The Globalists Have Weaponized Food Against Patriots

A4T Peter from Australia sends in this documentary (below) on the U.S farm industry. In light of the tweets POTUS pushed out before the G-7 2018 meeting on the unfair trade practices and farmers, this documentary can provide patriots – not just in the U.S., but around the world – with the real backstory of today’s Big Ag industry.


TT Trade deals

TT dairy farmers

TT dairy farmers and trade



farmer“This documentary unveils some of the sombre practices underpinning the American food industry, exploring how corporations place profits before consumer health, worker safety and the environment. This documentary argues that industrial production methods are not only inhumane, but they are also unsustainable from an economic and environmental standpoint.

Filmmaker Robert Kenner visits farms and slaughterhouses and witnesses first-hand the disturbing conditions that prevail, such as chickens being grown so fast that they are unable walk properly, cows eating feed laced with chemicals, and workers risking their own safety to ensure that these products are made cheaply for the market. He also interviews various players in the industry including CEOs, advocates, authors and lobbyists.”

This is why the Gabriels created the ASCEND diet for patriots. The globalists not only want to obliterate your country’s borders, they also want to create a war in your bloodstream. Nothing is off limits to them in their fight to take over the entire world. They are actively destroying your languages, cultures, bodies, thinking capacities, families, children, and religions.

After you watch the documentary, you may be ready to take pro-active measures for your and your family’s health.

Since it may take some time to reverse the damage that has been done to our agriculture and health industries from the evil that is already in place, we recommend 3 easy steps you can take today.

  1. Get started with the ASCEND program and implement the protocols that resonate with you. The first lesson is easy to implement and can bring you positive health results – almost immediately.
  2. Take enzymes with your foods. (Tyla, who is a naturopathic doctor, created this formula for her family and friends.)
  3. Make and use your own silver colloidal silver water with this super easy recipe.


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  1. Lived in Japan in the 70’s – Red Delicious apples from Washington State were $10 per apple.

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