A Lot of Bad People in Washington

After reading the article below from the Gateway Pundit, listen to Thomas and Betsy discuss whether things are as desperate as the publication makes it seem.

GET READY AND PRAY TO GOD — The Time Is Now — The Imposters Are Preparing The Final Act in Their Coup d’état

A Lot of Bad People in Washington


Now read about Fetthulah Gulen in this blockbuster citizen intelligence report.

Muslim Imam Rips-off U.S. Charter Schools


President Trump Calls To Congratulate Rush Limbaugh – 30 Years in Broadcasting

5 thoughts on “A Lot of Bad People in Washington”

  1. Dear Douglas and Tyla, When in public I ignore political correctness and as I “bump into” anyone and engage in conversation, As soon as possible I inform them that “American Intelligence Media” is my only source for the REAL truth. It helps me decipher the deceptions in all other sources of information. And that once they get to know your incredible depth of knowledge and honesty, They will be calling everyone they love or care about to tell them about you guys. And I will also try to mention to them that right now it is more important than ever to understand one’s spirituality and that they should visit your site “The Gospel of Sophia”. Many others and I would be lost in a sea of deception if you fall victim to the ongoing censorship. We Love you, And keep up the hard work that you do for us all ! Kind regards, Conrad

    1. Thank you, Conrad, for this most excellent feedback….but shhhh, CNN thinks it is “Q” doing all the magic. We like to stay hidden deep within the network.

  2. Thanks for all you do to help awaken us to the truth! I realize that President Trump is trying to make America strong and independent. My more liberal friends always bring up Trump’s environmental agenda. I just wonder how you justify fracking, offshore drilling and other not so friendly environmental practices? Is this just a temporary trend so we aren’t fighting wars over oil and other resources?

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