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History is not just written by the victors, but is promoted daily and weekly to keep the people from not just waking up, but deciding to reject oppression. We wish to destroy herd mentality. We see the return of privacy as the best chance to better humanity, since creativity itself is best served by the cloak of privacy. In the desert, man has no privacy from the sun, so he dehydrates and dies. If you shop in a market and see fruit that has been split open, it’s spoiled. Privacy is sacred.

These two mysterious sites (below) belong to Cicada 3301. Sevens exposed is a site made for the cryptographic mind. XYZ features the same content, but with some of the famous cicada prophecy thrown in. For those who know little about Cicada and its curious entry into the world stage a scant 6 years ago, the puzzles are mind boggling, and contain some of the most challenging ciphers, music that is considered equal to the great composers of the 18th century (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven) and strange prophecies that have repeatedly come true.

The March 14th puzzle prophecy is featured on the XYZ site and was launched ahead of the April 8th bombing of Syria and Lebanon by IDF fighter plains. Eagles are F15 jets. Cicada 3301 knew a month before hand ! Youtuber Frightknight has covered the puzzles intensely over the past several years. Cicada 3301 has just released a new video that may be tied to their senior member Fox. Stay tuned as we explore more Cicada 3301 mysteries in upcoming posts.


Sevens. Exposed