by Guest Contributor Charles C. Miller

Our President, Donald John Trump, executed his personal pledge issued in his inauguration address. President Trump recognized that he was the servant of the people and this was our country. In the meetings with her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II he acted as our servant carrying our power and expressing it according to international law and treaty

The true understanding at depth of this statement is lost on most Americans.

Reference to the treaty of peace 1783 at Article 1 clarifies this issue in a very clear manner. “His Britannic Majesty acknowledges the said United States, viz., New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, to be free sovereign and independent states, that he treats with them as such, and for himself, his heirs, and successors, relinquishes all claims to the government, propriety, and territorial rights of the same and every part thereof.”

FIRST: King George binds himself and all of his heirs to this present moment. Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II is bound by this statement today

SECOND: All claims to any control over government activities , past, present and future, in the newly recognize nation are foreclosed from that point to this moment. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is bound by this statement today.

THIRD: All claims to the ownership and control of real property held by King George were given up in that moment. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is bound by the statement today. However, certain issues came up later ratifying the ownership of the crown, the future Kings or Queens , in certain properties within the exterior boundaries and under the jurisdiction of the States United.

FOURTH: The word proprietary in it’s meaning the day the treaty was signed means chattel property. Chattel property is property other than real that is movable. Chattel property covers people as subjects, property of the King. In other words he gave up ownership and control of the people living on the soil of the newly constructed and recognized Union States as a nation. This is the key element to understand.

At the time the treaty was signed there were only two classes of people: Subjects, i.e. chattel property, and Royals, the owners of the subjects. King George recognized us as equals, Royals. Without this recognition King George could not enter a treaty empowered in the name and by the authority of the good people who created our government structure with which he was dealing. This is because there is no legal or political mechanism for treaty to be entered nor ratified by parties that are not of the same standing and capacity.

In short King George recognized us as equals, Sovereigns. Being that King George was the direct franchisee of the Vatican and its powers as stated in the treaty, the Vatican as the franchiser of all the Royals of Europe recognized our sovereignty as well.

President Trump enforced this position of recognition upon Queen Elizabeth II.

When president Trump and his wife failed to bow and walked in front of the Queen he acted as the Sovereign People’s servant in very clear action that he was not subservient to, lesser than, nor owed any allegiance or recognition to any superior, in particular Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II.

Trump walks with queen

President Trump‘s actions sent the clear message to all of those understanding protocol worldwide that the American sovereign people and our government will no longer recognize nor allow Queen Elizabeth II, her actors or agents, to operate on our soil as superiors or controllers in any manner over our government operations.

President Trump’s actions told the whole world that our Declaration of Independence is alive and well today and that the 1783 Treaty of Peace will be enforced at all times, in all places and all circumstances.

Thank you Mr. President for once again showing the American people and the whole world what personal integrity and right action looks like.


Please recall how many other presidents bowed to the Queen and walked behind her.

For the first time we have a real President carrying the Peoples Sovereignty to its first source of recognition, the English Royalty, as franchise to the Vatican.

As a real American, with duly served and recognized documentation to prove it, I am humbled by the fortitude and drive to serve the principles of the great American experiment in individual self governance, exhibited by Donald John Trump, my President.



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  2. WOW!! I was thoroughly impressed with the performance of our president Trump!! In my 66 years, I have never seen the queen smile so broadly and actually look happy with another leader ever. I didn’t think she actually could smile, but glad to be proven wrong. AND the sun was shinning— a rare occurrence in that country… When I was there in 1967, the Beatles were in the United States. What a shame that I never got the chance to see them in person …

  3. I cannot express the thrill I felt when Melania Trump did not curtsy and President Trump did not bow to Queen “Vampire” Elizabeth. I have never agreed with the protocol as the monarchy is nothing but a medieval relic that should be abolished world wide. What purpose do these vampiric blood lines serve? Their entire purpose appears to own and live in numerous castles and collect a lifetime salary at the expense of the working man/woman/child on the planet. They are nothing better than tics sucking the blood from any living mamal they manage to inject with their harpoon like appendage.

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    Yes, when I saw that the President did NOT bow to the Queen that previous precedent had been broken, that POTUS was announcing to the World that America is free and independent. In that small gesture, which incidentally upset a ton of Brits who DO understand royal protocol, President Trump, telegraphed to ALL royals that they were now dealing with a free country, free of all covert and overt controls by the secret gov’t (SES and SERCO) as well as the Vatican. God Bless, President Trump.

  5. In all of my 61 years I have begged for a business man, instead of a political party, to occupy the White House. Now America has a true leader who represents this nation and it’s citizens. Damn the obstructionist and back stabbing party members. Finally we have someone in office who can’t be bought or intimidated ! Hail to the Chief !!

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