Conrad, Toulouse, and the Templars

Are you following our research as we uncover the provenance of the Holy Lance? In these research nuggets below, we learn more about Conrad and the Templars. Join our real-life Indiana Jones adventure by following our journey here:

Searching the Destiny of the

The Holy Lance of Love

The following notes come from emails from our research team. This is how our Conclave research team works. Once we decide on our research target, everyone heads to the information mines where nuggets are pulled out and shared with other team members.

At the end of the day, we conference call to discuss our findings. Doesn’t matter if we are researching Senior Executive Service, the Federal Bridge Certification Program…or the Holy Lance of Antioch, we use the same research strategy for all.

God’s War: A New History of the Crusades

By Christopher Tyerman

Conrad and templars.JPG

Confirmation Conrad traveled through Vienna.

fresh recruits

Second source at least to say that Alfonso-Jordan sailed to the Holy Land (easy to conceal Holy Lance in stowage)


The crowded company would have caused Alfonso to keep the lance quiet

Flanders Toulouse.JPG

Confirmation Conrad traveled through Vienna.

conrad in vienna.JPG

Conrad lodges with the Templars

conrad and templars 2

Alfonso went South


Pilgrims follow the Camino Frances


Templars and Hospitallers in Spain

templars hospitallers.JPG

The Royal Curia

Royal curia.JPG

Alfonso Jordan of Toulouse in Royal Courts of Leon

Toulouse in leon.JPG











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