15 thoughts on “The Dominoes Fall”

  1. Nice!😎 the volume was a lil low but I got the point, lol! Was that all those fake ballots in the boxes? And, these stupid people keep trying to push us n2 martial law- they dumb people’s
    And, I don’t understand why they don’t get that!!! Dont they get the hunger games and all those stories, that nothing Good can come from all this chaos and division. I like it!!☺ Thanks for All you do and tell MM I’m putting the word out wherever I can. May YAH Bless and Keep You!❤

    1. Whenever you have a volume problem, check the YouTube frame for the volume icon that pops up. YT loves to mute or low volume videos like ours to frustrate patriots.

    2. I keep hoping that all the betrayal since 1933 can be undone. I keep wishing for equal justice for all people. I keep watching and waiting to see if the tide has turned. I keep praying for DJT, because without him, we would have had her, and there would have been no hope, no prayer, and no justice. Peace.

  2. I so appreciate your labors, your efforts, and all that you bring to the table, the accuracy and the timeliness of it all is so relevant that I can’t begin to express my gratitude. Today was the first day in almost a year that I have not been able to participate. I always listen on YouTube and Tweety Bird referred me to this site today and I can’t get a feed to come through on the video. Bless you and all that you do thank you

  3. Watch “Special Report- State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’” on YouTube

    Mention this publicly available evidence of named gov mafia and their crimes, straight from the FBI Chicago Field Office Motherlode File. It’s actionable, yet many choose to leave it on a shelf to collect dust, because the entertainment of puzzles and suspense is what really satisfies them. How about you?

  4. Thank you sooo very much! Youve lifted my spirits…..Our Glorious President is a Man, a Good Man! but a Tough Man! more importantly, he’s a Righteous Man! made Righteous by God!😇

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