Treason and Military Tribunals

Trump tweets about treason and Senator Lindsay Graham questions Brett Kavanaugh about circumstances of military tribunals. Betsy and Thomas decode this intel for you.

Make sure to see the title links below for material discussed in the audio.

Trump Tweets Treason and Kavanaugh Explains Military Tribunals


We the People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason

Fliers to pass along through your information networks:

Military Tribunals Call to Action

People’s Indictment

People Respond to the Coup

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Behind Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections

Bridge network

Organization and Communication Structure of the Swamp Uncovered

4 thoughts on “Treason and Military Tribunals”

  1. I had read an interesting article a couple of months ago claiming that when America THOUGHT we gained our independence from England, it was just a sham….The Queen is still in control of the US & Canada – Therefore, the greatest portion of “taxes” go to The Crown. This also helps to explain some ‘unexplainable charges on many of our bills & unreasonable taxes. Our government claims that WE don’t actually OWN land we have PURCHASED (The UK owns it!)….so why do we pay taxes on it?!

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