the therapeutic compounds made by the co-PI s groups.               2018-04-03 12:32:18+00

See also another ASU-related Dr. Frankenstein project: Think mass poison delivery systems.

ASST_NON_1449500_4900         1449500        18921531           7/13/2017               2015      49     National Science Foundation (NSF)     4900      National Science Foundation        705             49          NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION (4900)      4900      National Science Foundation        705       049-2017/2018-0100-000;049-2018/2019-0100-000;049-2019/2020-0100-000          049-0100        50299031        WILLIAM MARSH RICE UNIVERSITY       RICE UNIVERSITY         50299031     WILLIAM MARSH RICE UNIVERSITY             USA       UNITED STATES 6100 MAIN ST    HOUSTON       TX          Texas    770051827        2          Single ZIP Code              HOUSTON           TX     Texas    770051827         2        USA       UNITED STATES NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Nantechnology Enabled Water Treatment Systems (NEWT)     47.041               Engineering Grants      sub-grant    75912192269769c8fd6bd5cd1023137a      2019      10     R3F800_14-1094_7SUBA      785444 10/21/2019      2020      943360412         ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY         ORSPA       806345658     ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY        USA       UNITED STATES     660 S MILL AVE STE 312 TEMPE               AZ          Arizona 852813670        5        U.S. State Government, Educational Institution,State Controlled Institution of Higher Learning     Tempe  AZ      Arizona 852813670         5     USA     UNITED STATES NEWT will develop treatment systems with interchangeable nanotechnology modules that are highly efficient, adaptive, and safe while offering the versatility and flexibility needed to respond to changes in source water characteristics or treatment objectives. Four academic partners   Rice University, Arizona State University, The University of Texas at El Paso, and Yale University   bring extraordinary nanotechnology and water treatment expertise to the Center. Novel photonic, electronic, catalytic, and magnetic engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) will introduce entirely new approaches to transform water treatment from a large, chemical- and energy-intensive process toward compact physical and catalytic systems. These innovations will benefit multiple stakeholders – from rural communities and locations hit by natural disasters to hydraulic fracturing oil and gas sites, where enabling reuse of produced waters minimizes regional environmental impacts.                            2019-11-26 16:39:00+00

Diabetes and COVID-19

Diabetes Can Increase Complications of COVID-19


  • For a limited time only, PBS is streaming a free documentary on America’s diabetes epidemic
  • More than 114 million American adults have diabetes or prediabetes and the economic ramifications of this condition are enormous. The U.S. spent $350 billion treating diabetes in 2019 alone
  • One of the best strategies to beat COVID-19 is to get any underlying chronic conditions under control; Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure can often be reversed via healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Type 2 diabetes is a diet-derived condition. It’s rooted in insulin resistance and faulty leptin signaling, caused by chronically elevated insulin and leptin levels. As such, it can be effectively treated and reversed through dietary and other lifestyle means
  • Research has shown fasting and a cyclical ketogenic diet can improve insulin sensitivity and reverse diabetes. Staying physically active is also important, as excessive sitting blocks a number of insulin-mediated systems, including muscular and cellular systems that process blood sugar

A salt could wipe-out diabetes?

Interesting timing for this video below from Propaganda Broadcasting Corporation. We are concerned that diabetes is being weaponized against citizens. What happens to diabetics if the insulin supply chain breaks down? Where do we source insulin? Where did diabetes come from and what is its purpose or consequences?

Why is sugar always blamed? Could diabetes actually be caused by nefarious scientists with agendas of depopulation and bioweapons?

For now, let’s watch this PBS special on diabetes which, because it is PBS, will be full of propaganda, misdirection and misinformation. For now, sit back and listen to what the “official narrative” is. It will give you a basic understanding of the diabetes medical universe so that when we start ripping it to shreds, you will know the underlying propaganda.

BTW: Patriots, we need to stockpile insulin and make sure that it is sourced in the United States ASAP. Furthermore, we need to look at the salt treatment and find out why it hasn’t the patent owner hasn’t released it to suffering diabetics.

Blood Sugar Rising | Full Episode | PBS


Shiva the Patent Shyster

robert kennedy


Thanks AIM Patriot Judy for pointing out this video where Dr. Shiva defends himself and throws Robert F. Kennedy under the bus. Watch the video to see the tenor and tone of Dr. ‘Shyster’ Shiva. Then stay tuned for AIM reports that show you both of these clowns – Shiva and Kennedy – are globalist vaccine puppets. They are there to keep you from looking at PIRBRIGHT and the Queen’s bioweapon war against humanity.

The Propaganda of Dr. Shiva

Not so fast Dr. Shiva..Let’s look at the details about your past claims to have invented email.

Shiva’s claims about being ‘the inventor of email’ are bogus, propaganda, Pilgrims Society smokescreen to put a patent claims buffer between IBM/Lotus and everyone else (the then chosen platform for the NWO)

shiva patent

Shiva Ayyadurai. (Awarded Dec. 23, 2003). U.S. Pat. No. 6,668,281, Relationship Management System and Method Using Asychronous Electronic Messaging. U.S. Patent Office.

Shiva Ayyadurai 1

In his 1999 patent,, Shiva only cites IBM Notes, and IBM Domino as prior art that was reviewed. Note: This was THE groupware system that the Highlands Group, DoD Office of Net Assessment and their Pilgrims Society handlers were counting on to implement the “IBM Internet of Things.” Notably, hindsight shows us that at this time, IBM had already founded the IBM Eclipse Foundation (Nov. 29, 2001) with Leader Technologies Ne’er-do-well patent attorney, James P. Chandler, III, and IBM Eclipse was already giving away Leader inventions (including its Leader Mail inventions for use with its social backbone), that they had stolen, to everyone in Silicon Valley, government, education, commerce and military.

This disclosure alone shows the Examiner, or Shiva, or both, were brain dead in their examination of “prior art” to meet the “novel and nonobvious” standards for patentability. Curiously, the “patent wrapper” for this patent does not provide the customary the file drawer for this filing, as it should do.

By the late 1990’s, numerous email systems with the exact features of Inbox, Outbox, etc. Groups, sorting, filters, etc. were in wide use. Those systems included: Leader Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Novel Groupwise, Novel Groupwise Email, Hotmail, YahooMail, Lotus Notes, Lotus cc:Mail, AT&T Mail, AT&T Access (DOS version), AT&T AccessPlus 3.0 (Windows version), CompuServe (csmail), GEIS (mark400), MCI Mail, SPRINT Mail, X-400, BITNET, AOL Mail (“You’ve got mail.”)

The patent attorney handling this patent is Khaled Shami (former patent Examiner) who says he is in the firm of BUCHANAN, INGERSOLL & ROONEY PC that does not list him as an attorney. His LinkedIn never mentions BUCHAN either

At minimum, this record raises numerous red flags. It is certainly ambiguous. The lack of a “patent wrapper” showing the examiner’s review of the Prior Art begs the question of who is running interference for Shiva? The patent is evidently invalid due to the utter lack of disclosure of significant prior art that the examiner should have used to reject the application as obvious and therefore non-patentable. Certainly Shiva is not justified in saying that he is the “inventor of email.”

This Wikipedia entry is a more accurate reflection of the origins of email.

One serious problem with this Shiva patent is that he does not cite his own prior work, touted on his current website, as prior art. Therefore, his own documents prove this patent bogus.

Here’s Shiva’s history from his site:

V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai. (Apr. 29, 2020). Inventor history, The Inventor o  Email – History.

(Note: We have backups of these documents if they disappear from Shiva’s website now that we are bringing attention to them.)

For example, he shows an UNDATED 1981 alleged Westinghouse entry describing his alleged email design in esquisite detail. This document appears to be fake. Notably, Westinghouse is a Pilgrims Society company that is organically tied to NBC, RCA, Marconi and the Pilgrims Society. At minimum, he should have cited this document as prior art on all of his email filings, which would render them all as obvious… if this document really existed, which we now doubt seriously.

He cites an irrelevant 1978 NYU document.

He cites and irrelevant 1978 FORTRAN output that merely mentions email, but there is no association with him.

He shows a newspaper article from Oct. 30, 1980 (p. 8, Sec. 2) of the West Essex Tribune. The article says this project was under “tutelage of Blair Krimmel, head of the math department and the Independent Study program.” Since Shiva does not credit Blair Krimmel as a co-inventor, any subsequent claims are fraudulent (“inequitable conduct”).

His 1981 Westinghouse award discloses:

email shiva

Such prior art disclosure renders his own work as must-cite prior art in subsequent patent applications—thus invalidating his patent claims as not novel and obvious.

His 1981 MIT article is more evidence that his ideas for email were already widely known, and therefore not patentable.

His 1982 Copyright application only serves to show that he disclosed his work to the public in 1982, thus rendering subsequent patent claims impossible to make (since the public already knew about it). Copyrights and patents are very different intellectual property animals.

His 1982 Dr. Leslie Michelson, Ph.D. article is irrelevant to the subject to email.

His subsequent patents 6668281, 6718367, 6718368 (note the last two were issued on the same day, by the same patent examiners). Very odd, unless a fake portfolio is being created as a buffer against patent enemies of the patent office and Shiva’s handlers.

Conclusion: Shiva’s claim to be “the inventor of email” suffers a definite sulfurous odor.

One of Shiva’s current companies – General Interactive

shiva companies