What is Softbank? Patriots need to know!

Softbank is by far the largest shareholder of Alibaba (Ant Financial, Alipay) (28.8%)

Conclusion: American and globalist bankers run China’s SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE system built by Hillary’s ACXIOM & ENTRUST

Remember: The Chinese uses Hillary’s ENTRUST for their digital key certification authority.

These bankers are literally killing Chinese citizens who do not conform to their idea of a “good social citizen”


Softbank 1Softbank 2

Here are the top 10 mutual funds, institutions and bond funds in Softbank


Softbank 3.JPGSoftbank 4Softbank 5

Note to readers: We will be posting more on this subject. Right now our white hats need to have this intel. In the next few days, we will explain this to our regular audience.


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