Join us on a Grail Quest

This is not a current geopolitical post and video, but one where we examine history and provenance of what is known as the Spear of Antioch. If topics like early Christianity, the Templars, Grail Queens, Holy Blood Relics, and Spear of Destiny interest you, then join us on a Parsifal-like journey through the middle ages..

You can join us at Destiny of the Lance where each week we share our research findings until the day we think the story has been told.

Gabriel & McKibben on a Grail Quest

For those of you not familiar with Douglas’ participation in some of Hollywood’s most memorable films, check out these posts to learn more. Happy travels and hope we meet you on the path.

Make sure to send us glass beads for the game.

Source of the Force:Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration

The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indian Jones

Midi-chlorians and the Force Revealed

Q and A from Indy Fans


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