Where is an Accounting of the Hush Money Paid Out by the Office of Compliance to Protect Congressional Members and Staff?

Miners and Smithies: Here is a downloaded copy of the Office of Compliance website. We are looking for the hush money that this office paid out for sexual and harassment complaints against congressional members and staff.

Look around and see if you find anything. Please let us know.

If the FBI can raid Michael Cohen’s office to seize details on hush money he may have paid out to a porn star, shouldn’t We the People know about the 350+ congress members who had hush money paid out to them by the U. S. Office of Compliance?

Or if you have other ideas of where this info might be, please send it to us. These are government documents that we should be able to get with a FOIA, but the Office of Compliance is refusing to release to the very people who footed the bill – YOU AND US!

Office of Compliance

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