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cropped-aim-4-truth-png22.pngWe have created several sites for truth education that provide in-depth citizen intelligence reports, daily truth news, and trending articles. These are located at:

American Intelligence Media

Americans for Innovation

Patriots for Truth

Truth Bits

We also maintain a great selection of playlists on YouTube.

youtube-iconOur YouTube videos from February 2017 –  November 2019 are now complete and we will not be returning to the platform.

Going forward, you can find us at http://www.vimeo/tylagabriel and at You can also find our new videos at AIM4Truth Videos-Audios.

For as long as our videos stay up at YouTube, you can find these playlists to enjoy and share..

Betsy and Thomas

Betsy and Thomas discuss leading current events with an eye for discerning truth from fiction.

AIM Insights

Thomas leads interesting and timely interviews and discussions with other patriots.

Truth History

What is our real history? The global cabal’s rule over planet Earth is coming to an end. Patriots want to know what really happened before the rulers of the planet wrote their history books of lies.

New Energy

There are many forms of energy that are available to humanity. Once the global elite are imprisoned for their crimes against humanity, they will no longer be able to keep these secrets hidden. Begin your learning process by exploring these energy alternatives.

New World Awakening

Douglas Gabriel explains how the Second American Revolution is one that will free humanity and lead us into a time of rejuvenation and renewal. This must-see eight-part video series can help you awaken to truth.

Leader Technologies

The story of the theft of social media is the biggest heist of all time. Once IBM Eclipse Foundation stole Leader Technologies proprietary codes for creating scalable internet platforms, they gave it away to anyone who wanted it – Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and anything that requires a log in code.

Critical Thinking

Many people missed classes in critical thinking when they were in high school and/or college. We are placing video tutorials in this playlist selection so that you can learn how to be a better, clearer thinker.

Glass Bead Game

Once you begin your travels inside our various websites, you will find that they are connected and that there are bridges between sites which you can take (or not) as your curiosity arises. We have carefully selected videos in this playlist that will support your journey towards truth and enlightenment.

5 thoughts on “AIM4Truth on YouTube”

  1. Merry Christmas & A Happy, Happy Wonder Many Years to come Aim4Truth, Betsy, Thomas, Michael M & all your Patriot Miners. So proud to be able to get truth news from you. What transformation the world is going through, with cell phone, the cabals demise stealing everything for evil, THE PANDORA BOX IS OPEN never to return to “their” own secrecy.
    So Thank you. I keep looking forward to reading all your news reports & pass to those who cant get in.🇺🇸👍👌🎄🎄🎁🎉

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