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Napa Valley Secrets -Zodiac Killer Update 2018!

Video post by jkthe traveler. Published on September 24, 2015

Cold case: Did a Napa County District Attorney commit a child murder?

In 1956 I was attacked and molested by Napa police officer Phillip Bucky Stewart. I think he also killed Doreen Heskett in 1963.

Forever 5: The Kidnap and Murder of Doreen Heskett

Who do I think this? I was abducted by Bucky Stewart on Jefferson St. In Napa City. So was she. Her body was found on Bucky Stewart’s ranch, owned by his father Earl Stewart. Many people know that Bucky and his police buddies were into dark stuff.

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Cold-case unit looks to wrap up mysteries

Napa County is one of the most corrupt places on earth and I want the attorney general to investigate the city of Napa and look into my allegations and prove Bucky Stewart killed this little girl. Napa law enforcement tried to intimidate me into shutting up. Now I tell my story.

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