Truth Communities Thrive on Quality, not Metrics

Dear American Intelligence Media readers and viewers,

A note to those of you who have written and are concerned that our metrics on YouTube are down, we wanted to give you a formal reply and thought it was a good opportunity to explain the foundations upon which we have built our aggregator platforms – the American Intelligence Media and Patriots for Truth.

We don’t care about subscriber or viewer metrics. These only measure quantities, not quality. As you begin to work in the higher dimensions, you will understand that quality (resonance, vibration, tuning, color, community, relationships, passion, creativity, etc.), not quantity, is the preferred “measurement.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will never be able to replicate anything beyond a binary world. AI might be able to sort and process numbers faster than any group of humans, but it will never be able to replicate, for example, the warmth, humor, and sincerity we send you as you unfold your own perception of truth and share it with others in your own unique, qualitative way.

The American Intelligence Media researches and writes for intelligence “white hats” around the world that use our open-source material and citizen intelligence reports. Long ago the Conclave decided to put the research on an open platform – to be easily accessible to anyone in the world. Later, we added a free app for smart phones so that readers who might be censored or monitored could access truth material in a discreet manner – kind of like RadioFreeEurope, but for the whole world.

Along the way, we met people who were creating their own independent media platforms. Many didn’t have time to do deep research so they started taking our intelligence reports and created videos, audios, articles, posts…you name it. This was an unintended consequence of our work, but one that we fully embrace now.

AIM Organizes Cyber Research Teams

Casual listeners and readers drop into our YouTube channel and websites. They may even follow us for awhile. If they resonate with our message, they stay. If they don’t, they leave.

Whoever you are, thank you for dropping by. Take what you need. Stay as long as you like, but know this – we are very clear about who our primary audience is and offer no apologies if we offend you.


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