Has Our Galactic Time-Line Changed?

By Guest Contributor Condor


I know this question will sound odd.  Did you ever happen to watch any of the “The Next Generation Star Trek- TV Series (1986-1994)? On February 17, 1990, mid-way through this eight-year series, a remarkable episode arose which really captured my attention.  A one-minute clip of that episode is found at the link below:

Yesterday’s Enterprise

In this remarkable episode, in a blink of an eye, the galactic time-line had changed for reasons initially unknown. In one moment, we had the familiar Enterprise spaceship exploring a relatively peaceful galaxy with military personnel, their families and children on board.  It the very next moment, the Enterprise is a warring vessel filled with Federation soldiers ready to continue an ongoing multi-decade war with an alien species.

Except for one individual, there is no indication that anyone on board the vessel senses the slightest difference in historical timelines. What is…has always been…and will always be.

Only one person on board the Enterprise warship, an alien named Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg-see image to right), instantly senses there has been a terrible galactic time-line change. She can’t quite put her finger on it but as she passes among the crew she senses echoes from she other time-line. Fan favorite characters, who died in prior years, are now alive on this war vessel.

New characters, who had been carefully developed over recent episodes no longer exist. The galaxy which was reasonably at peace is before in the other time-line, is now in turmoil everywhere. Technology is not as advanced as before. There has only been innovation for killing not for living and sharing.

Why am I taking the effort to bring this Next Generation episode up? Back in 2015, I was in my 3rd year of the thorium investigation when I suddenly connected some profound “dots”.  I was immediately struck with a terrible epiphany which shook me to the very core. It is like a bad science fiction nightmare that you cannot wake-up from.  Three events, one in 1963, another is 1969 and the last one in 1972, dramatically changed humanity’s time-line.

President Kennedy was championing a Star Trek future for humanity.  The Thorium technology, and it inventor, Alvin Weinberg had a promising power source, which could transform our world for the better while aiding Trekkies in reaching the stars.

I knew I would eventually adapt to the new alternative time-line. Before closing this chapter and continuing with my research, I felt compelled to write out the story board.  I wrote a short-story version of “A Wonderful Life” and I even had a couple dozen tee-shirts printed up.

Galt t-shirt.JPGI wear these T-shirts (both black and white) in public at least once a week.  I get quizzical looks.

Once in a great while, someone will be familiar with the Thorium story and mention it to me. Over the last three years some individuals will say they loved the John Galt book. I will smile and nod.

How can I tell the stranger who speaks up that an evil ancient cabal of criminal bankers have successfully turned humanity’s Star Trek future time-line into a prison planet time-line with humanity enslaved like a pen of hogs just waiting to be thinned and slaughtered?

Dare I tell them I believe Ayn Rand was thirty years ahead of Dan Brown in writing code.

Being a realist, if it took me three long years before I swallowed the red pill, I can’t expect anyone who lives in the Matrix to snap out of their trance and understand a world far outside their comfort zone. Not only would the stranger come away from our brief encounter wondering if I escaped some Lonnie-toon home the stranger might ask the government to see if I have any guns I should be relieved of. I would likely have ruined the stranger’s nice day.

I still believe there is great hope for the future and that we can return to the Star Trek time line. The criminal cabal never expected Ayn Rand and J. Robert Oppenheimer to collaborate on the epic novel, Atlas Shrugged.

As it opened my eyes to the time-line shift, so too might it one day open the eyes of the twenty-five to fifty million individuals who have read the book over the last sixty-one years. Just as it took teamwork on their part back in 1946, so too, might our collaboration open the eyes of humanity.

Maybe one day someone will come up to me and say, I learned the entire story on AIM4Truth.  Can you update me on what has happened since?


3 thoughts on “Has Our Galactic Time-Line Changed?”

  1. Planet X aside, what if our Sun has a twin (brown dwarf)? What if the precession of the equinoxes and the Yuga cycles are based upon the revolution of our Sun around its dual?




    How might the Yuga Cycle affect changes in timelines?

  2. There is evidence out there in the history of civilization of cycles – 144,000 years, 72,000 years, 14.4,000 years, 7200 years and 3600 years, the supposed cycle of Planet X. The ice ages fall within this range as well as the ELEnin events (ELENIN – EXTINCTION LEVEL EVEN IS NEAR? Was that a signal to those in the know?). What happened to the supposed passage of Niburu? What to make of such theories? What is the effect CERN LHC is having on this. Has CERN shifted us into an alternate reality or is it doing so constantly? Would this explain THE BUTTERFLY effect and THE MANDELLA effect? Or has this shift simply been one of consciousness, so that the same affects the outcome of reality, when Global Consciousness can be so manipulated by the KHABBALAH and Khazarian mafia in such a way as to affect the outcome of reality? How does this relate to the ideas of the HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE? Is space limited? What lies beyond the limit of the universe, if there is one? How can the universe be limited if we live within an entropic contained quantifiable and entangled universe with a measurable background radiation indicating it is flat, stable, has an origin and is expanding? Can the torus shape of our universe explain cycles of destruction and re-birth? What lies at the edge of the universe? What is the shape of the same?



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