Is it getting hotter or colder?

AIM4Truth Val asks us:

You say that global warming is a fraud. Do you think Dane Wiggington is a plant from the government? He is claiming imminent catastrophic warming is already a sure thing?

Our Reply:

If we thought his information was relevant and accurate, we would post Wiggington’s info on Truth News Headlines. Below are some excellent reports sent in by AIM4Truth contributor, Friedrich-Karl Ewert. These documents are technical, but who are we to presume that there are not people in our audience who will understand them?

B EW 2016 NA-GI What recorded ENG corr Txt

B EW 2016 NA-GI What recorded ENG corr Annex

A EW GISS Why altered, short in German

A EW GISS Why altered, Report Txt

A EW GISS Why altered, Report Annexes

A EW GISS Why altered, Example Alice Springs 2010- 2015

A EW GISS Why altered, 45 Examples


Lately, our audience has heard us discuss the Maunder Minimum. We believe that is where Val heard us discuss the global warming fraud. The link below explains this effect:

Modern Solar Grand Maximum Ends: ‘Little Ice Age’ Cooling Coming!

We have several climate videos that we have been keeping “on ice” for questions like this. A4T Ken asked a similar question. These are pre-approved videos by Conclave member Condor.

If you want to read posts by Condor, type his name in the search bar of and He is our go-to guy for truth about energy and the climate.

Listen to David Dilley on Climate Cycles

Part II: Short-and long-term cycles:

Part III: Blackballing Climate Cycle Scientists

Condor wrote us:

“Anyone interested in learning why we are returning to the frigid cold temperatures of the 1920s, or worse, another “Little Ice Age” for possibly the next 50 to 100 years, they might want to watch this July, 2015 video below:

Here are the points he makes in the video:

1. The 18+ years temperature pause is real. (4.09)
2. Natural cycles are behind the current pause.
3. Ice cores show CO2 lags temperature. (5.00)
4. 7000 years ago there was 50% less Arctic ice. (8.20)
5. The 1000-year cycle is real. (9.20)
6. Planet has been cooling over past 10,000 years. (9.34)
7. Natural cycles are driving our climate. (10.04)
8. Shows cooling from 2023 to 2150.
9. Current warming is perfectly natural.
10. Milankovitch cycles driving large-scale cycles. (13.00)
11. Gravitational forces can bulge Earth’s core by 1.4 km (15.35)
12. Gravitational forces impact global temperature (17.20)
13. Warming and cooling both begin at the poles (17.48)
14. Arctic warming/melt was caused by warm ocean pulses (19.50)
15. “Now starting to see a dramatic cooling in the Arctic“. (22.50)
16. “Arctic is cooling rapidly now. Rapidly!” (24.06)
17. Both poles are cooling rapidly now. (25.05(
18. Poles don’t show signs of warming. (26.30)
19. Western drought and Eastern cold due to 26-year cycle. (27.55)
20. Polar vortices due to Arctic/global cooling. (29.25)
21. Lunar cycles correlated with warming/cooling cycles. (31.30)
22. Rapid global cooling by 2019. (32.00)
23. “Temperature fiddling” are “more political than anything”. (32.56)
24. “Could be the biggest scientific scandal ever”. (33.20)
25. IPCC using “estimated temperatures”. (34.00)
26. How the government manipulated, rewrote data. (36.00)
27. “This is temperature fiddling.” Not the truth. (36.45)
28. NASA, NOAA’s “politically driven press releases”. (37.00)
29. Met Office calls NOAA’s 2014 claim untrue. (38.00)
30. Major data fiddling, cheating by NOAA. (39.50)
31. “The 97% consensus is bogus”. (41.00)
32. John Cook cooked the consensus data. (41.30)
33. 85% meteorologists say climate change is natural. (42.20)
34. Global cooling is the real danger. (43.20)
35. Volcanoes and cooling often correlated. (44.00)
36. Crop failures from cooling “very likely”. (45.45)
37. “Extremely cold” from 2025 to 2050. (46.36)
38. Global cooling next 125 years. (47.00)
39. “The cooling is coming”.

“We Are Now Starting To See A Dramatic Cooling In The Arctic”, Says Former NOAA Meteorologist …”Extremely Cold” From 2025 To 2050!

Dangerous Climate Change in 2019 – What the Government and Media has Not Told You

4 thoughts on “Is it getting hotter or colder?”

  1. All one needs to do is to look up in the sky and see the trails of jets as they criss cross the sky to KNOW that there is geo-engineering going on. What it does to our everyday climate is measurable and undeniable. This is not the same effect that comprised the Paris accord where it climate changes were blamed on reasons that would foster global govt controls. This is govt and private engineering creating weather modifications for military and economic gains and extending a spin to blame it elsewhere. Why would you deny that as credible? It is too obvious. I listen and read you every day but I urge you to spend more time to recognize the integrity of geoengineering and what it is doing and has done to destroy property with floods, drought, chemical pollution and more.

    1. We didn’t say that there are no chemtrails are in the sky. We have said many times that these need to be stopped. We didn’t say that there wasn’t geoengineering going on. Read the papers we attached and you will see that the planet is going through a cooling stage. It is called the Maunder effect. Don’t let geoengineering fear mongers have you believe that the earth is warming. Quite the opposite,

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