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Here we go again: Scots vs Brits and the Sangreal Line to Jesus-Mary

Y’all see this Joseph George Hallett stuff floating around the internet that he is making claims to the throne of England?

Certified Declaration Joseph Gregory Hallett is the Mashiach–Christ–Messiah & King of England 31 March 2020

Here he is pictured with regalia that he claims support his claim:

george hallett sword

In Tallahassee, Florida, where Tyla Gabriel grew up, it was a big deal with Southern families to preserve the family’s royal blood line records. Having “your papers” was one’s proof to the sangreal blood lineage. You see how that British brainwashing worked? The ladies in our southern family loved bragging about their royal lines, just as Lillian Scot Troy reported in her 24-step Pilgrims report below:

Lillian Scott Troy. (Feb. 17, 24, 1912). The 24-step Pilgrims Society Corporatist Imperial Federation Strategy to Return America to British Rule, with preamble by Hon. Dr. Lt. Commander Jacob. Thorkelson, MN, 1940. The San Francisco Leader, GPO, George Mason.

Since Hallett is claiming his lineage to Jesus-Mary through the royal blood line of King John, here’s mine through the lineage of the Kings and Queens of Scotland.

I am a direct descendant, through multiple lines, of Robert Bruce of Annandale, whose descendants included the Robert Bruce lineage, King Robert 1 Bruce, Henry David I King of Scots, the Stewarts, Mary Queen of Scots. Our records of sangreal lineage are recorded and certified by these following genealogy societies.

National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century, (Record #35949)

Daughters of the American Colonists (Record #37481)

Daughters of the American Colonists (Record #37481)

National Society of the Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century (Record #3188)

National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims (Record #11189)

Daughters of the American Revolution (Records # 842387, A922)

Additionally, three of our ancestors – Hugh Bigod, Richard de Clare, and Gilbert de Clare – were among the Council of 25 Barons that signed the Magna Carte. Our lineage records were officially accepted by the Magna Carte Dames on June 26, 2006. Our family of Scottish decedents has been fighting the long war against the British for CENTURIES! We fought them at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, then at the Battle of Lexington. Today,  we fight the British Crown Agents who have infiltrated our nations everywhere on the planet.

“The Magna Carte was the charter agreed by King John of England at Runnymede near Winson, on 15 June 1215. First drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury to make peace between the unpopular King and a group of rebel barons, it promised the protection of church rights, protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, and limitations on feudal payments to the crown, to be implemented through a council of 25 barons. Neither side stood behind their commitments, and the charter was annulled by Pope innocent iii, leading to the First Baron’s War.” 

So, you see, Mr. George Hallett, many claims can be made about the royal blood line. I, too, have a proven lineage to Jesus-Mary. When our ancestor rebel relatives took an oath that they would “stand fast for the liberty of the church and the realm”, we meant it forever, not just back in the middle ages.

We still claim as Scots that our right to throne is certainly more valid than the present Queen of England. We need the Scottish line reinstated that claims association with the children of Jesus and Mary who ended up in Scotland – protected by the Stewart line. Many died to install the true lineage of Great Britain but failed in their attempts.

queen elizabethThe current landlords, Queen Lizzy and her brood of vipers are German and are interlopers. There are many ways to determine succession to the throne and religious sceptre of the English Church. The Divine Right of Kings was lost a long time ago in the succession of the English throne. Foreign usurpers claimed the crown of England as war-booty.

The belief that the crown and monarchy are connected to God and the divine is far from anything Queen Lizzy considers her “duty.” The connection to the spiritual past is represented in the royal claim to be the blood lineage of Jesus and Mary – a claim that many others also have documentation to substantiate.

So the true lineage of the Jesus and Mary “stream”, the holy blood lineage, is much more founded in the Scottish peerage that actually have an historical relationship to the divine through the holy blood of Scottish descent. Additionally, one must look for “the works” of the person claiming to be the bridge to the divine through the ancient claim of the Divine Right of King. The British monarch has bastardized that spiritual connection and sold out to the devil instead.

If one were to seek and find that divine lineage of the British monarchy, the first place to look is to Scotland. Then, one would need to look to see what spiritual lineage and heritage accompany the claimant. ‘By their works you may know them‘ is the ultimate test. Finding the holy grail is a part of the process of recognition of the true spiritual monarch of the British nation. The grail appears in blood lineage, holy blood relics, and the spiritual work of the claimant. It takes genealogical proof, the holy grail or relic, and the track record of spiritual work to further the work of Jesus and Mary and their “holy blood line.”

Hallett gives an adequate and impressive lineage of his claim to the throne. Wouldn’t it be great if the godless Queen Elizabeth the Fake and her parasitic family had to abdicate and give back the trillions they have stolen from all 54 Commonwealth Nations? The time is at hand, not with the fake usurpers and peerage interlopers, but with a lineage that connects the divine work of ruling people with the spiritual work of connecting the the cosmic gifts of Christ, through Jesus and Mary.

Look around and you might find numerous candidates who have a better claims to the throne than Lizzy and her brood. Look especially for the new archetype of the holy blood relics that transform that hatred and evil of the past into the gift of love and mercy for the future.

We, too, have our blood relic, this nifty spear that has been carbon-dated back as a first century Roman hosta – almost like a lost blood relic was coming back home to its rightful heirs. Douglas wrote about the blood relics and the maidens who protected them throughout history so that they could appear in this time of spiritual need. Make sure to download a free copy of the book:

Hidden History of the Grail Queen

MIchael Douglas Tyla Lance

whosoever possesses spear

Copy (1) of Tyla-colorNot only do I hold these records showing blood lineage, just like all those European queens and kings, I had a powerful divine vision in 1984 that has brought me here to this day to remind you that we win. It may have taken a few lifetimes to get here, but we Scot rebels are here to defeat the Brits once and for all.

Hang in there and do your part to educate and enlighten those in your network. FEAR is our enemy. Unleash the teacher inside of you and start teaching and preaching TRUTH.

Wrestling with Ahriman

The Gabriels Hear the Call of the North


We the People of the planet now hold the Spear of Antioch! The daughter-ancestor of Robert the Bruce challenges the British Imperial Empire with TRUTH. The Scots live on to fight another day and win our freedom for all time!


Robert The Bruce Biography – King of Scots


Here is the popular movie version of Robert the Bruce in the movie: Braveheart: Scotts Fight On


Learn more about the quest of the Grail under this headline hyper-link”

Are You on a Quest for the Grail?

We need to use the spear to keep the distance between our higher Michaelic/ angelic forces and the lower forces derived from the seven deadly sins of vice and immorality. The spear also cuts open the prideful wall of the mind so that consciousness can find its home in the heart instead of cold, earth-bound thinking centered in the head. We must not separate the sword of wisdom and the spear of love but use them together as spiritual weapons to conquer the dragon of selfishness that rules the lower self.


We are also the Archangel Gabriel in this heavenly grail imagination. Gabriel is the archangel of the moon as Michael is the archangel of the sun. Gabriel rules procreation, birth, and the blood forces of the female body that are embodied in the image of Gabriel holding a lily – a pure six-sided chalice that represents the female womb of birth and procreation.

Gabriel appears to Mary as the messenger of God who brings the blessings of the Holy Spirit to deliver the Son of God to her pure soul. Gabriel held back and protected two thirds of the human beings while Lucifer was pulling one third down into darkness with him as he fell from heaven.

Gabriel also held back and protected two very special souls who would later become the vehicles for Mary and Jesus when they incarnated on the earth, the one and only time they would incarnate in a physical human body. These bodies would become the “new Adam and Eve” under the cross, the “new Tree of Life.”  Read more

Donkey Bridle Found with the Spear

Among the new ‘finds’ at the re-visited excavation site were rings, coins, and a bridle. But the team had many questions about these extra “finds” that the excavators were sending us. They seem to be circumspect. The excavator couldn’t answer many questions we had about his visit back to the dig site. How did he get these items? How were they found in the ground? Why were most of the items Templar related? Why would a donkey bridle be among the “stash”?

Couldn’t we go to any antiquities dealer and find Templar coins and rings…even very old donkey bridles?



The bridle grabbed our attention because it immediately reminded us of the legends of Constantine taking two nails from the Holy Cross and twisting them into the bite of his horse bridle to protect his horse in battle. We noticed that this bridle seemed to be two “nails” twisted together to make the bite, that appear to be quite different metal that was used with the rest of the bridle.

It quickly became evident that this bridle would be too small to fit a war horse like Constantine used. We were puzzled and confused until we recalled the “colt” that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on “Palm Sunday.”

The researchers got to work and found that the bridle seemed to be the size and type used with the most humble donkey colts that were used by the poor at the time of Jesus of Nazareth. That hypothesis started to make sense to us as we continued with further research and tests on the bridle.

Did we find the bridle of Jesus’ colt that he rode victoriously into Jerusalem?  Had we found another relic that had touched the life and person of Jesus?

Or had we found one of the many copies of fake relics that dealers and shopkeepers push on to naive customers?

We think the later, but for now will take a moment to recall why this donkey is relevant to the story of Christ.

Why did Jesus ride a donkey into Jerusalem for his Triumphal Entry?


bridle measurementMichael asked for the measurements of the bridle. He had a hunch that the size was too small to be a bridle for a horse…and wondered….

Could it be a bridle for a donkey? And, if so, why would a donkey bridle be near the spear and other findings?

How was it preserved in the clay pack?

There were too many unanswered questions and no clear provenance of where the bridle and Templar relics came from, leading the researchers to conclude that they are irrelevant items in authenticating the path of the Holy Lance of Love.

Click to access art30.pdf

donkey skull 1

Donkey skull 2Donkey skull 3

69 mm = 2.7 in. = Average width of donkey jaw where bit is placed

donkey bridle 4


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Searching for the Destiny of the Spear


Join us on a Grail Quest

This is not a current geopolitical post and video, but one where we examine history and provenance of what is known as the Spear of Antioch. If topics like early Christianity, the Templars, Grail Queens, Holy Blood Relics, and Spear of Destiny interest you, then join us on a Parsifal-like journey through the middle ages..

You can join us at Destiny of the Lance where each week we share our research findings until the day we think the story has been told.

Gabriel & McKibben on a Grail Quest

For those of you not familiar with Douglas’ participation in some of Hollywood’s most memorable films, check out these posts to learn more. Happy travels and hope we meet you on the path.

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The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indian Jones

Midi-chlorians and the Force Revealed

Q and A from Indy Fans


A Bag of Templar Items is Found with the Lance

The investigators continue to follow leads that might help them explain the mysterious items found at the excavation site. Along with the spear, they find a piece of burlap that perhaps was once a small bag to hold the remaining items – a nail, a ring, and a Templar coin.


The lead provenance investigator, Michael McKibben, asks the following questions to an Indonesian Christian Orthodox priest, Father Dan, in an email of August 26, 2018. He copies Douglas Gabriel:

I am looking for the earliest reference to the use of the holy spear at the table of oblation in the preparation of the host.


Fr. Dan: The use of the spear in the Prosthesis (liturgy of preparation of the sacraments). Our pattern to this very day is The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. St. John is from ANTIOCH


Many/most of the liturgical spears used in the Prosthesis are leaf shaped…. just like our spear.


St. John would most certainly have seen and venerated the spear.


“Golden-Mouthed” (“Chrysostom”).

b. c. 349 – d. 14 September 407

This also means that the use of the spear at Antioch in the preparation service was already occurring.

St. John Chrysostom liturgy


Douglas Gabriel responds, the same day, in another email: 

Is it possible that Saint Peter used the true spearhead (without staff) as the tool to cut the bread in the services on the altar at St. Peter of Antioch? It would serve as a relic, the spear to cut the bread and “pierce” it, and the fan (as used in the Eastern orthodox churches). Perhaps the spearhead and the chalice (Leon or Valencia, later Antioch) were the tools of the early eucharist and thus became the two symbols of the grail that are used to create a communion that nourishes all present in the fashion that they need. The true holy grail.


McKibben replies: 

I checked out three seminal histories of early Liturgies from our church library today to investigate further. So far, it appears that St John Chrysostom/Antioch or possibly St. Basil is the source.


McKibben shares these mining nuggets below with the research team: 

Office oblationamnos and lance.png

mother of godnine portions

sacred objectslonche

divine liturgiescommunion spear



First Council in Nicaea 325 AD

See more here. 

St. John Chrysostom (349-407)

Patriarch of Constantinople (397-407)

Pierced by lancesoldier's spear

My theory appears to be confirmed by this statement. The spear may have entered to the liturgy of preparation in response to the Arian controversy that Christ was only a man, not an inseparable person of God in Holy Trinity.

soldiers pierce side.JPG


Second Council of Nicea

relic statement

Canon 7 commands that relics are to be placed in all churches: No church is to be consecrated without relics.

first class doctrine

other relic status.JPG


Kings of the Grail: Discovering the True Location of the Cup of Christ

By Margarita Torres Sevilla, José Miguel Ortega del Rio

See more here.

grail poems.JPG


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Searching for the Destiny of the Spear

Who Holds the Spear Holds the Destiny

Conrad, Toulouse, and the Templars

Are you following our research as we uncover the provenance of the Holy Lance? In these research nuggets below, we learn more about Conrad and the Templars. Join our real-life Indiana Jones adventure by following our journey here:

Searching the Destiny of the

The Holy Lance of Love

The following notes come from emails from our research team. This is how our Conclave research team works. Once we decide on our research target, everyone heads to the information mines where nuggets are pulled out and shared with other team members.

At the end of the day, we conference call to discuss our findings. Doesn’t matter if we are researching Senior Executive Service, the Federal Bridge Certification Program…or the Holy Lance of Antioch, we use the same research strategy for all.

God’s War: A New History of the Crusades

By Christopher Tyerman

Conrad and templars.JPG

Confirmation Conrad traveled through Vienna.

fresh recruits

Second source at least to say that Alfonso-Jordan sailed to the Holy Land (easy to conceal Holy Lance in stowage)


The crowded company would have caused Alfonso to keep the lance quiet

Flanders Toulouse.JPG

Confirmation Conrad traveled through Vienna.

conrad in vienna.JPG

Conrad lodges with the Templars

conrad and templars 2

Alfonso went South


Pilgrims follow the Camino Frances


Templars and Hospitallers in Spain

templars hospitallers.JPG

The Royal Curia

Royal curia.JPG

Alfonso Jordan of Toulouse in Royal Courts of Leon

Toulouse in leon.JPG











Searching the Destiny of the Holy Lance of Love: Alfonso and Conrad

Searching for the Destiny of the SpearThis is one of several pages that contain our research notes about the Holy Lance of Love. This is part of the Glass Bead Game experience. You will not find our research in one, nice tidy place because the story is about your own awakening consciousness. You need to work through the material yourself to discover your own truth about the Mystery of Golgotha.

To get started on this digital “Indiana Jones” story, click on the headline link below, where you will can follow along chapter by chapter, eventually being linked to this page where the material will make sense to you.

Enjoy the cyber expedition.

Searching the Destiny of the Holy Lance of Love


Cicada 3301 Prophecies


Research notes:

Alfonso & Conrad III

Conrad III 1Conrad III 2Map of lance routeVienna connection.JPG

Alfonso and Conrad III battled and travelled together until Caesarea, where Alfonso was likely poisoned. It could be here that he bequeathed the Holy Lance into Conrad III’s care, who did travel back home to Germany via ….. Vienna, where he could have deposited his relics into the hands of Knights Templar for later claiming by Alfonso’s family. He was in a hurry because King Louis VII was attempting to usurp his alliances. One thing is for sure, he would have consecrated a holy copy of the Holy Lance to ensure his good fortune… hence the copies in legend. Maybe not so much legend as understandable next steps.

Notice how Conrad III’s reign touches Nuremburg, Poland, precursor to Hapsburg and Constnatinople where Raymond Saint-Gilles’ chronicler’s Anna Comnena’s uncle is on the throne. Anna is the person who wrote:

“Alexius [the Emperor, Anna’s father] had a deep affection for [Raymond of] St Gilles because of the count’s superior intellect, his untarnished reputation and the purity of his life. He knew moreover how greatly St Gilles valued the truth, which he valued above all else, whatever the circumstances. In fact, he outshone all Latins in every quality, as the sun outshines the stars.”[i] [ii]

Could this have been the source of the Holy Grail myths AND Germanic/Polish/Spear of Destiny legends?


Council of acre

Conrad III 3

Family tree,_Count_of_Tripoli

However, Raymond was descended from Saint-Gilles through Bertrand of Toulouse, a son with disputed legitimacy.[25] Saint-Gilles’ legitimate son, Alfonso-Jordan, was born after Saint-Gilles started to use the title of count of Tripoli, making him his father’s lawful heir in accordance with the idea of porphyrogeniture.[26]

Porphyrogeniture, also sometimes referred to as born to the purple, is a system of political succession that favors the rights of sons born after their father has become king or emperor, over older siblings born before their father’s ascent to the throne.

Alfonso-Jordan was one of the supreme commanders of the Second Crusade, but he died shortly after he landed at the Holy Land in April 1148.[26][27] Because of his unexpected death, gossip about his murder started spreading among the Crusaders,[28] although he most probably died of natural causes, as a consequence of his lengthy voyage across the Mediterranean Sea.[29][30]

An anonymous Syrian chronicler accused Raymond of the crime, stating that he poisoned Alfonso-Jordan because he feared that his uncle had come to seize Tripoli.[26] Lewis emphasizes, the chronicle “is hardly the most reliable piece of evidence, so some skepticism about Raymond’s involvement in Alfonso’s death is surely advisible”.[26] An other contemporaneous author—the continuator of Sigebert of Gembloux’s chronicle—was convinced that Raymond’s sister-in-law, Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem, had poisoned Alfonso-Jordan, because she wanted to prevent him from claiming Tripoli.[31]

Raymond did not attend the assembly of the leaders of the crusade at Acre on 24 June 1148.[30] He also kept away from the crusaders’ campaign against Damascus.[30] In contrast with Raymond, Alfons-Jordan’s illegitimate son, Bertrand, who had arrived in his father’s retinue, participated in the Crusaders’ fights.[32] He decided to lay claim to Tripoli and took possession of the fortress of Araima in the summer of 1149.[33][29] After being unable to expel Bertrand from the fort which controlled important roads in the county, Raymond sought assistance from Mu’in ad-Din Unur, the Muslim ruler of Damascus, as well as from Zengi’s son, Nur ad-Din.[34][35]

The two Muslim rulers captured Araima and imprisoned Bertrand and his family.[35] After destroying the castle, they returned the territory to Raymond.[36] Raymond granted the land to the Knights Templar in the early 1150s.[37]

Most likely Alfonso, realizing he was poisoned, would have hastily bequeathed the Holy Lance to someone trusted near his side, like Conrad III, another crusading general?

Could Conrad III’s temporary stewardship of the Holy Lance from mid-April  1148 until DATE when he passed through Vienna when he deposited it at the Knights Templar (most likely to be retrieved by his heir) be the source of the Germanic Holy Lance legends?

Conrad III 4.JPGConrad III 5

arrival of crusaders

The age of the Hohenstaufen (Conrad III being the first)

During the 12th century a new political order developed in Italy. It was not a tidy process, however. In the south the ascendancy established by the Normans of Capua and by the Hautevilles gained strength with the conquest of Sicily from the Muslims in the late 11th century. Following the death of Robert Guiscard, his brother, Roger I, count of Sicily, went to the mainland to consolidate his position.

His son, Roger II, succeeded in establishing a Norman kingdom. Recognition for it, however, was slow in coming. Roger first obtained it from the antipope Anacletus II (1130–38) and then, under conditions that revealed the weakness of the papacy before Norman power, from Pope Innocent II (1130–43) in 1139. The papacy continued to seek support from the French monarchy in order to offset growing Norman influence.

On the other hand, victory in the Investiture Controversy, even though compromised, created a situation that enabled the 12th-century papacy to assume leadership of the reform movement throughout Europe. The Lateran Councils of 1123, 1139, and 1179 marked important stages in the development of the reform papacy.

From Urban II on, the central administration of the church expanded. By the mid-12th century—about the time that the monk Gratian was compiling his Decretum, the most important collection of ecclesiastical law up to that time—Rome’s position as a court of appeals was growing faster than its judicial machinery could possibly accommodate.

The process of definition and extension of papal control over ecclesiastical matters inevitably led to conflict with secular rulers. The determination of the papacy to protect its independence and, after the death of Matilda of Canossa in 1115, to hold onto the vast inheritance she had bequeathed to the Roman church in central Italy, as well as the ties that united the papacy to the reform bishops and to many of the laity who had supported the reform in their cities, signaled changes that had taken place since the Concordat of Worms in 1122.

Finally, the keystone of the new order lay in the strength, as yet untested, of the communes. Vestiges of imperial support certainly remained both in the cities and in the countryside, but the old cause had given way before the real interests that were taking shape during this period.

Italy map

The emperors of the Hohenstaufen dynasty that succeeded the Salian dynasty attempted to revive the imperial position in Italy. The first efforts of both pope and emperor in the period following the Concordat of Worms were, however, based upon the assumption that something of the old relationship remained.

In part, this attitude may have been encouraged by the slight attention that Lothar II (or III; 1125–37) and Conrad III (1138–52) paid to Italian affairs. Lothar’s efforts against the Normans were ineffectual, and he focused primarily on civil war in Germany. His rival and successor, Conrad III, the first Hohenstaufen king, devoted considerable energy to the Second Crusade, which had been promoted by the Cistercian monk and monastic reformer Bernard of Clairvaux.

The dominant role of Bernard of Clairvaux certainly influenced the selection of his former disciple, Eugenius III (1145–53), as pope. Forced to seek refuge in France by the political situation in Rome, where the radical reformer Arnold of Brescia stirred both feelings of independence and a demand for more-extreme reforms within the church, Eugenius cooperated with Bernard in the preaching of the Second Crusade.

Although the Crusade was conceived originally as an enterprise to be led by the Capetian monarch Louis VII (1137–80), Conrad III was included when it became clear that there would be large-scale German participation. The Crusade fell well short of expectations, and Conrad returned to Germany in 1149 to resume his imperial program. Eugenius, who faced Arnold and the rebellious Romans and who was heavily dependent on Roger II of Sicily during Conrad’s absence on Crusade, hoped that Conrad’s return would provide the means to reestablish papal control in Rome, but turmoil in Germany prevented the realization of his desire. Conrad died without being able to journey to Italy to receive imperial coronation. Eugenius died the following year.