The Debt Cannot be Serviced

by James M. Miller 

I think that the consensus is in—the global ‘fiat’ debt economy has run its course. The central banks own everything! Because they own everything, they now want to do all that is necessary to hold on to their Ponzi gained valuables…essentially the world’s resources. It seems logical to me that what this person states in the video (see below), tracks with the logical conclusion of $300T global debt, that can’t be serviced.

The scenario coming by November, 2018 is rapid equity collapse, followed by hyper-inflation. No pension funds (my income from Boeing), will survive…public or private, including Social Security. Bonds will collapse to zero, globally because all markets will collapse.

This is the resultant of 100 years of fiat Ponzi debt fiat fractional reserve banking. It proves that commodity money is the only money that can be trusted. We have to return to a gold standard, but America only has approximately 5,000 tons of gold. It is only a fraction of the debt owed, and therefore, the ‘debt’ which is mostly industrial pension ‘promissory notes’ will collapse.

I paid into this freak show for 30 years, as did most Americans. What will happen in a few short months, is not only in the United States…it will be global and trade will cease for at least 6 months. Energy resources will sky rocket in price. Everyone will want Eastern Washington hydro power. The agriculture crops in Eastern Washington will be the most sought after crops on the planet. This area will thrive, and white man will be happy to pick apples again, as his government job will no longer exist.

This is the event for which Trump is destined to lead the way for America. I believe this will be his shining hour.

One thought on “The Debt Cannot be Serviced”

  1. The debt does not belong to us, it belongs to the bankers and 10 or so main banking families who own the central banks – Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, JP Morgans and so on.

    This fear of a crash is being pushed by the banking cartel to get us into even more debt and to justify another crash, from which they only profit even more.

    THE BANKING CARTEL OWES US TWO QUADRILLION DOLLARS. Our national debt is ONE BIG HUGE SCAM. The BANKING CARTEL – Federal Reserve banking famiies ow us 1000s of times more then our fake national debt!

    There is an abundance of wealth available to humanity and it is called The Global Debt Facility. The overseer mandate trustee has been appointed to care of this wealth of humanity. It is being used to set us free from all debt, as the banking cartel must pay the debt of all countries, since they owe us TWO QUADRILLION DOLLARS.
    We will have no crash as the banking cartel will be wound into insolvency – (which they already are) and new currencies will be issued globally NOT BY THE BANKING CARTEL AND NOT BY THE CENTRAL BANKS but by private citizens and communities, using the wealth in the Global Debt Facility as backing!

    Start creating your own currencies locally and then contact The Overseer mandate trustee when you are ready and would like your currency backed by an immense treasure of gold and wealth.

    See the Karen Hudes videos for full details and contact her by e-mail if you have questions or would like to ask her for help to set-up your own local currency to serve your city, state and country. She will welcome it and back it up with gold and the wealth available to humanity, which is THERE TO SET US FREE FROM THE BANKING CARTEL!

    AIM4Truth Anonymous.

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