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Elon Musk’s involvement with key globalist groups

A reader from the AIM group sent us this note, after reading our latest post on Elon Musk:


Hi, AIM:

I don’t know if you included Elon Musk’s involvement with the ASU McCain Institute Sedona Forum event. The Sedona Forum is a key Globalist front organization that operates in plain sight in Arizona. The Who’s Who of Globalist stooges attend. Biden and Clinton were attendees. Eric Schmidt and other Google/Big Tech players. Lynn Rothschild is on the Board. 

There is no chance Trump didn’t know about the ASU McCain Sedona Forum — who attends (Elon Musk), what they talk about, the agenda, etc. 

Sedona 2015 event

In 2015 Elon Musk was on a panel with fraudster Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos discussing the Global Economy of all things. Why is the 19 year old Elizabeth Holmes with a semester of biology on a panel with Elon Musk at the Sedona Forum discussing the global economy? What does “her” blood testing/DNA harvesting company have to do with the global economy? Rhetorical question….I already know. (I believe my short commentary “Out For Blood” was posted on the AIM4Truth site.) — scroll down re: Lynn Forester de Rothschild/ASU McCain Institute Sedona Forum

By the way, once Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos were exposed as a fraud, In-Q-Tel invested in another blood collection company called (HOLY) GRAIL, which is connected to Illumina (a genome sequencer company also the recipient of In-Q-Tel $s) and included in the George Poste/ASU-Michael Crow GLOBAL BIOSECURITY powerpoint presentations. 

At some point, you should listen to Scottsdale, AZ  BioDefense (Sir) George Poste’s presentation on creating Synthetic Hybrid Humanoids. I have the entire videotaped presentation. Quite shocking when put in context of Michael Crow’s videotape clips admitting to the same objective. These are among the top CIA/DOD folks outright admitting all of this, and they live right near me in Arizona. Yet, no one mentions their name — particularly George Poste.

What do you make of the Elon Musk character dumping some truth via Twitter? 

And what exactly should we do with all this information?  We know that the civilian government is corrupt to its core. Is there no one that is trustworthy in the American military any longer? 

The US Petro $ is finished obviously. Are we to assume the Globalist CBDC is the final solution? I don’t think that’s the end game at all. It’s merely the end of “their system”. 

~ Kristen 

Elon Musk is a DARPA cardboard cutout fraud

King Charles’ Sausage Fingers and Face Rash Point to 5-P Syndrome

We asked our in-house not-a-doctor. (Gab at @notadoc) for his opinion about these sausage fingers. He attempted to give us a reply, but Gab would not let him post – gave him a code 403. But that doesn’t stop cats from finding other ways to disseminate the info.

He writes:

“I posted some things on his medical condition back around the time of the funeral.

My diagnosis (that you can take to the bank) is that Charlie 3.0 has “5-P syndrome.”

“5-P syndrome.”: Piss Poor Protoplasm Poorly Put-together.

(I once worked with a great elderly doctor who actually put that on the patient’s chart. The front office actually came to me for input, because they couldn’t find “5-P syndrome” in the medical code book.)

No one can truly make a diagnosis, without a thorough medical history and physical exam. A lot of the diagnosis are a “smorgasbord.”

One rule of medicine: the more common things occur more commonly. That comes from the medical saying “when you hear hoofbeats, don’t think of zebras.” One of my roommates in medical school was from Uganda. He would always say, I think of zebras. (He actually had a zebra skin shield that he once used to protect himself from automatic weapons carried by Masi worriers. He also moved to the back of his clan.).

The first thing I noticed was the “butterfly rash” on his face. That is, frequently considered lupus, which is an autoimmune disease. (More common in women). Lupus may also have swelling and arthritis in the fingers, etc.. Sarcoidosis is another autoimmune disease which can have the sausage fingers and a rash.

Having an emergency medicine foundation, on every patient I think of what would be the worst condition. Before that patient leaves my presence, I have to make sure that I have evaluated for that. It is tacky when the patient dies Immediately after your evaluations. (I’ve seen it happen). With the swelling, and especially with his age, (and today, anyone who has been jabbed), you have to rule out heart failure. A close one behind that would be renal failure. Typically, those swellings begin in the feet and progress up the body and eventually shortness of breath and then failure. You can have any type of vascular problem along with various arthritis’, TB along with TB medications.

Another medical saying: Any type of rash can be syphilis. Infections can cause a rash and swelling. You can even have an arthritic syphilis. When I did a little research last month, they included chlamydia causing this form of rash also.

The reality is, the various diagnoses might be a multitude. Then add all of the treatment side effects. With these symptoms, and his age, these processes have probably been going on for some time now. Seeing that he has a lot of symptoms in the autoimmune section of the smorgasbord, I am sure that he has been on some steroids. If he has swelling, he is probably on diuretics. And then you have the side effects of these medications individually and combined.

Another major and forgotten medical saying: Never leave your patient alone with a specialist. Make sure that you always leave a nurse with a specialist for the protection of the patient. Rarely will a specialist consider other body parts except their specialty. It is like they have blinders on. You know Charlie has been seen by a lot of specialists. One specialists won’t want to offend another specialist, therefore treatments are stacked upon other treatments. Those in emergency medicine and theoretically family practice, are more of the generalist that are looking at all the systems together. But the only way that you can make a diagnosis, is consider that it is a possible diagnosis and then test for it. “Test don’t guess.”

What Charlie needs is to be “detoxified,” and then given “nurture.”

He will never get these. I am sure his cabal has some “super – hidden treatments.” But can those advanced treatments overcome decades of lifestyle?

Charlie 3.0 is a short timer. Could he be a “little horn”?

Washington State Put on Notice by Patriots for Election Corruption

Thanks to Jim Miller in Washington State for putting these officials on notice that patriots will not tolerate rigged elections. Below are some email correspondences that we want available for AIM Patriots assisting Jim in his efforts to clean up Washington State.

He has offered The Miller Plan for cleaning up election corruption in Washington State and has put all of these folks on notice and we present this to you on a public forum so that we can keep an eye on this.

If you are in Washington State, contact Jim and join the AIM team to unlock Washington for a MAGA win in November. . If you are in another state, look over this information and put your state officials on notice, just like Jim and Freedom Washington have.

Here’s the Miller Plan:


Email acknowledging Jim’s Miller Plan received

From: Dylan Moore <>
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2020 9:17 AM
To:;; Brenda Chilton <>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Julie Anderson <>;;; Robert Waymire <>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Mike Rooney <>;;;;;;; dearmorek@co.wahkiakum;;;;

Subject: The Miller Plan to Ensure Election Integrity – Freedom Washington

Dear County Auditor,

You will find attached PDR The Miller Plan. This email is an official notice that you have received it.

Please review the document and begin to make preparations to put the plan in place for the 2020 election.

Given that our volunteers have been informed of the Miller Plan and are ready on notice,

Given that the SOS has previously implemented certain limited manual verification count of ballots,

Given that the writ of mandamus already describes in detail what needs to be in place,

We respectfully request that the you respond to our request no later than 10/1/2020 in order to facilitate the manual count procedure as described in the attached Action plan.

Dylan Moore
Freedom Washington


REPLY to Jim’s email

Subject:RE: The Miller Plan to Ensure Election Integrity – Freedom Washington
Date:Mon, 5 Oct 2020 21:16:13 +0000
From:Julie Anderson <>
To:Dylan Moore <>

Mr. Moore –

As President of the Washington State Association of County Auditors, I have been nominated to respond on behalf of our 39 county members.   

Thank you for introducing us to Freedom Washington. Election administrators are always happy to hear of citizens passionate about education in civics, Washington State history, and the Washington State Constitution.

We read The Miller Plan with great interest. Like Freedom Washington, we are committed to practical procedures that increase the transparency, integrity, and trust of our elections process.

While we appreciate the intention, county election officials are unable to endorse The Miller Plan.  Auditors will continue to follow state law and administrative code.  We strongly believe that existing practices – set in law – are transparent and rigorous. And these practices validate the accuracy of ballot tabulation.

We’ve referenced several key state laws below.  Please contact specific counties to learn more about the physical security surrounding tabulation equipment and ballots (each county has different facilities, thus there is a bit of variation buildings, cameras, etc).  

RCW 29A.12.130

At least three days before each state primary or general election, we test the programming for each tabulation system.

The test verifies that the system will correctly count votes.

The test is observed by at least one representative from each major political party and is open to candidates, the press, and the public.

A Secretary of State representative is present at all state election L&A tests.

RCW 29A.60.185 

Prior to certification of the election every county auditor shall conduct an audit.

This is mandated, not optional. All 39 counties conduct this audit.

The audit compares the tabulated (digital) ballot with the original paper ballot.

This audit procedure is open to observation by political party representatives. The political parties randomly select the sample. This procedure is also open to observation by the public.

The secretary of state determines when and how an audit should be expanded to include additional ballots when an audit results in a discrepancy.

RCW 29A.60.110

Immediately after their tabulation, all ballots counted must be sealed in containers.

The containers may only be opened by the canvassing board as part of the canvass, to conduct recounts, to conduct a random check under RCW 29A.60.170, to conduct an audit under RCW 29A.60.185, or by order of the superior court in a contest or election dispute.

We also note that each time a mandatory manual recount occurs, 100% of the original paper ballots are hand counted and compared with the tabulated count.  These hand recounts of publicly elected offices have not revealed any discrepancies.  This is particularly true since counties have gradually adopted digital systems and moved away from less-sensitive optical readers.

And finally, we understand that you have concerns about the USB drive used to upload local results to the state’s reporting system. In addition to these USB drives being inspected, certified, and sealed by the OSOS Security Operations Center, local results are posted on each county’s website, independent of the state’s results reporting.  Even if someone in the state office were able to tamper with the aggregated state report, it would not alter the published local results.  I can assure you that the discrepancy would be quickly spotted by each and every county, as well as media.

Thank you for reaching out to us.

In an effort to reduce cybersecurity risks, all counties avoid opening attachments and clicking on links from outside sources.  If you need to respond, we’d appreciate text in the body an email.

Julie Anderson

Pierce County Auditor

P: (253) 798-3188


JIM Summarizes the situation with a response that he has been giving on radio and YT interviews:

It is evident that you have mis-perceived the crux the shortcomings I have discovered in the WA election process specifically the tally verification process for both local and state totals. Since they are derived from the same media, one can only assume that they are the same report, which logically will ‘ALWAYS’ be the same. Without verification by a multi-partisan citizen panel to audit the ‘ballots, ‘ anything is possible with a software program; including read write options that change after logic tests of any number, responding to another set of instructions at will…including erasure of the program itself.

Software is ‘hidden and secret’ and by its nature breaks the multi-partisan chain of custody of the ballots in total, and the tally final that determines the election outcome. This is ‘self-evident’, ‘crystal clear’, and intuitively obvious, that the software cannot be ‘observed’ when being executed on the computer; and that only the ‘resultant’ of the instructions can be observed, thus no amount of citizen observation can change this fact. Observing the ‘sun rising in the East and setting in the West’ does in no way change the outcome of the Sun’s orbit. Citizen’s observations without comparative analysis by ‘human counting’ of the same ballot sets is the only acceptable method by which confidence in the election process can be made and ‘observed’.

Nothing in your response addresses the shortcomings of the breach of multi-party chain of custody; either in a criminal or civil sense of its definition. Multi-party chain of custody of the evidence (ballots and tally totals) require the auditors to confirm that the election process is secure. Your process fails.

I have clearly identified a breach and failure mode in the process. I would like to know how you are going to guard the vote going forward for this 2020 election?

Know that the ‘processes’ that the citizens are being asked to observe, are irrelevant in securing or even identifying the broken multi-party chain of custody (ballots and tally totals) because ‘humans’ cannot observe the digital representations in the silicon on the chip being manipulated by software programming to read/write data. Is is self-evident, crystal clear, and intuitively obvious that this is true…it is the ‘essence’ of computer programming. This ‘type of control’ behind the scene on the chip is what makes computers ‘useful’. A program can be written to ‘ERASE’ itself after execution…leaving no trace of its ‘deception’. The auditors in WA state are participating in this multi-partisan breaking of the chain of custody in the right to suffrage, and per the WA state constitution; Article 1; SEC 19 are breaking the law.

Please NOTE:

“The false statement need not be made with an intent to defraud if there is an intent to mislead or to induce belief in its falsity. Reckless disregard of whether a statement is true, or a conscious effort to avoid learning the truth, can be construed as acting “knowingly.” United States v. Evans, 559 F.2d 244, 246 (5th Cir. 1977), cert. denied, 434 U.S. 1015 (1978).

A defendant is not relieved of the consequences of a material misrepresentation by lack of knowledge when the means of ascertaining truthfulness are available. In appropriate circumstances, the government may establish the defendant’s knowledge of falsity by proving that the defendant either knew the statement was false or acted with a conscious purpose to avoid learning the truth. See United States v. West, 666 F.2d 16, 19 (2d Cir. 1981); Lange, 528 F.2d at 1288; United States v. Clearfield, 358 F. Supp. 564, 574 (E.D. Pa. 1973). Proof that the defendant acted with reckless disregard or reckless indifference may therefore satisfy the knowledge requirement, when the defendant makes a false material statement and consciously avoids learning the facts or intends to deceive the government. See United States v. Schaffer, 600 F.2d 1120, 1122 (5th Cir. 1979).”

Thus you have been notified. The solution has been provided with the Miller Plan. The question stands: “What steps, knowing the process failure, are you going to take, for the 2020 election to safeguard the vote in WA state?”

Face masks are harming health care workers

AIM Patriot Ron S. wanted to give the American Intelligence Media community an update on his personal experience about the face mask issue. He writes:

Yesterday I asked the question about the likelihood of the possibility that the masks are being laced with or manufactured with materials harmful to people. The answer is yes.

My partner, after being sent home from work for being unable to wear the hospital issued, supplied and ordered to wear face mask, went to the urgent care facility to document and diagnose that indeed she was in respiratory distress.

The trauma was visually evident as a rash around the area of the face mask was and her sinus cavity swollen.

medical condition. name removed

The physician confirmed and prescribed medication for her distress as well as the face mask being the apparent causation of her allergic reaction. In conversation with the physician, it was also stated this to be a common condition and has seen it multiple times.

She will be going to her primary care physicians today to get a second opinion and further documentation as the incident at work will likely cause her disciplinary action and or losing her employment for being unable to wear the mask. This is very distressing in our situation, she has 34 years in the healthcare industry and approaching 60. Finding another form of employment in this new normal environment where face masking isn’t required will be difficult if not impossible. She is our soul supporter of our income as I am 62 riddled with arthritis and joint damage from working in the construction trades all my life, with no medical insurances to offer any or the will to have surgeries to repair the damages. My job has been the housewife, cook, gardener and upkeep of the home.

It is with a heavy heart I am telling you our story, yet I feel I must, as this plan of the new world order unfolds, all of us awakened peoples are being persecuted and exiled from society.

Yesterday Governor Northam of Virginia made the statement at the early part of his crackdown on violators speech, (@6:00 mark linked below) that these dictates will be adhered to until the vaccine becomes available. What he said there is the writing on the wall of what’s in store for our future unless we can come together and stop the dictators. Clearly if you listen to the speech, these restrictions will be in place until the vaccine is available.

What exactly does that mean? Only then, once you are vaccinated, will our freedoms be restored, just as he has now ordered anyone not masking or refusing to be masked to be removed from retailers property at the threat of losing their business license as his army of undercover spies spy on them to make sure they comply to his commandments. These same tactics will be used once the vaccinations become available, perhaps worse. The war is upon us patriots, sidestepping with the medically exempt card won’t work, property owners and businesses have no option but to expel nonconformists from their establishments.

The noose is tightening. The line has been drawn. This is for all the marbles, will you rise up to the occasion and fight for your freedoms and that of your children’s or cower under the boot heels oppression to this New World Order? If they can succeed in doing this to us, then there are no limits to the further commandments and dictates they can force down our throats.

Tyrannical Governor Northam’s press conference.

A second opinion confirmed prior diagnosis, with exception. The primary care physician who is in the same company would not identify the face mask as the cause. Also was told that writing a doctors note exempting anyone from wearing a face mask was not permissible. Even with her lifelong battle with asthma or the evidence from the allergic reaction.

She informed her supervisor and the employee health department of their findings, they reiterated that wearing an approved face mask is mandatory in all of their facilities, she is scheduled for a meeting Friday to see if there is another approved mask that she can wear. They have policies in place about uniformity in apparel that they won’t deviate from, as they cannot make exceptions for one without doing so for all.

She got strong meds and we slept most of the evening and night and she seems to be doing better. It’s all been quite traumatic.

She does plan on trying to return to work until they mandate the vaccinations, so that we can continue to prep for for the final stand.

Healthcare providers will be on the firing line first for the vaccinations, just as they did with the no opt out of the past flu vaccines. Many had to quit then or be fired but most complied. It’s not hard to see the progression and now they are implementing it at break neck speed.

Corbett PROPAGANDA Report Busted

Corbett Report Busted as Propaganda for Silicon Valley


Materials that are referenced in this audio include:

The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know

Terrifying Footage Shows Thousands of Religious Minorities Held in Chinese ‘Thought Transformation’ Camps: ‘I Love the Communist Party’

Where is McKibben’s Invitation to Social Media Summit at White House?

Learn about the encryption keys that Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller hold over all humanity…Evil Incarnate!

Robert Mueller Muscling Hillary Clinton for Encryption Keys

Hillary Clinton Controls 50,000 FBI Encryption Keys – Proves Mueller’s Witch Hunt is Treasonous

Mitch Tells 2020 Republicans Ditch Trump

Mitch McConnell tells 2020 Republicans to run ‘independent’ of Trump

This is a great idea, Mitch husband of Chinese operative and U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. We are ready to flush out all RINOs from the GOP SWAMP.

First, we need to get rid of all traces of the globalist Romney clan, which includes unfit Mitt, his niece Ronna McDaniel, and his son Tagg – all who know about Mitt’s election rigging machines that he operates with George Soros. Can you believe that Ronna knows how her uncle rigs elections against MAGA opponents and sits tight with her lips zipped?

Then we are completely disgusted with the 12 RINOS that voted against the border wall. These are unAmerican, RINO, globalist operatives. We give exception only to Rand Paul, but still rebuke his vote.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR CAMPAIGN DONATIONS TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Ronna will just divvy it out to Uncle Mitt and his nasty globalist friends – See the dirty dozen under this link.

dirty dozen

As far as we are concerned, Mitch….there are only two political paths in America in 2020. And we aren’t  interested in supporting YOU, the GOP, or your globalist colleagues.

globalist patriot parties

Support the ‘AMERICAN PRIDE’ party.