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You guys are sending us some pretty amazing comments, links, and articles. We cannot read and listen to it all, but it is important that others have access to your material. We encourage you to leave comments under our permanent placement articles.

This is what “crowdsourcing the truth” means. Many voices speaking truth are much more powerful than one speaker’s single voice.

Remember, the internet is beyond time and space. It is a place of unfolding consciousnesses. People are at various stages of awareness and wakefulness on this journey we call the Glass Bead Game.

Seekers come to articles and material when they are ready to examine them. A curious person might do a word-search for ‘Senior Executive Service’ and this is when our truth material might become available to them. By adding your own thoughtful comments, you help us build digital lesson plans on various truth subjects.

The article becomes even more powerful to the truth seeker when he/she reads other excellent, thoughtful comments by patriots like you. If you want to leave a video link, describe the video in a phrase or sentence and then leave the video link on a separate line. This way your thumbnail will appear.

Montessori classrooms are arranged in a similar way. The teacher prepares the learning environment and then lets the curious student move to her place of interest. Older children teach younger children which enhances their own confidence and learning opportunities. As we like to say in our AIM4Truth Schoolhouse: “The children are working as though the teacher is not present.”

schoolhouseWhen you add your thoughtful, well-sourced comments to the main lesson, you are the wiser student teaching the novice.

Remember, Truth News Headlines only stays up for a few days so keep that in mind when you leave comments. If you want comments preserved, attach it them to permanent pieces. Additionally, any article at Patriots4Truth has a comment section, and these articles are permanent placements.

This is how we operate our One-Room Global Schoolhouse.


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