U.S. Federal Courts Are Unconstitutional

Federal Court System Operates Outside of the U. S. Constitution.

It is a Corporation NOT A GOVERNMENT UNIT.

The American people have been played as suckers. This is why the U. S. Military will need to seize all unconstitutional government units (SES, Serco, Crown Agents, federal courts, etc) and try the criminals through tribunals.


Judge Anna Maria Rezinger. (Oct. 15, 2015). A NATIONAL BEQUILED, ref. American Bar Association, International Bar Association Affidavit of Obligation, International Commercial Lien. Ref. 16-cv-01077-LTB (DC Co, 2016).

If nothing else, there are many potentially useful items in the timeline between the US and British bar associations.


Her websites are rough, but indicate a person who taught herself blogging well enough to get out her message. In her case, the rough form should not be mistaken for good content, it seems… but that is just from a CURSORY study.

Just verified something she wrote as true:

Reitz 1


Delaware Corporations Search, May 14, 2018 9:15am

Federal court



3 thoughts on “U.S. Federal Courts Are Unconstitutional”

  1. All Federal agencies, including U.S. Inc are private corporations run by the Federal Reserve banking cartel, which is owned by the Rothschilds and 10 main banking families, who owe us TWO QUADRILLION DOLLARS in bonds which have accrued interest. Now THEY MUST PAY! Our national debt is one big huge scam.

    The CIA is a private foreign owned corporation with headquarters in Switzerland.

    The FBI is a French owned private corporation.

    The IRS is a private scam artist corporation. Never was any law passed to make it lawful to collect taxes. The only reason you pay taxes is because you are using the private fiat Federal Reserve note, which binds you as an all caps CORPORATION, tried on the British ship of Admiralty law, and must pay tax under the law of private contract. You enter into a contract with the banking cartel when you agree to use their green back note.

    U.S. Inc is bankrupt.

    Again, THE BANKING CARTEL which runs and owns the Federal Reserve system, also private, owes US TWO QUADRILLION DOLLARS.

    Our national debt is ONE BIG HUGE SCAM.

    See the videos of Karen Hudes for further details.

    Note –

    So much progress is being made on this site, due to all the contributions we have made and continue to make in my comments and posts.
    Anyone who rejects Jesus as the Son of God incarnate is anathema.

    Everything we have said is correct. Who can prove us wrong? We care not to discuss religion, but do not accept bullies such as C-Change attacking us, nor do I like those who support his lies and heresies. Heresy makes those who seek justice very angry. So watch who you attack, lest you find yourselves fighting against God the Father himself and his incarnate Son Christ Jesus our Lord.

    We are the super heros restoring the Republic.

    Thank you.

    AIM4Truth Anon.

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