Trump Watching Carefully for Voter Fraud

Trump law enforcement watching for voter fraud


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TT voter fraud

We have written extensively about voter fraud, from techniques called man-in-the middle, to the Soros-Romney software called Optech, to the outright election rigging by the Queen and the Privy Council. Below are a few of the posts we have made. NOw it’s up to you to continue your patriot education:

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3 thoughts on “Trump Watching Carefully for Voter Fraud”

  1. Time for Trump to create a memorandum that declars any polling place that has more voters than registered voters WILL HAVE THEIR PRECINCT VOTES TRASHED AND NONE VOTE VALID.

  2. Good! I hope every precaution possible be taken, and whether using electronics or illegal aliens, they are dragged before the publuc for all to see & know how corrupt, unconscionable & wicked they are!

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