Magic Does Not Break the Laws of Physics

By James M. Miller

Magic does not break the laws of physics; it merely hides them from view. This is the essence of our current election systems. To me, after all of this work, it is apparent that the ‘state’ has assumed the role of the ‘magician’, realizing that ‘illusion’ and ‘fantasy’ are easy to substitute for ‘reality’.

Maybe, each citizen should watch the child’s video of ‘action/reaction’ before they sit in front of the tally machine that counts for them, making the tally ‘hidden and secret’.

Why is there ‘faith’ in the ‘hidden and secret’ and no ‘faith’ in the ‘observable phenomenon’? I think because the citizens have become uneducated to the point where ‘entertainment’ has more value than ‘physical reality’. Think 9/11.

I called the Chairman of the Washington state Democrat Party and asked if he was interested in the ‘Writ’. He immediately began to tell me the ‘process’ for the ‘ballots’, never mentioning the ‘tally’ which is ‘hidden and secret’.

When I pointed this out, he immediately said the machines were ‘tested’.

I asked by ‘whom’.

He said the ‘Federal government’.

I asked if the Feds actually did the work or if it was a 3rd Party vendor expert? He did not know. So the point is made.

No one is actually questioning the magic? Everyone has been focused by the ‘state’ or the ‘magician’ on the ‘ballots’, ‘ballot security’, ‘ballot numbering’, ‘ballot storage’, etc. No one has ‘ever’ asked about the ‘tally’ process. In WaCourts, not appellate documents denote actually questioning the ‘machines’ themselves. Everyone, is merely being entertained.

To learn more about Writs of Mandamus that you can file with your secretary of the state or election officials, see

File Your Own Writ of Mandamus

Only YOU can prevent election rigging

One thought on “Magic Does Not Break the Laws of Physics”

  1. Dr Laura Pressley has been fighting an obvious “fractional vote rigging” case in Texas, and the crooked, appointed Secretary of State election officer who ORDERED all county clerks to violate state law on voting machine tallies. This straight forward case has support from the Texas Attorney General and has been under final review by the idle Supreme Court for over four months.

    Sing the Writ in every Texas county !

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