More proof the federal judicial system believes it is a monarchy unto itself

Dale FischerFederal Judge Dale S. Fischer (Central District, CA) rules against free speech and the media’s right to cover proceedings

She attended Harvard with Barack Obama and Preetinder Bharara.

She is invested in all the right SES Deep State shadow government funds (Vanguard, Fidelity, Blackrock, Qualcomm, Verisign, E-Trade, Wells Fargo, yada, yada, yada):

OPINION, Doc. No. 13, USA v. Gileno, Case No. 2:18-cr-00218-dsf (Dale S. Fischer)(2018 C.D. Cal.), filed 10/09/18.

Free speech 1Free speech 2Dale Fischer 2.JPG


5 thoughts on “More proof the federal judicial system believes it is a monarchy unto itself”

  1. You might want to exclude ports — see China’s takeover of the port of Long Beach, CA & other ports. The States should have oversight of all of them. The ultimate coup-de-grace would be to confine federal power to their courts and end the District of Columbia entirely. By definition and function, all government is parasitic — think of a tick or a louse.


    1. When the people we have hired to enforce the law break the law, then, in effect, this is NO MORE LAW. All that remains is tyranny or anarchy or some hideous combination of those two. We are rapidly approaching a moment when each of us, individually, will be forced to decided whether we must kill them before they kill us. I live in utter dread even contemplating that moment.


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